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Is this the best pod mod yet?

When writing our Best Vape Kits post recently, I sent over the list of kits to Will, our head of product (aka Head Puffer) to check he agreed with my selection.

He suggested I include the Oxva Velocity, telling me that it was the best pod mod he had tried that year.

Of course, when I heard that I had to try it myself…

What’s special about the Oxva Velocity?

Oxva Velocity in three colours.

The best thing about this device is the flavour.

Oxva have created a pod which extracts a rich deep flavour from e-liquid that rolls around the tongue and seems to engage every taste bud.

I also like the flexibility that the device offers with batteries. You can choose to use a 21700 battery for maximum battery life. Alternatively, if you have an existing 18650 battery, or just want the device to be a smidgeon lighter, you can slip the 18650 into the provided sleeve. The device will also fit 20700 batteries.

The device has a great build quality and a solid feel to it that will suit vapers who like larger pod devices with a bit of heft to it. It’s a large device for a pod mod, but fairly compact when compared to a standard mod device which is capable of taking a 2100 battery.

Smart Mode

Smart mode is worth a little mention here, as it does make this device more accessible for less experienced users.

I was expecting this to deliver a suggested wattage (like many other devices do) but the Velocity Smart Mode simply stops you from going above the maximum recommended wattage for the coil. When I was using the 0.3 Ω coil, for example, the maximum it would allow me to use the device at was 40 watts. That does mean, however, that it’s harder to burn the coil out.

The Velocity also comes with wattage mode and power-free RBA mode (essentially bypass mode) for more experienced users.

What’s not to like about it?

While the wattage range and airflow could provide a Mouth-to-Lung vape, currently you only have the option of 0.15 or 0.3 Ω Unipro coils. It’d be nice to see a little more choice here.

I’d also prefer for the tank to be more transparent. You can see e-liquids levels, but if the light’s not good you really have to squint to do so.

I did actually run the out of e-liquid and get a burnt taste at one point, although the coil showed some impressive recovery as, after topping up with e-liquid, the taste was fine again.

Who’s it for?

Oxva Veloctity mods with and without pod.

If you like dinky devices this one’s not for you! With the battery installed, this is a large, solid pod-mod with a bit of weight to it.

However, if you like a Direct-Lung vape with superb flavour, the coil resistance range, airflow and wide bore drip tip will make it perfect for you.

I would never recommend this device to a completely new vaper, but even if you are not particularly experienced, you should be okay if you use the Velocity in Smart Mode. As always, you do need to:

  • ensure you prime the coil before you use it
  • ensure the pod never runs dry.

The Oxva Velocity can also be used with an RBA coil (not included with the TPD version of the kit available in the UK), but that’s definitely for experienced vapers only.

Hints and tips

Oxva Velocity mods in multiple colours.

When you first get the device, you may be a bit flummoxed by the inability of the pod to fit on the device.

That’s because the kit comes with a 510 adaptor fixed to the body. Unless you want to use a tank with this device, you can quickly remove this with the included adaptor removal tool.

I also initially had problems using it with an 18650 battery. That’s down to the sleeve – you have to ensure that the battery fits snugly into the sleeve, with the end of the battery touching the contact at the end of the sleeve.

Do note that the airflow is controlled by adjusting the airflow ring at the bottom of the coil. You need to remove the pod from the device in order to adjust this, but this helps with flavour by directing the air directly through the coil. As the coil pokes directly out of the bottom of the pod, it’s easy enough to adjust.

When you change the coil, that you will need to remove the Oxva Unipro Airflow Ring at the bottom of the coil first – simply twist to the left to do so. The airflow ring, which comes attached to the coil, is reusable, although you can buy a spare if you break it.


There’s a lot of great pod mods out there. In fact, we’ve listed our favourite pod mod devices here. But I think the flavour that this device extracts from juice may just make it the best yet.

What do you think of the Oxva Velocity? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Is this the best pod mod yet?”

  1. Brilliant device, either a regular mod with the 510 adapter (included) or a good pod mod.
    The .15 coils are better than the .30 for flavour but you need to run it at a higher wattage to gain that flavour. The little rba is a barnstormer! This is one brilliant little device which will save a lot of dosh in coils but, you have to change out the cotton every couple of days. But all in all a great device.

  2. i dont know its probably how it works, my velocity never get to determine the 0.15 occ it alway say 0.16, could my device faulty?

    and how important is the vg/pg to be consider when using the 0.15/0.3 occ? can both of this occ handle 50/50, 12mg liquid ratio?

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