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JUUL Beaters: The Hexa Mini and Hexa Pro

Over the years we’ve trialled a number of pre-filled pod systems. Few of them have proved to have any staying power. 

However, there’s one that has consistently done well –  the Hexa V2.0. With not one but two new Hexa devices coming out, it’s a great time to look at what has made the Hexa series successful, what’s new with the Hexa Mini and Hexa Pro and why they are a great progression from disposable devices. 

Why the Hexa? 

Ease of use

If you’ve been vaping for a while, the process becomes second nature. Priming coils, changing coils and filling tanks become part of our daily routine – and we forget that, to a new vaper, the process can be off putting. 

Hexa devices have none of that. To use, you simply clip a pre-filled pod into the device and inhale. The sealed structure of the pod means that there’s no chance of leaking and the ease of use makes it great both for people new to vaping and those who struggle with refillable devices.  

Unique e-liquid mix

Most e-liquid is either freebase – which comes with a stronger throat hit – or a nicotine salt – which has a very smooth throat hit. Hexa pods are prefilled with a unique mixture of both (known as a ‘hybrid’ e-liquid), providing a middle ground that many new vapers find a satisfying alternative to smoking. 

The pods come in a choice of 10 flavours and have a higher or lower nicotine option (20mg and 10mg) to suit your needs.

A great upgrade from disposables

Disposables have taken off in a big way this year. But in our shops, and I’m sure in many others, we always point out the high cost of using disposables and the impact it can have on the environment

People use disposables because they’re easy and convenient, but the Hexa is also super convenient to use – which is why, for many disposable users, it is the next stage in their vaping journey. What’s more, the Hexa Mini is the same cost as an average disposable vape, despite the fact it can be reused many times before needing replacing.

Two new Hexa devices

Hexa Mini and Pro pictured side by side in hand.

The Hexa V2.0 has now been discontinued and has been replaced by two new devices. The first, the Hexa Mini, has now hit UK shelves, with the Hexa Pro expected to arrive shortly. 

The Hexa Mini: Very compact, very affordable

Hexa Mini in hand.

When I first had my Hexa Mini sample, I was astounded at how small the package was –  the box it came in could fit into the palm of my hand. Inside you’ve got the bare necessities you need to get started – a compact, very light battery device, a pod and a USB charger. 

A light magnet means the pod slips gently into the device. Then you simply inhale and enjoy. 

Do note that its lightness means it does feel a bit flimsier than the Hexa V2.0 and Hexa Pro. The pod also doesn’t fit quite as well. Like the Hexa V2.0 (but unlike the Hexa Pro) it also comes with micro USB charging rather than USB-C charging. 

However, at less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes – and less than the cost of many single disposables – it’s a great value way to experiment with a new device.  

The Hexa Pro: Longer lasting battery, faster charging

Gold coloured Hexa Pro on white surface.

Quite wisely, the Hexa team didn’t mess with the pod or coil with either of these new versions. What the Hexa Pro does bring, though, is an upgraded battery and charging method. 

While the Hexa V2.0 took 45 minutes to reach full charge, the new Hexa Pro uses USB-C charging to reach it in just 20 minutes. That’s despite the fact that the battery is larger and more efficient, with Cédric Rijkers of Hexa estimating it can last even a heavy user a whole day on one charge. 

The device is also distinctly more stylish, with a polished finish and subtle curves. It also comes with haptic vibration. 

Haptic vibration, you say with a raised eyebrow? I had to look it up too. It’s a way for non-responsive surfaces (like the Hexa) to emulate the feel of something like a button or a dial.  

Essentially, what this means is the Hexa Pro vibrates when you insert the pod or attach it to a charger. This could be helpful for anyone with vision problems, and it also feels nice!

The Hexa Pro comes with a colourful lanyard, but does not include a pod. The pods are cross compatible with the Hexa V2.0 and Hexa Mini, and the fit is noticeably tighter than with the Hexa Mini.  

Wrapping up

Green Hexa Pro hanging from a lanyard.

The Hexa family addresses many of the problems smokers have with switching to vaping. The devices are extremely easy to use, are reasonably priced and tastes great. As a first step in your vaping journey, it’s hard to beat.

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