Originally evolving from the far simpler cartomiser (which combined a cartridge with an atomiser), the first ecig tanks (originally more often known as clearomizer tanks) were little more than a clear, refillable cartridge.

Fast forward to today, and more advanced versions of e-cig tanks now come with an array of features, including sub-ohm capability, air-flow control and bottom vertical coil designs which maximise coil exposure to e-liquid.

Following new regulations, vape tanks in the UK now have a limit on the size. However, the easy top fill capabilities of modern tanks means that filling these 10ml vape tanks is quick and easy.

At ECigaretteDirect we carefully select the best e-cig tanks for flavour, vapour and performance for UK vapers.

Just starting out? Learn the basics with our Beginner's Guide to Vaping.

Need help with vaping vocab like bottom dual coil? Read our handy glossary here.

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Aspire BVC CE5 Clearomisers

Aspire BVC CE5 Clearomiser


Earn up to 6 reward points.

Aspire Nautilus 2

Aspire Nautilus 2


Earn up to 20 reward points.