Which E-Cig Kit Should You Buy?

Which Vape Kit Should You Buy?

I remember the confusion vividly.

You’ve seen people vaping and decide that it’s worth a try. It looks so simple: just replace your cigarette smoking with vaping and that’s it. Any old e-cig kit will do the job.

But when you start shopping for a kit, things start to look a lot more complicated. There are more types of e-cigarettes than you may have expected, and there is some disagreement about which is the best for new vapers.

So you might go and ask for advice. And that’s when things can start to get overwhelming.

Vapers toss around terms like “box mod” and “eGo” like they’re universally understood, ask you odd questions about throat hit and PG/VG ratios, and tell you that “sub ohming” is the only way to go.

In comparison, reverting to the simplicity of your usual brand of cigarette can start to seem like the easiest option. Should you really have to engross yourself in a whole new world of confusing terminology and technical-looking products to get your nicotine?

How are you supposed to navigate the complex world of vaping before you even get onto the serious business of kicking an addictive and deadly habit?

Admittedly, choosing your e-cigarette kit might not be easy, but putting some time into the decision is definitely worthwhile.

So where do you start? How do you make sure you find the right kit for your needs?

We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of vaping device and ensure you hit the “buy” button on the right kit for you.

A Crash Course in the Types of Vaping Devices

Before you make your decision, it helps to understand what you’re actually choosing between.

E-cigarettes all work in the same basic way – vaporising e-liquid using an electrically-powered heating coil – but there are big differences between cigalikes, tank systems and mods it’s important to know about:


Which E-Cig Kit Is Right For You - Cigalikes

Cigalikes: These are e-cigarettes that look quite similar to tobacco cigarettes (hence “cig-alike”). They have small batteries, and the heating coil and e-liquid are contained in a “cartomizer.” You usually use these in the way as you’d smoke a cigarette.

Tank Systems

Which E-Cig Kit Is Right For You - Tank Systems

Tank systems: These devices move away from the cigarette-like appearance, having a size comparable to a marker pen or mid-sized cigar. They have a tank to store e-liquid and replaceable coils, and the batteries last longer than cigalike batteries. Unlike most cigalikes, these start vaporising e-liquid when you press and hold a button. These are sometimes called “eGo” style e-cigarettes after a famous early device.

An example of a simple tank system is the Innokin Jem Vape Kit.

Vape mods

Which E-Cig Kit Is Right For You - E-Cigarette Mods

Mods: These are the biggest e-cigarettes, but come in a range of shapes and sizes. Most these days are box-shaped (and called “box mods”), but basically work like big tank system e-cigarettes. Along with bigger, longer-lasting batteries, they also offer extra features and can support a wider range of different tanks. Mods bear no resemblance at all to cigarettes. Mods can vary from hugely in price. The Innokin Cool Fire Pebble, for example, retails at a reasonable £34.99 while the Aspire Big Box Mod costs a more hefty £119.99.

This is a very basic introduction, but it gives you the key facts you need about each type of e-cig to decide which is the best option for your needs.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

General Things to Think About

No matter who you are, there are a few factors that everyone needs to consider when looking for the best e-cigarette kit for your needs.

These aren’t the most important things for your decision, but it’s worth keeping them in mind as you consider the benefits and drawbacks of different devices.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Switching to vaping will almost certainly save you money, but the start-up costs may seem fairly high.

Whereas each pack of cigarettes is ready-to- use, when you’re starting to vape, you need to get an e-cig, a charger, a tank and some e-juice. The running costs of vaping – mainly buying new coils and e-liquid – are very low, but you need to invest when you first get started.

So setting yourself a budget is important. Nobody can tell you what the right figure is for you, so you’ll have to consider your situation and see how much you can put aside. That said, for a pack-a-day smoker in the UK, the £9.60 average price of a pack of cigarettes mean you’ll spend about £67 a week on smoking. This is more than enough to get yourself set up with a high-quality e-cigarette.

The most important thing to think about is how much you’ll be vaping. If you want to fully make the switch to e-cigarettes, spending a week’s cigarette budget (or a bit more) on getting set up is more than reasonable.

However, you might not be sure you’ll like vaping, so you might not be keen on spending so much.

The best advice here is to give vaping a try before you commit to a big purchase. If you have a friend or family member who vapes, ask to try their e-cig out and see what you think. Sometimes it takes a while to get into vaping, but this should give you an idea of whether or not it’s for you.

It’s up to you how much you want to spend, and even though we’d recommend focusing more on getting the right e-cig for your needs, make sure you don’t put too big a dent in your bank balance.

You can get some excellent e-cigarettes quite cheaply (especially if you keep an eye on e-cig sales!), so spending a week’s smoking budget isn’t strictly needed. There are also some good tips on saving as much as possible when you vape here, but they’re not all well-suited to beginners.Cigarette-Money

How Important is Ease of Use?

One of the main factors which can help you distinguish between the different e-cig kits available is how easy the device is to use. No e-cigarette is really that complicated, but some undeniably have a bigger learning curve than others.

Cigalikes are the simplest devices: you screw the cartomizer into the battery and use it just like you would a cigarette. When you’ve finished a cartomizer, you just throw it away and screw another one in its place. If you want to vape with as little fuss as possible, this is the best type of device to choose.

Tank systems aren’t much harder to use than this, though. The key differences are that you have a tank that must be filled with e-liquid before you start using it, and when your coil has passed its prime, you’ll need to unscrew it and replace it with a fresh one. It’s a touch more hands-on than vaping with a cigalike, but still very straightforward and well-suited to beginners.

Mods are the only devices that may be too complex for new vapers. These have display screens, two or more buttons in addition to the main “fire” button and features like the ability to adjust your wattage or set a maximum temperature. For the most part, you use these in a very similar way to basic tank systems.

However, these mods may also include a menu system (to change between wattage mode and temperature control mode, for example), and most will display things like the resistance of your coil which beginners might not be too familiar with.

But just like getting used to a new mobile phone, it doesn’t take long to get to grips with navigating the system and to learn what everything means. On a day-to- day basis, all you’ll really need to do is choose a setting with the dedicated buttons and vape in the same way you would with a basic tank system.

So some e-cigarettes are more complicated than others, and if you want to have the simplest experience you can it’s best to avoid mods. However, with all of the benefits mods offer, it’s important to remember that they’re really not all that complicated.

We have plenty of product-specific tutorials available if you want more detail on how to use a specific device.

What Do You Want Your Device to Look Like?

The clichéd advice that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover is very true when it comes to vaping.

Just because an e-cigarette looks like a cigarette doesn’t mean it’s the best replacement for cigarettes. And just because a mod looks nothing whatsoever like a cigarette doesn’t make it the wrong choice.

That said, you may have a preference for the appearance of your device, and if you do, it can narrow your options down a lot. Not everybody wants to vape from a boxy e-cig, and not everybody wants something that looks like a cigarette.

This is completely down to personal preference, so you don’t really need any guidance on this point.

But one piece of advice I’d offer is that a cigarette-like appearance might seem important to you when you’re first starting, but that feeling fades very quickly. Keeping the focus on what the e-cig can do rather than what it looks like will probably lead to you getting a more capable device.

Which Type of Kit is Most Effective for Switching?

If you’re using vaping in an attempt to switch away from smoking, you might be interested to find out which e-cigarette kit is likely to give you the best chance of being successful.

It’s worth noting that there is no “wrong” choice when it comes to finding an e-cigarette, but there is a bit of evidence to suggest that some kits are better than others for quitting.

One study conducted between late 2012 and 2013 found that people who used tank system e-cigarettes daily increased their odds of quitting, but also showed that non-daily cigalike users were less likely to have quit than people who didn’t vape.

Effectiveness of tanks and cigalikes.

The implication from this is that tank systems (covering “eGo-style” tank systems and mods) are better than cigalikes when it comes to quitting. Additionally, another study showed that mods are more effective at getting you nicotine than cigalikes, so it would make sense that these are better to use when you’re trying to quit.

Graph shows experience of dual users after one year of vaping.

Whichever kit you choose, if you’re not successful at first don’t give up! As the graph above shows, many dual users (people who both smoke and vape) end up only using only e-cigarettes.

Do You Need Something Discreet?

Not all vapers want to blow huge clouds. Although most e-cigarettes can produce a substantial amount of vapour, sometimes you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

If you’re technically allowed to vape at work, for instance, but don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable with huge clouds, great vapour production could actually be a downside. This is when “stealth vaping” becomes a consideration. This is when you vape but purposefully produce very little vapour.

Some devices are much better for stealth vaping than others. Generally, cigalikes or tank systems have a lot more potential to be used discreetly. This is because the vapour production is less than with mods, and the devices themselves are also easier to conceal than a big hulking box mod. Combined with some stealth vaping techniques, if you use a cigalike or tank system e-cig, you’ll be able to vape in a way most people won’t even notice. If you’re likely to need to “stealth vape,” you should keep this in mind when you’re choosing your kit.

How to Stealth Vape Like a Pro (+ Discounts!)

For Just-Switching or Recently-Switched Smokers

Finding the right e-cigarette kit for you is hardest if you’re quite new to vaping. How are you supposed to choose from tons of different options if you don’t even know what they’ll be like? How do you find a high-quality e-cig if you’ve only tried one or two of them?

Thankfully, your smoking habits and what you’re looking for from an e-cigarette can guide you in the right direction.

How Much Do You Smoke?

It might not be an exact science, but your smoking habits can lead you in the right direction when it comes to choosing an e-cigarette.

The first thing to think about is how much you smoke. Are you a pack-a- day smoker? Do you smoke more? Are you more of a light or social smoker?

For pack-a-day smokers: Your options are fairly open, but you’ll need an e-cigarette that can last you through most of the day and get you enough nicotine. Unless you prefer your e-cig to look like a cigarette, we’d recommend you choose a tank system or a mod to get the most out of vaping.

For lighter smokers: You’re unlikely to need a mod, and will probably be satisfied with a tank system or a cigalike.

For heavier smokers: Cigalikes definitely won’t cut it, and there’s a chance even standard tank systems won’t be enough. Mods are a bit more work to get into, but the learning curve will be worth it if you’re looking to kick your smoking habit.

As always, these are just recommendations. If you’re a heavy smoker and you really want a cigarette-like appearance, then by all means use a cigalike. Similarly, if you’re a light smoker but still want the performance of a mod, then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there are reasons behind the recommendations, so they’re definitely worth keeping in mind.

Your Lifestyle: Where and When Will You Be Vaping?

One big factor in determining the right e-cigarette kit for your needs is where and when you’ll be using your device.

When Will You Be Vaping?

Social VapeAll the time: Most people looking for a new e-cigarette kit will be hoping to completely replace smoking with vaping. This means you’ll need something you can use all day without it running out of battery. Cigalikes aren’t great for this, so consider getting a tank system or a mod kit. To maximise battery life, the higher the mAh (milliamp hour) rating of the battery, the better. There’s more information on battery capacity and battery life in this post.

Sometimes (e.g. just in the evenings or while at work): If you won’t be vaping all day, every day, then your options are a little more open. If you want something to use while you’re at work, battery life is still important (so a tank system is preferable to a cigalike), but a mod probably isn’t necessary. If you’re vaping at home in the evening, you’ll be able to charge much more easily, so a cigalike or a tank system will be suitable.

Where Will You Be Vaping?

Vaping at work?While precisely where you are when you vape doesn’t really matter, the general environment you’ll be in when you vape can be useful to consider.

Will there be a risk of your e-cig getting knocked? Will you have access to a USB port or plug socket for charging?

Work (dangerous environment): If you’ll be vaping at work, but your job is physical or involves some risks, there’s a chance your e-cig will get knocked around while in your pocket or even have something dropped on it. This means you’ll need a solidly-built e-cig, and box mods are perfect for this purpose. They’re not indestructible, but they can stand up to abuse a bit better than other devices.

Work (safe environment): If you’ll be vaping at work but you’re in an office or your working environment isn’t particularly risky, you can use pretty much any type of e-cig. However, if you won’t be able to charge, box mods or high-capacity (meaning high mAh rating) tank systems are the best choice.

Home: At home, your e-cig is unlikely to be put in harm’s way and you’ll probably have access to a USB port or plug socket to recharge. In this case, any type of e-cig kit is absolutely fine: you won’t risk serious damage to your device, you’ll be able to keep it charged and portability isn’t essential.

In transit: If you’ll be doing a lot of vaping out of the house but not somewhere like work where you’ll probably have somewhere safe to leave your device, portability becomes essential. However, this has to be balanced against battery life, especially if you’ll be travelling for a while. For this reason, although cigalikes are the most portable, tank systems and mods are much better-suited to your purpose. Tank systems strike the best balance, but if you’re willing to use something a little bigger, mods are also worth considering.

These groups aren’t mutually-exclusive. In fact, if you’re vaping all day you’ll probably be using your e-cig in all of these places, so the best “all-round” device should really win out in this area. As you may have picked up from the above, box mods have the most potential to be great vaping companions wherever you are, but tank systems can get the job done too.

Have You Vaped Before? What Did You Think?

You can get quite a long way towards finding the right kit on the basis of your smoking habits and what you’ll need from your e-cig, but nothing is as useful as having tried vaping already.

Whether it was a full-fledged quit attempt or just a couple of puffs on a friend’s e-cig, your experience can give you some important clues as to which e-cig kit is right for you.

There are many different issues you may have run into and many things you may have liked, but here are some key things to think about when making your choice:

Vaping didn’t satisfy you: If you tried vaping but didn’t get enough nicotine to find it satisfying, there could be a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, you may just need to try a higher-nicotine liquid, and you can do this with any type of device.

However, the type of e-cig you tried may also have been an issue. In general, cigalikes are less satisfying than tank systems, and tank systems are less satisfying than mods. So if you tried a tank system but it wasn’t enough, getting a mod may be the best idea.

You got too much nicotine: If you had the opposite experience and got dizzy or slightly nauseous from too much nicotine, the advice reverses. You could try any type of e-cig with less nicotine, or a smaller, lower-powered device.

However, mods usually allow you to adjust the wattage, so you can always use a mod at lower settings too.

Vaping made you cough/gave you a sore throat: Coughing or getting a sore throat when you start to vape is pretty common, but for most users it clears up as you get used to vaping.

This could be due to the type of e-cig you were using, but it’s probably more closely linked to the liquid you used. High-PG and high-nicotine liquids are tougher on your throat. With a tank system or a mod, you can use any type of e-liquid, so it’s easier to choose your blend to minimise any irritation or coughing.

Why You Cough When You Vape, and How to Stop It!

You didn’t get the “throat hit” you get with cigarettes:

This is the opposite of the previous point – if you didn’t get that same sensation at the back of your throat as you do from smoking, it’s probably down to the e-liquid you tried. Again, tank systems or mods let you choose your liquid to suit your preferences, but higher-power e-cigs can increase throat hit too.

Enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the flavour: Whether you really liked the flavour you tried or you didn’t like it, the advice is the same: tank systems and mods allow you to use any e-liquid flavour. Cigalikes, in contrast, only offer the choices produced by the manufacturer of the e-cig. So if you want to find the best flavour, tank system and mod kits are the best approach.

10 Tips for Flavour-Chasing Vapers

Overall, unless you tried a more complicated device and want something as simple as possible, tank systems and mods are preferred for most purposes because they give you more options when it comes to your experience. This is mainly because they let you use any e-liquid with them.

They’re also more satisfying than cigalikes, and this is more likely to be an issue than the reverse.

For Established and Longer-Term Vapers

So for someone with limited experience with e-cigarettes, there are still a lot of different things you can use to find the right kit for your tastes. If you’re already a vaper or have quite a bit of experience with e-cigs, it’s much easier to find the right kit for your needs. The advice is very similar to the above, but the bonus of having experience is you’ll have a much better idea of what you like and what you don’t.

Vaping using a modYour Current Setup – What Do You Have and Why Do You Want Something Else?

The best thing you can think about to determine what the right e-cigarette is for you is what you have right now. Are you still using a tank system you got when you first started? Are you using a mod but find it too complicated? Do you like the screw-together- and-vape simplicity of cigalikes but don’t get enough vapour?

So, thinking about your current device, what is it you’re dissatisfied with?

Not enough vapour: This is a simple issue. If your device doesn’t offer enough vapour, you’ll need something more powerful and with a better atomizer. The best option is a mod, especially when paired with a sub ohm tank. Tank systems are also better than cigalikes in this area.

Not enough flavor: Similarly, flavour will generally improve with better atomizers.

Cigalike cartomizers aren’t great for flavour, simple tank systems are better, but sub ohm tanks or other options like the Nautilus Mini paired with mods offer the best flavour.

Limited battery life: Bigger batteries tend to last longer. So tank systems last longer between charges than cigalikes, and mods last longer than tank systems. However, some tank systems offer substantial battery life too, so it’s worth considering anything with a higher mAh rating than your current device.

If you’re a chain-vaper and regularly run into issues with battery life, vape mods are definitely worth the extra start-up cost.

Running costs too high: Although the biggest expense for a vaper is getting the device, running costs can vary between kits. In general, cigalikes with disposable cartridges are the most expensive to operate. For tank systems and mods, the main cost (apart from e-liquid) is replacement coils, and keeping this to a minimum means choosing the right tank.

For example, Aspire Nautilus coils (5 for £10.99) are more affordable than Atlantis coils (5 for £13.99), and Innokin iSub coils (5 for £9.99) cost even less. Generally, clearomizer coils like the Aspire BVC coils (5 for £8) are the most affordable.

Do You Want Big Clouds?

Since cloud-chasing is fairly popular among vapers, it’s worth looking at the issue of vapour production in a bit more depth than in the previous section.

If you’re serious about producing big clouds, getting a mod is almost mandatory. No other type of e-cig is going to come close to a device like the Coolfire IV TC100. No matter how amazing a standard tank system you find, the vapour it can put out will still pale in comparison to even a basic mod.

This is where the maximum power outputs from mods start to get important. More power (higher watts) means more vapour. So something like the Council of Vapor Mini Volt, which offers up to 40 W, is not going to be able to put out as much vapour as the Coolfire IV TC100, which offers up to 100 W.

The competition for the highest-wattage mod has quickly turned into a bit of an arms race. However, many vapers (like me) aren’t interested in vaping at absurdly high wattages, and you really don’t need to go too far to get a substantial cloud of vapour. For a device like the Coolfire IV TC100, you’ll need a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable atomizer to even approach the upper end of the available wattages.

Clouds aren’t all about your choice of device, though: there are many other useful tips you can use to get more vapour from your e-cigarette, whichever one you have.

How to Get Massive Clouds Of Vapour From Your E-Cigarette

Do You Need Temperature Control?

If you’re looking for a mod, a common feature on many devices is temperature control (TC). But do you need TC? Is it worth paying more for a device like the Coolfire IV TC100 which features it, or would you be equally happy with a more basic style mod like the Mini Volt 40 W?

There is a definite advantage of TC for newer vapers: if you use it, you won’t experience unpleasant “dry puffs” when you vape. These occur when there isn’t enough liquid in the wick, and taste really horrible.

TC devices stop this by limiting the coil’s temperature so your e-liquid can’t get “overcooked” and your wicks are much less likely to get burned. TC also offers more consistent flavour from your e-juice.

But TC isn’t necessary to enjoy vaping. You may have to take a few steps to protect against dry puffs with a non-TC mod, such as keeping your tank topped up and reducing your power setting if you start to notice an issue (we have some more tips in this post), but it really is quite easy to do.

TC mods always have a non-TC mode too, but if you don’t think you’ll need it, you can save money by getting something more basic.

We’d recommend TC if you can afford a slightly higher-end device, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Personally, I own several TC-capable mods but rarely use the feature. I prefer the hit I get in wattage mode, and since TC wasn’t around when I started vaping I’ve gotten used to wattage-based vaping.

However, this might not be the case for you, and TC definitely makes it easier to get consistent performance, so this something to keep in mind when you’re making your choice. It’s not a deal-breaker, but definitely a handy bonus feature to have.

Temperature Control Vaping: Everything You Need To Know

Putting it All Together

This post should have shown you that there are tons of things you can consider to help you find the right kit for your needs. But you might be left a little overwhelmed by everything there is to consider. So here’s a brief run-down of three of the four full kits for sale here, and the benefits and downsides of each.

The kit not covered here (the Aspire Quest kit) is roughly the same as the Subox Mini Kit in terms of the key benefits and downsides.

Halo Cigalike Bundle


  • Simple to use. Screw on the cartomizer and use it just like you would a cigarette.
  • Portable. It’s not much bigger than a cigarette, so carrying it around with you is as easy as can be.
  • Suitable for stealth vaping.
  • Perfect for anybody who wants a cigarette-like appearance.
  • Low start-up cost. Just £19.99 for two batteries, five cartomizers and a charger.


  • Less battery life than other options. Not ideal for heavier smokers.
  • Vapor production is less than other options (though still good!)
  • Less throat hit than other options.
  • Running costs are higher due to disposable cartomizers.
  • Can’t be refilled with e-liquid.

Jac Vapour Starter Kit


  • Easy to use. The tank kit is more complicated than the cigalike kit, but still very beginner-friendly.
  • Refillable. You can use any e-liquid with the tank kit, allowing more choice in flavour,
    nicotine levels and PG/VG ratio.
  • Great battery life. The 1,100 mAh battery should last most vapers through the day.
  • Ample vapour production (unless you’re a cloud-chaser!).
  • Can be used for stealth vaping.
  • Excellent flavour from the included tank.
  • Changeable coils on the tank. This reduces the running costs substantially compared to
  • More satisfying. Better at getting you nicotine than cigalike devices.
  • Affordable: get the battery, tank, charger and a bottle of e-liquid for £21.99.


  • Battery life still less than mods.
  • Can’t be used with sub ohm tanks.
  • Vapour production and flavour still less than with mods and higher-end tanks.
  • A little more difficult to use than cigalikes.

Cloud Chaser Bundle

The Cloud Chaser Bundle matches the Innokin Coolfire Ultra with the Aspire Cleito Exo tank. As the name suggests, together they are designed to produce serious clouds!


  • High-wattage vaping with a maximum power output of 150 W.
  • Sturdy design. The box mod style means it can take the occasional knock or drop better than other devices.
  • Supports resistances between 0.3 and 1.6 ohms, so you can use it with other sub ohm tanksor rebuildable atomizers.
  • Excellent battery life. It uses a battery bought separately, but capacities of 2,500 mAh or
    even higher are available.
  • Puts out some serious clouds. It might not please every cloud-chaser, but it’s more than
    enough for most vapers.
  • Flavour from the included tank is hard to beat.


  • Less portable than other devices, but still easy enough to carry around.
  • A bit more of a learning curve – it’s not perfect for beginners, but it’s still easy enough to get to grips with.
  • Buying and using a separate battery may put some new vapers off. It’s just like using any
    other rechargeable battery, but its more complex than other e-cigs.
  • Most expensive start-up. The mod, tank, coils, RBA head (plus accessories) and USB cable cost £59.99.
  • Rebuilding coils in particular is a bit technical for new vapers.
  • Not very good for stealth vaping.

Check out more e-cig bundles and kits here!

Choose Carefully, and You’ll Be Rewarded With a Great Vape

As you’ve seen, there is quite a bit to consider when it comes to getting the right e-cig kit for your needs. However, the key point is to think about what you personally want out of your vaping experience when you’re making your choice. Then, as long as you understand the basics of each device and what they offer (which you do now!), you will be able to find the right e-cig kit and vape accessories for your needs.

Getting a new e-cig kit is a big purchase, though, so take your time over your decision and do a bit of research before you hit the “buy” button.

It might not be the most exciting thing in the world when you’re looking forward to getting a new e-cig and hopefully quitting smoking, but you’ll be happy you put the extra time in when you get your new e-cig kit.

Trouble Committing To E-Cigs? Try These 10 Tips!


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  1. Great article. Thank you. I started vaping just recently so I’ve been searching online for some more advice on it and this is the best article I’ve read so far. I currently have the vapour 2 ecig because it was recommended to me by a friend but maybe I’ll buy something bigger in the future. But I’ve never been a heavy smoker so this one is actually quite good for me according to all the points you make in your article. I’m currently trying different flavours of juices and really enjoying myself doing so.

  2. Hi
    I’m currently vaping with a Pico Squeeze and a recurve rda with max vg 0.36 coil and cotton bacon at around 27 watts. My problem is waaaay too much cloud, I know most people want that but it’s driving my partner mad and filling the house, especially on humid days.
    I fully prepared to chage kit but not my juice, as I struggled to find one that suited me, so no July etc. Also I’d like to still use an rda??
    Can you at least give me some pointers, I don’t know where to start! Been vaping 3 years and this set up has keep me off fags all that time so I need to get the satisfaction I do now. Also I unfortunately chain vape 😕😬 which doesn’t help the situation lol

  3. I struggle with wanting to vape all the time. The results are that my battery in my aspire Pockex gets hot. I have two, so I alternate them. Is there such a thing as an e-cig which has a timer so I can set it for, say, ten minutes? I am a sub – ohmer as I like clouds! Thanks.

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