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Nautilus X: Tutorial & Overview

For many people the arrival of the original Nautilus and Nautilus Mini in 2014 – with it’s near-perfect restricted airflow, excellent flavour production and the game-changing BVC (Bottom Vertical) coils that accompanied it – represented a new gold-standard in simple, effective and affordable mouth-to-lung replaceable-coil tanks.

Fast forward to 2016 and, given the seemingly endless list of  sub-ohm tanks now available, it’s hard to believe that when it comes accessible mouth-to-lung replaceable-coil tanks the Nautilus series (especially the Mini) still has very few competitors.

The Nautilus X is Aspire’s much anticipated update to its famed predecessor and a welcome return to the needs of the new-starter and mouth-to-lung vaper.

With a new, sleek aesthetic that has more in common with Aspire’s Cleito range than it does with the original Nautilus, and a brand new ‘U-Tech’ coil design, the ‘X’ brings the Nautilus tank into the age of top-fill and high VG liquids.


What’s in the box

  • 1 x Nautilus X
  • 2 x 1.5ohm U-Tech coils (1 pre-installed and 1 spare)
  • Replacement Glass Tank

Aspire Nautilus X in BoxNautilus X Features

As much as we still love the Nautilus Mini, one criticism is the need to fill from the bottom. The Nautilus X, on the other hand, has the same easy top-fill design as the Cleito; simply twist off the top cap and fill around the side of the glass.

This makes it incredibly easy to fill on the go, as well as reducing wear and tear on battery and tank 510 threads.

In fact, when filling from a glass bottle the space to fill is so wide that, as with the Cleito, a steady hand can bypass the (occasionally messy) glass pipette and just pour directly from the bottle.

Aspire have stuck with the same (conveniently TPD compliant) 2ml capacity as the original Nautilus Mini.

The new 2ml 22mm diameter low-profile design may not be as high capacity as some would like, but filling really is painless. What’s more, the relatively low wattage needed means it doesn’t guzzle juice like a sub-ohm tank can.

As we’ve come to expect from Aspire in recent years the build quality is excellent. Made from 304 stainless steel, it can be dismantled fully for cleaning and is available in a choice of finishes.

The new ‘U-Tech’ coil design (air comes in at the top, travels down through the centre of one coil and up through a second coil into the mouthpiece) means that the Nautilus X has airflow slots positioned high at the top of the tank, just below the drip-tip.

This substantially reduces the risk of leaking. In fact the base of the tank is completely sealed with an over-sized rubber gasket, making it impossible for liquid to escape when the tank is stood upright.

The top-airflow design also eliminates the possibility of accidentally covering or restricting airflow with your hand when gripping your device, which can be an issue when trying to stealth vape using bottom-airflow tanks.

Aspire Nautilus XPerformance

The first 2 tanks of liquid we put through the Nautilus X were 12mg 40VG/60PG Halo Raspberry Crush followed by 2.5mg 73VG/27PG Binary POW.

The 1.5ohm coil that comes pre-installed is rated from 14-20 watts, so we started each tank of liquid at 12 watts and worked our way up, comfortably vaping both up to 20 watts.

That’s as far as we went with the 12mg high PG liquid (more than enough throat hit!), but we happily took it up to 22 watts and beyond with the far thicker POW without experiencing any dry hits or wicking issues.

The only slight quibble is that the mouthpiece can get hot when chain-vaping at higher power (and isn’t compatible with standard 510 drip-tips). However, it’s narrow outer diameter is very close to that of a straight cigarette, which should appeal to smokers making the switch.

It’s also worth noting that, as with many other tanks, it does seem to perform a bit better if you keep it topped up to just above the juice-flow holes.

Many of you will have had the all too common experience of buying a new tank which vapes beautifully all day and all evening, only to wake up the next morning and find it sat, empty, in a pool of e-liquid. The innovative U-shaped coil design of the Nautilus X makes for a near leak free experience and, provided you stand the tank upright over night, that unwelcome mess in the morning should be a thing of the past.

As for flavour production we’ve tried several fruits, tobaccos and desserts with great results. It’s definitely a matter of personal taste but it seems crisp, bold flavours in particular (aniseed, citrus and menthol for example) really shine in this tank.

Aspire Nautilus XWho is the Nautilus X for?

As mentioned previously, for many people the original Nautilus was (and still is) a default recommendation for new starters needing more than a cigalike.

With it’s improved fill method and even simpler design, the Nautilus X has the potential to nudge its predecessor from the top spot and is perfect for a new (or seasoned!) vaper looking for a hassle-free experience.

If you are already a fan of the original but wish it had top-fill and a touch more airflow, or simply want to use high VG liquid, then this is definitely one to consider. The draw doesn’t exactly replicate the Aspire Nautilus, but it is an excellent mouth-to-lung vape in it’s own right.

Equally, fans of Aspire’s Triton and Triton Mini  might like the Nautilus X for its simplified fill method (no opening and closing of fill-ports/juice-flow), it’s lower profile and the reduced chance of leaking from the top airflow.

At just 25mm tall, excluding the mouthpiece, this really is a stealthy little tank, and it’s size coupled with the more modest vapour production makes it a good choice if you need something discreet for when you’re out and about.


The unique design of the U-Tech coil means the Nautilus X is incompatible with older Nautilus coils (or any other coils for that matter), but Aspire do offer a choice between 1.5ohm (14-22watts) and a 1.8ohm (12-16watts).

The 1.8ohm coil is the most recent of the two and some people have been reporting improved flavour compared to the 1.5ohm, especially at the cross-over 14-16watt range. So if you find, after using the two included coils, that your sweet spot is 16watts, or below then it would be worth trying the 1.8ohm coils next.

Aspire Nautilus XHow to fill

  1. Unscrew the cap
  2. Squeeze liquid into gap around coil up to the top of the glass
  3. Replace the cap

How to change the coil

  1. Ensure tank is empty first
  2. Unscrew the cap
  3. Pull off the glass
  4. Unscrew the old coil
  5. Screw in a new coil
  6. Prime the coil (see below for details)
  7. Replace the glass

Aspire Nautilus XTips and Tricks

Watch out – when you pull off the drip tip you’ll see a hole. That’s NOT a hole for filling, it’s an air hole! Follow the instructions above to fill correctly (don’t worry, it’s a breeze!)

As with all tanks, prime the coil before using. To do this:

  1. drip some e-liquid onto the juice holes
  2. allow the clearomiser to stand after filling for a few minutes before using.

What we like

  • Top fill
  • Stealthy low-profile design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Can handle thick and thin eliquids without wicking or leaking issues
  • The 1.5ohm coil has a broad wattage range for relatively high resistance coil
  • Comes apart fully for easy cleaning
  • 22mm diameter looks good on most devices
  • Satisfying vapour at low power minimises e-liquid and battery consumption
  • Choice of colours

What we don’t like

  • Tank must be empty before changing coil
  • Proprietary Drip-tip
  • Drip tip can get hot when chain-vaped
  • Some more experienced users might be put off by the absence of a rebuildable deck option
  • While the airflow is tight by current standards, die-hard fans of the original Nautilus could find it isn’t quite restrictive enough


The top-fill, top-airflow and low-profile design bring the Nautilus brand right up to date.

In a market bursting at the seams with airy sub-ohm tanks, it is a much needed return to tighter airflow and a great choice for the new-starter and seasoned vaper alike.

For aficionados of the original it might not have exactly that ultra-tight draw that you’ve come to know and love, but when you stop contrasting the two and judge the Nautilus X on it’s own merits then what you have is a versatile, easy fill, stealthy and as good as leak-proof mouth-to-lung tank that won’t drain your liquid, your battery or your wallet.

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4 thoughts on “Nautilus X: Tutorial & Overview

  1. i find the airflow is very hard to turn(maybe someone can advise how to turn it without too much effort as i have tempted to bin it and go back to mini)

    1. The airflow is below the mouthpiece but just above the top of the main part of the tank. It can help to grip this with a cloth or a bit of tissue to give you a bit of grip – after you’ve done it a couple of times it can loosen up a bit.

    2. The top part under the mouth piece turns fairly easily. Especially hard to see on the black tank but if you look closely, you will see an air hole open up at the bottom of the mouth piece.

  2. Ah, finally figured it out. Mine came with the vents in the closed position and was VERY hard to pull through. They are a fixed part of the top that extends the entire diameter of the tank and sits on top of the outer ring that seals against the glass. Mine was extremely hard to turn but just a few millimeters rotation and the vent was opened fully.

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