Stephane Vlachos and the Stolen Ecig Patent

The Mystery of Stephane Vlachos and the Stolen Ecigarette Patent

It wasn’t so long ago that we all assumed Hon Lik invented the ecigarette. Then we found Herbert Gilbert invented a similar device in 1963, and that Dr Jacobson trialled a vaping device (albeit not electronic cigarette) in the late 70’s and 80’s. Now it seems there is another contender. If you look on the Simple English Wikipedia […]

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Black and white headshot of Herbert A Gilbert taken around the time he invented the e-cigarette.

An Interview with the Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette, Herbert A Gilbert

Last year, when I was writing up the history of the electronic cigarette, I mentioned Herbert A. Gilbert, who is considered by many to be the inventor of the modern electronic cigarette. I also wrote: Herbert A Gilbert may still be alive, if this post is genuine. (Herbert, if you’re out there, I’d love to interview you!) […]

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The History of the Electronic Cigarette or How the devastated son of a lung cancer victim dreamed up a device which would save the lives of millions of smokers

Or: The History of the Electronic Cigarette The e-cigarette as we know it may never have existed if a Chinese man had not been struck by the disease all smokers fear. Lung cancer. His devastated son, Hon Lik, was a heavy smoker too, and feeling the effects of smoking 60 cigarettes a day. He was also a […]

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Four extreme (and we mean extreme) anti-smoking tactics that STILL failed.

The anti-smoking movement is hoping to stop smoking through policies such as: increased taxes pub and car bans a policy of denormalisation (no really – I’m not making that up!) But despite the protests of smoker’s rights groups, these are nothing compared to what anti-smokers did in the past: Imprisoning smokers The first person to […]

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