Swansea beaches could become vape free zones.

Swansea Mulls Outdoor E-Cig Ban

Yesterday I followed a link from Twitter to a consultation on a ban on smoking outdoor places. The consultation asks whether smoking should be banned in places like beaches (presumably because of the passive smoking danger to cockles) and parks. The questionnaire even asks you if smoking outside pubs should be prohibited, which sounds like the final nail in […]

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Jack Wiltshire Header E-Cigs

This One`s For You, Jack

Footballer Jack Wilshere has been caught smoking for the third time – although this time it’s a shisha pipe rather than a packet of fags. Smoking may be legal but for top-earning footballers it can be even more expensive than for the rest of us – goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny had to fork out a hefty £20,000 for smoking […]

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Electronic cigarette encrusted with diamonds and crystals.

The Most Expensive Electronic Cigarette in the World

What’s the most expensive bling electronic cigarette in the world? As my friend and fellow blogger Steve Vape has just discovered (page since removed), it’s a custom made electronic cigarette made for a Russian businessman which cost not much short of a million dollars, and was featured in the Daily Mail here. How much did […]

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UK Government Says E-Cigarettes Are Safer But They Will Ban Them Anyway: An Anti-Vaping Argument That Makes No Sense

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) want to enforce regulations which they believe would ban every current electronic cigarette device in the UK today, ignoring a EU vote NOT to ban e-cigarettes last week. A Telegraph article may shed some light into the matter. Here’s what Jeremy Mean from the MHRA said: … unlike […]

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Kangaroos at sunset.

Breaking News: Australia Considers Ban on Tobacco Cigarettes, Forcing Smokers to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Update: The University of Queensland is now reporting that the study is funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant, and not by the Australian government, while Dr Coral Gartner Health Canal is disputing the whole story. (Thanks to Gregory Conley for the link.) According to The Age National, Australia is to consider a ban on […]

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Are you willing to be an e-cigarette case study?

Has your life been affected by the electronic cigarette? We are working with a journalist who is looking for case studies. If you: have switched to the electronic cigarette because of health reasons (either because you have chosen to or been recommended to) and/or have made dramatic money savings as a result of switching to […]

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