ECig Summit

E-Cig Summit Roundup 2018

Electronic Cigarette Summit 6 I still can’t believe that we’ve reached the 6th E-Cig Summit – it doesn’t seem so long ago that the first one was held! This is very much a non-commercial conference, with sales pitches banned (hooray!) and proficient speakers who are good at lightening up some challenging topics with a bit […]

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E-Cig Summit 2017. E-Cigarette Direct

E-Cig Summit Round Up – November 2017

What is the e-cig summit? For the last five years the E-Cig Summit has been bringing together vapers, researchers, industry (both independent and big tobacco and pharma), public health and government. The summit has been key in cutting through misinformation and contributing towards a huge change in attitudes towards e-cigs. I think it is probably […]

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E-cig quotes From 20 Experts

What 20 REAL Experts Say About E-Cigs

If you know anything about e-cigarettes, you probably find it absolutely astounding how much rubbish is written about them by people who DON’T know anything about them. A typical example is a recent Metro article by Rob Waugh, who screamed aloud: Passive smoking warning as e-cigarettes are found to harm bystanders Read the article, though, and there’s nothing […]

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Vaping: It’s all about pleasure

By researcher Paul Bergen of What anti-smokers never seem to quite understand is that smoking is a pleasure.  It is not, as some have characterized it, a disease.  And any solutions or alternatives to smoking that are based on the ludicrous idea that people don’t actually enjoy it are bound to have dismal success […]

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UK Gov takes another step towards tobacco harm reduction

I emailed the Conservative party recently on their policy towards e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction (actually I emailed all the parties, but only the Conservatives replied). Unfortunately, they didn`t really seem to understand the concept (providing alternatives for smokers who want to be healthier  but can`t or don`t want to quit.) Dear Mr Dunworth I […]

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Nudging in the Service of Safer Nicotine Use

  What news! When it comes to matters of nicotine, its rare that a government report not only exhibits common sense but gets as far as being reported in two major newspapers without some prohibitionary lunatics weaseling themselves into the mix. Though both the report in the MailOnline and the The Guardian  mention that controversy might […]

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Yet another court victory for the NJOY electronic cigarette – but vapers in New York battle for their lives

Electronic cigarettes have been vindicated by yet another court in the US. The FDA recently appealed a high court ruling that stopped them from seizing electronic cigarette imports. They had already been ignoring the ruling, continuing to snatch legally-imported goods from electronic cigarette sellers. Their appeal for a review of the case, however, has been […]

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Godshall’s Tobacco Harm Reduction Update (12/15/10)

Tobacco Smoke SG Report: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease DHHS officials mislead public, alienate smokers, diminish public health credibility by exaggerating disease risks of brief smoke exposure (Link since removed) News media repeat exaggerated claims by DHHS officials about risks of brief smoke […]

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