Vision Spinner 2 Tutorial

The Vision Spinner 2 1650mAh: Tutorial

Updated: 20/03/18

Unfortunately, the Vision Spinner is no longer available. For fans of the Vision Spinner looking for a similar device, we recommend the Jac Vapour Twist. If you still have a Vision Spinner, we hope you find the information below useful!

How to Use The Vision Spinner 2

The latest variable voltage battery on ECigaretteDirect is the Vision Spinner 2 1650mAh. We’ve added this to our range of e-cig batteries because the Vision Spinner V2 offers you:

  • peace of mind with built in short circuit detector
  • an end to unexpectedly dead batteries with a handy power indicator
  • automatic battery cut out, which helps extend battery life
  • a longer battery life with a powerful 1650 mAh capacity battery
  • proven reliability
  • a sleek, fashionable look with 10 super colours to choose from
  • an upgraded PCB control head

In addition, when the battery is almost depleted, an automatic cut out will turn the battery off, preventing degradation of the battery cell and extending the device life.

The Vision 2 remains simple to use, and will suit vapers using variable voltage for the first time, while more advanced vapers will be able to utilise different resistance coils for optimal performance.

Vision Spinner V2: Instructions

1. Switching on and off
2. Charging
3. Variable Voltage
4. Compatibility
5. Suggested Voltage/Ohm combinations
6. Safety

1. How to Turn The Vision Spinner On and Off


As with other e-cigarette batteries, simply click the V button five times to turn the battery on or off.

It is good practice to turn the battery off when it’s not in use or when you are carrying it around in your pocket or bag. This prevents accidental firing and prolongs the battery life.

2. How to Charge the Vision Spinner

How to charge vision spinner

i. What Charger To Use

Like all ecig batteries, the Vision Spinner must be charged using a compatible e-cig charger. The Vision 1650 requires a standard USB eGo charger such as the Halo Tank Charger  use with a wall chargers such as this Veho device.

Use of non-standard chargers such as iPhone or iPad chargers invalidates the warranty, may lead to the damage or destruction of the battery and unwanted consequences. See battery safety below for more information.

ii. Charging Times

Like other e-cigarette batteries, you should always give your Vision Spinner an initial charge of at least 4 hours, even if it appears fully charged or is already holding some charge. This conditions the battery and ensures a longer battery life overall. Once the battery is conditioned, you will typically need to charge a low battery for three to four hours.

If the battery does not charge immediately, tap the button once to activate charging.

iii. What The Charging Lights Mean

Red: Indicates the battery needs charging, or that the device is currently charging.
Green: Indicate the battery is fully charged (the light will turn from red to green when fully charged.)

After plugging in, when the green light turns red it should flash a few times, then stay red until it’s charged and will then turn back to green. The flashing is the charger deciding how much charge it needs. In addition, the V on the Spinners fire button will also flash three times when fully threaded on, after the three flashes the fire button (“V”) will light up when the device is charging.

iv. How The Built In Power Indicator Works

In addition, the Vision Spinner also comes with a handy charging light, which will help you avoid unexpectedly running out of power! The lights are as follows:

i. White: Indicates 60-100% charge
ii. Blue: Indicates 30-60% charge
iii. Orange: Indicates 0-30% charge

The battery will also flash 15 times in when there is not enough battery for continued usage.

3. How to Use the Variable Voltage Function on the Vision Spinner 2

Variable Voltage Vision

Beginners can often be put off by the phrase variable voltage, but with the Vision Spinner 1650 it simply couldn’t be easier.

The Vision II features four different voltages:

  • 3.3 V
  • 3.8 V
  • 4.3 V
  • 4.8 V

To change the voltage, simply rotate the spinner at the end of the device until the red line aligns with the voltage required.

A higher voltage will lead to a greater throat hit and increased vapor production. In addition, you will find that different voltages suit different flavours – for example, I always like to use a lower voltage when vaping menthol e-liquid. Again, do check out our Battery Tutorial if you need further explanation.

4. What is the Vision Spinner compatible with?

Vision Spinner 2 Compatibility

The Vision Spinner fits all 510/Ego threaded clearomisers. However, we recommend it for use with the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser or Aspire Nautilus Mini. Not only does the additional power work well with these clearomisers, they also allow you to maximise the potential of variable voltage batteries by using different resistance atomisers in the different clearomisers.

5. What Resistance (Ohms) Should You Use With The Vision Spinner 2

Of course, to get the perfect combination for you, you will want to experiment with different voltages and atomiser resistances. (If you haven’t used different resistance atomisers before, make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Clearomisers).

However, if you are using the device with a clearomiser such as the Aspire Bottom Dual Clearomiser, we have found the following voltage/resistance combinations work well.

  • 3.3 V: Any
  • 3.8 V: 2.1Ω, 1.8Ω, 1.6Ω
  • 4.3 V: 2.1Ω, 1.8Ω
  • 4.8 V: Use with caution, as this voltage can quickly burn out a coil. We recommend a higher resistance than 2.1Ω if using this voltage.

As usual, if you are using the lower resistance atomisers expect atomiser life to fall dramatically, especially if using the atomisers at a low voltage.

6. Safety

Vision Charging Safely

The Vision Spinner’s upgraded protection system automatically detects short circuits. If this happens the battery will flash three times and then power off until circuits return to normal.

In addition, the battery will automatically cut out if the button is held down for 8 seconds or longer and return to normal shortly after.

However, as with all e-cig batteries, the Vision Spinner v2 should be treated with care and respect:

  1. Always charge batteries on a suitable charger. (In a recent ECITA meeting, we were advised that EVERY battery incident that ECITA knew of had taken place because the incorrect charger – often an apple charger – had been used with electronic cigarette batteries).
  2. Never leave charging batteries unattended.
  3. Always charge batteries on a hard surface.

Vision Spinner Colours

63 thoughts on “The Vision Spinner 2 1650mAh: Tutorial

  1. I have a vision spinner2 and i have the aspire charger … Well ive been using that as my charger but it is the usb cord not wall plugin…. Is that ok or will it ruin my battery?

  2. Hi, my Vision spinner screws into the charger fine, and the light on the charger goes red, but no lights on the battery flash or light up. Is this a problem with the battery? My charger works fine with other batteries.

  3. I have recently purchased a spinner 2 and I absolutely love it. It lasts much longer than my previous battery which was supposed to be exactly the same but barely held a charge. The spinner 2 works great and is always reliable. Fantastic product.

    1. I found the answer in your beginners guide under Section IV: Safe Charging: Manual Batteries should be off when charging. No reply needed. Thanks!

  4. I just got a vision spinner 2 when it came the battery is complety dead and no light comes on
    is that normal or do I have a bad one

    1. Good question? I got one that just flashed different LED colors for several seconds. Used the recommended charger. Feel like I am going to have to write this one off as a lose.

    1. Input voltage and output voltage do have to be treated separately (the 4.8 refers to the max output voltage). All batteries have different values for these, and generally batteries have more potential energy (voltage) to output. You really can’t compare the two, batteries react differently when charging as opposed to outputting power.

      What needs to be matched up is the charger output voltage and the battery input voltage. Our chargers’ output is 4.2v, and that’s because the spinners/evods etc have an input voltage of 4.2v.

  5. Please Help!
    I turn on the vision spinner2 battery and it will light up blue. But after i screw in my ceramic wax attachment it flashes red white and blue. And will not heat up!??!?

  6. I’m just reading this after charging my battery with an iPad adapter and now I’m afraid to use it? Do you think I will be okay? The reason I found this page is because I charged my battery for 7 hours and the light was still red, was curious why that was and saw this. This was my first time using iPad adapter and only because it was closest to me. I was never warned not to use it. Please let me know if I should discontinue using my spinner now.

  7. Sometimes when I inhale and let go of the button, the light flashes blue 5 times. Why does it do that. What does it mean ?


  9. Charged reccomended time now when i push it 5 times and try to use ut blinks white 4 times. What could be the problem?

  10. I charged my Vision Spinner 2 with my old charger from my old vision spinner. Now when I try to use it, it blinks 3 times and shuts off. I can’t shit it off or use it. How do I fix this problem?

  11. I have a vision spinner 2 and I charged it with my charger from the first vision spinner for like an hour. Now when I try to turn it on, it blinks three times and doesn’t let me turn it off or even use it. How can I fix this. Help!

  12. I have the vision Spinner 2 and cant get it to charge tried several chargers that i habmve for my other batteries and no luck. They charge my other batteries though. When i purchased it new it did not come with charger.

  13. Hello, my vision spinner 2 battery blinks white, blue, and red 15x when button is pressed. When charging, it’s red as well as the charger itself. Does this just simply mean it’s dead and needs to charge?

  14. Ny vision spinner 2 stopped working. Not that old. Fulky charged. When i press v button it does not ignite, it only flashes white 3 times. Changed coil, tank, and tightness … nothing.
    Has it just died?

  15. I am having charging issues as well. I bought the recommended add on charger via Heavenly Blue Vapor, which has input: DC5V output: DC4.2V. Two issues on separate Vision Spinner II batteries:

    1. Screw into charger, V blinks white 3 times, but then does not light up after that. The charger is plugged into a USB port on a standard surge protector power bank (though the result is the same when I plug into other sources of power.

    2. Same exact issue as above, but instead of blinking white, I get 3 red blinks. And then the V does not light up.


  16. Hello all,

    I’m on my third vision Spinner II–and I keep running into the same issue.

    It’s fully charged, but every time I press the on button I see the light flash 15 times and no vapor can be produced. I also notice that the threading of the spinner wears down quickly and it isn’t able to properly hold all vape cartridges.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

  17. My sister-in-law have bought a version Spinner 2 and hers lights up different colors and I bought one just like hers and mine don’t what do I need to do Thanks Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, The only colours the Vision spinner II should make is through its charging cycle. Orange to blue to white. Are you sure your sister’s is a genuine Vision Spinner? (They are quite difficult to get hold of at the moment!)

  18. Hey I bought a spinner 2 and I absolutely love it I had it for about 3 months and no now the V is just glowing blue what does that mean

  19. Hey so I just bought a Vision Spinner 2 like maybe about a month ago and for some reason when I hit the button it just shows me red blue and white and won’t fire anything. Also it’s not charging anymore either is there a way for me to fix it?

  20. I recently purchased v 2 spinner but its only lasted a couple months.
    Is there a web site that you know of that sells the v 2 spinner at a good price? With the knock offs around its hard. thanks

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