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Say Hello to the New Halo!

Plus Super Launch Offer!

After months of tasting, mixing and working with an amazing design agency, the new Halo E-liquid is finally available.

You’ll find some old favourites in the flavours, but also some great new flavours – and a fantastic new look!

The Flavours

Three bottles of the new Halo E-Liquid.

Identifying what should stay the same, what should be tweaked and what should be dropped was a lengthy process.

As usual, it starts with the team tasting e-liquids – usually over a few beers! We then worked with hundreds of vapers in our shops, who tasted e-liquids and filled out a survey. The data comes back to our mixologist who uses it to refine our range and to create new e-liquids, which then go back out for further tasting.

The result? Some e-liquid flavours stay exactly the same, some have been tweaked, some have been dropped – and there have also been some great new flavours introduced!

The Price

Are you worrying that after spending time and money developing great flavours and a fantastic new design we’re going to jack up the price?

Well, the good news is the price is going to stay the same. Our mission remains to deliver superior quality e-liquids at a very reasonable price.

Getting Ready for the TPD

As you may know, the EU is bringing in new regulations from May 2016 under the European Tobacco Products Directive. We don’t like all the regulations (who wants a 10ml limit on bottles?), but we have to live with them.

While the new regulations have not been fully defined yet, we’ve decided to take a proactive research, and produce e-liquids that are in-line with what we know about the TPD.

The Offer: Three for £9.99 & Free T-Shirt With Orders Over £30.00


You can also enjoy Halo E-Liquid right now with a very special launch offer. Not only can you get three bottles of Halo for just £10.00, you’ll also get a Halo t-shirt worth £19.99 when you spend £30.00 or more (while stocks last only).

Offer ends on 7th November. UPDATE: Due to popularity, you can now get this great Halo e-liquid deal until midnight on the 11th of November.

To explore the great range of new Halo flavours, just click here.

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