E-Cigarette Battery Safety

Essential Battery Safety Tips

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are an efficient way to store power. However, all lithium batteries contain a mixture of chemicals and have the potential to explode. Fortunately, explosions are very rare (an estimated one in ten million according to Battery University). In addition, both our batteries and chargers come with short circuit protection. Despite this, explosions can happen, and short circuit protection may, on rare occasions be faulty.

Correct Charging Equipment

Correct charging equipment including USB chargers and plug adaptors must be used with all products sold. Most issues with charging batteries have been due to incorrect charging equipment used, especially Ipad and Iphone batteries. There are also cheap e-cig chargers on the market that do not come with overcharge protection. Use of any of our e-cigarettes with chargers and plug adaptors not provided by us will result in product warranties being void. We will also not be responsible for any damage or injury that may occur.

Safe Charging at home

To charge your battery safely, follow these steps:

  • always charge on a hard surface
  • do not leave a charging battery unattended
  • if a charger, lead or battery is damaged, do not continue to use it. Either dispose of it at a recycling station or return to us so that we can dispose of it for you. (Batteries still under warranty should be returned to us they can be replaced.)
  • never charge a battery close to a source of heat or near to flammable substances
  • do not overcharge your battery, and remove your battery from the charger when the light indicates it is fully charged

Exposure to water

If a lithium ion battery is exposed to water or moisture, cease use and dispose of the battery as above.


Clean terminals and battery contacts with tissue or alcohol wipes once a week.

Over Tightening

When attaching cartridges or clearomisers, avoid over tightening, as this can damage the battery.

Safe Charging in the car

Do not charge your e-cigarette in your car in very hot/humid weather.

Safe charging abroad

Exercise caution whilst charging abroad, as mains voltages vary. Some countries may also experience sudden power surges. We advise buying a two pin plug adaptor, if possible, in the country you are visiting.

Correct Battery Storage

  • Store your battery in a dry place.
  • Do not expose your battery to very high or low temperatures.
  • Do not leave batteries in direct sunlight or in places where temperature can rise suddenly.
  • Do not carry batteries in a pocket or bag where they are in direct contact with metal such as coins or keys.

For further information and tutorials on using ecig batteries, visit The Ultimate Guide to Ecig Batteries. To view our range of ecig batteries click here.

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