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Dessert E-Liquid Flavours

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Halo Pear Drops UK E-Liquid

Pear Drops Halo E-Liquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Halo Cherry Bakewell UK E-Liquid

Cherry Bakewell Halo E-Liquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Halo Black Jack Twist UK E-Liquid

BlackJack Twist Halo E-Liquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Halo Vanilla Icecream UK E-Liquid

Vanilla Icecream Halo E-Liquid


Earn 4 reward points.


Yuzu Lemon Meringue | Koi


Earn 13 reward points.

Banoffee Pie Vampire Vape Eliquid Sale

Banoffee Pie - Vampire Vape

£3.99 Special Price £1.99

Earn 2 reward points.

Funky Monkey Vampire Vape Eliquid

Funky Monkey - Vampire Vape


Earn 4 reward points.

Rhubarb & Custard Vampire Vape Eliquid

Rhubarb & Custard - Vampire Vape


Earn 4 reward points.

Raspberry Sorbet Vampire Vape Eliquid

Raspberry Sorbet - Vampire Vape


Earn 4 reward points.

Squid Inc. Shortfill Barb & Cuss

Barb & Cuss | Squid Inc.


Earn 15 reward points.

Earn 15 reward points.

Lemonzilla | Smash Club

Lemonzilla | Smash Club


Earn 15 reward points.

Earn 15 reward points.

Vanilla Custard WizMix E-Liquid

Vanilla Custard WizMix Eliquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Rhubarb & Custard WizMix E-Liquid

Rhubarb & Custard WizMix Eliquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze

Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze 10ml


Earn 5 reward points.

13 Sins: Skye 7

Skye 7 10ml E-Liquid - 13 Sins


Earn 4 reward points.

Purple Slushie Zap! Juice E-Liquid

Purple Slushie Zap! Juice 10ml


Earn 5 reward points.

Cosmic Fog Kryp Sale

Cosmic Fog Kryp

£4.99 Special Price £2.49

Earn 3 reward points.

Element NS20 - Strawberry Whip 3 Pack

NS20 Strawberry Whip E-Liquid Pod


Earn 10 reward points.

Deep Fried Jam Donut

Deep Fried Jam Donut | Chicken Shop


Earn 30 reward points.

Caramel Kiss WizMix E-Liquid

Caramel Kiss WizMix Eliquid


Earn 4 reward points.

Cornish Ice Cream WizMix E-Liquid Sale

Cornish Ice Cream WizMix Eliquid

£3.99 Special Price £1.99

Earn 2 reward points.

Raspberry Ripple WizMix E-Liquid

Raspberry Ripple WizMix Eliquid


Earn 4 reward points.

30 Item(s)

We firmly believe that desserts shouldn’t be a treat, they should be a human right. No more ‘I’ll have a starter instead of a dessert’ or missing out on delicious baked treats in order to ‘save face’. It ends here and now, with our 0% calories, 100% awesome dessert vape juice collection!

Prepare your sweet tooth for a taste adventure like nothing it’s ever experienced before...

Make your sweet tooth happy with the help of some delicious dessert vape juice! These lusciously sweet e-juices may not pile on the calories, with all that glorious whipped cream and pastry (oh my), but they certainly taste just as good as the real thing!

E-liquid mixing experts have been focusing on replicating your favourite desserts, and creating some truly great recipes. We’ve tried most of them (it’s such a hard life!) in our constant quest to bring you only the very best dessert e-liquids available in the UK today. Keep your eye on this page, as we’re constantly testing and trying out new e-juices, and will regularly update this page as we add new delicious dessert e liquid flavours.

From Strawberry Cupcake to Cherry Bakewell and Vanilla Ice Cream (a team favourite for those hot summer days), E-Cigarette Direct will set you and your sweet tooth right with our collection of delectable dessert vape juice delights!

What's in your e-liquid?

We take the quality, purity and safety of our products seriously. That's why each flavour and strength available in our own Halo E-Liquid ranges undergoes strict testing in Government approved labs, as well as our own in-house quality control processes. Find out more here.

Selecting your e-liquid

Remember that flavour shouldn’t be the only consideration when selecting an e-liquid! E-liquids come with different VG:PG ratios. If you’re using a lower powered device and a coil with a higher resistance, then you’re better off with a higher VG:PG ratio such as 50:50.

If you’re using a more powerful device and a lower resistance coil (and looking for bigger clouds) then you should aim for a high VG:PG ratio such as 70:30 or 80:20. For more information see VG:PG ratios: What’s the difference?

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