Whats in your E-Liquid

We care about e-liquid. When it comes to safety, quality-testing and flavour, no one does it better.

At E-Cigarette Direct we take the quality, purity and safety of our products seriously. That’s why each flavour and strength available in our Halo Vapour Co. E-Liquid undergoes strict testing processes in government-approved labs, as well as our our own in-house quality control processes.

It doesn’t stop there, either – we insist that all the e-liquid brands we supply in store and online meet our stringent quality standards, so that we can guarantee our customers are only getting the very best there is.

You won’t find a ‘seal of approval’ or ‘stamp’ on individual bottles or flavours because this guarantee applies to all e-liquid available from E-Cigarette Direct.

We only select the best

We start by sampling a huge variety of e-liquids from around the world, only passing on the most exceptional tasting for further consideration. We then make sure it satisfies our exacting safety standards, and only the individual e-liquids that pass every stage with flying colours make the grade.

Halo E-Liquid Testing

We want vapers to be as happy and as safe as they can be (including us, as we all use our own products!). Vaping is a big part of all of our lives, which is why we won’t settle for less.

In a nutshell: if you find it on our site, then you can be sure it’s of the highest standard.

Taking away the guess work

Our testing covers a wide variety of checks, including scanning for known harmful impurities as well as verifying the accuracy of nicotine strength and other ingredients.

If you want to see detailed reports from these tests, the safety certificates for each and every e-liquid flavour we stock can be found by following the link below.