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E Cigarette Academy: User Guides and Tutorials For Beginner and Intermediate Vapers

Since 2008, I’ve added over 1000 posts to this blog. Which all makes it rather hard to find what you want, especially if you are new to e-cigarettes and want to get an overview.

If you are a beginner or intermediate user of e-cigarettes, the articles below cover the essentials for getting started, as well as some more advanced information.

Do check back from time to time, as we have more tutorials planned! (If you have any suggestions for tutorials we have missed, please let me know in the comment section below!)

Some of the articles below have taken tens of hours to put together. It seems to have paid off, as between them they have had hundreds of thousand of views (one has had over 70,000 shares!) I sincerely hope you find them useful and enjoyable too!


User Guides

Cut our diagram of an ultra tank.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Complete with videos, images and diagrams, this guide will teach you everything you need to get started with regular and refillable electronic cigarettes – and point you in the right direction if you need to know more!

This is a long guide, so feel free to bookmark if you need to come back for more!

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clearomisers

Learn about the different types of clearomisers, including the different types available and refilling, cleaning and troubleshooting them. For more advanced users there’s also a section on using different resistance clearomiser and a resistance chart.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Everything you need to know about e-cigarette batteries, including which battery to choose, 9 ways to extend battery life, battery maintenance, which battery to choose and much more.

How to Use Electronic Cigarettes (Video Tutorial)

In contrast to our other guides, this is a short but very important tip for beginners! Research has identifed that beginners don’t get as much out of e-cigarettes as experienced users – this guide will show you how you can get the most out of e-cigarettes right from the start.

The Vaper’s Guide to Voltage, Watts and Ohms

Confused by variable voltage, variable wattage, sub-ohming and other vaping terms? This post explains them all, and how you can use them to improve your vaping experience.

E Cigarette Glossary

Confused about vapimology (ecigarette terminology)? This regularly updated glossary explains every word you need to know clearly and simply.

Three Easy Ways to Clear A Flooded Atomiser

Simple and quick methods for dealing with atomisers that have been flooded with eliquid.

Regular E-Cigarettes v. Refillable E-Cigarettes

You’ll find strong opinions on whether you should use regular ecigarettes (cigalikes) or refillable ones – but ultimately the choice is up to you and will depend on your tastes and preferences. In this post you’ll find some tips to help you make your decision.

10 Common Ecig Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

Having problems with your ecig? You’re not alone. So I sat down with the ECigaretteDirect customer services team to find out the most common problems – and how to fix them.

9 Common Clearomiser Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

If you make any of these mistakes, you’ll find these fixes will extend your clearomiser life, save you money and increase the enjoyment you get out of vaping.

Ecig Maintenance: 10 Tips For Keeping Your Ecig In Top Condition

These 10 illustrated tips will help you maximise the performance of your device, extend ecig life and get the most out of your eliquid.

How to Stealth Vape Like a Pro

Stealth vaping is easy – if you have the right equipment, juice and techniques. Find out what it is and how to do it here.

Temperature Controlled Vaping: Everything You Need to Know

What is temperature controlled vaping? How does it work? And is it right for you? Find out all the answers in this guide.

How to Store E-Liquid: Tips for The Zombie Apocalypse

Store incorrectly, and your e-liquid could turn brown while flavour compounds break down. Find out how to store e-liquid correctly, and if e-liquid supplies start to dry up because of a zombie apocalypse, you’ll know what to do.

10 Tips To Stop Your Clearomiser Leaking

Have you ever had a leaking clearomiser? If so, you’re not alone! This post will provide you with 10 solutions to stop or reduce your clearomiser from leaking.

The Vaper’s Guide to Flavour Chasing

Prefer great flavour to blowing massive clouds of vapour? Then this post is for you!

The Vaper’s Guide to Steeping E-Liquid

Ever wanted to improve the flavour of your e-liquid? Find out everything you need to know to steep your e-liquid to perfection.

Product Specific E-Cig Tutorials

Vision Spinner 2 in use.

Batteries and Mods

How to Use the Cool Fire IV Box Mod

One of the most stylish box mods we sell, the Cool Fire comes with a handy manual switch to stop auto-firing in the pocket. Find out the pluses and minuses of this device and how to use it.

Cool Fire IV TC100: The Ultimate TC Vaping Experience

Complete overview of the CoolFire IV TC100, including features, jargon busting and how to use.

How to Use The Vision Spinner 2 1650

This tutorial covers how to charging the Vision Spinner 2, using the variable voltage function, suggested ohm resistances, compatibility, safety and more.

The Eleaf iStick 30 Watt

Compact, sleek and attractive, the iStick has been taking the UK by storm. Find out how to use it here.

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery and Atlantis Tank

Aspire have raised the bar with these new products, finally bringing the sub-ohming experience to the masses but with the increased safety and convenience of an electrical mod.

The iStick TC40W

Bringing temperature control to the masses, the iStick may not be the best TC device available, but it’s relatively simply to use and great value.

Tanks and Clearomisers

Aspire Triton: Overview Plus Tutorial

The Aspire Triton is an advanced top filling tank. But you do need to follow the instructions in this tutorial carefully, as even some experienced vapers have been caught on when using it for the first time.

The Fury Tank: Tutorial + Instructions

Suitable for more advanced users, The Fury Tank comes with an innovative pump rod filling system and dual airflow controls. Find out what’s good, what’s bad and how to use it.

How to Fill The Aspire Dual Coil Clearomiser (YouTube)

Here’s a quick guide to filling our favourite clearomiser, the Aspire BDC, for those who don’t need to read our full guide to clearomisers.

How to Change The Atomiser and Wick on An Aspire Dual Coil Clearomiser (YouTube)

Clearomisers that come with changable parts are a cost effective way to use refillable ecigarettes. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to quickly and easily change the parts on your Aspire BDC.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Tutorial

Learn how to make the most of variable airflow control, and the advantages of vertical coil atomiser technology.

Aspire Cleito

Find out why the Aspire Cleito is a groundbreaker in the world of vaping – and how to use it!


The Aspire Quest Mini

The Aspire Quest Mini combines the Mini Pegasus box mod and the Mini Triton tank in one high value package. Find out what’s included and how to use it!

Health and Safety

Cartoon fireman.

The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it

Ever suddenly gone off a favourite taste, or suddenly not been able to taste anything at all? Then you may have vaper’s tongue. In this article you can find out what it is, what causes it and what to do about it.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe: The Shocking Truth

At 90,000 shares and counting, this is the most popular post on this blog – and will also help you decide whether ecigs are better or worse for you than smoking.

What do scientists say about the electronic cigarette?

You’ll find both pro and anti-ecig arguments on the net and in tabloids. So we decided to speak to some to real experts on smoking and ecigarettes. Many of the scientists here are on the cutting edge of ecigarette research, and their opinions are worth listening to!

Five Quit Smoking Side Effects Vapers Could Experience

There are a number of side effects you can experience when you quit tobacco cigarettes. We review five of the possible side effects you may experience here.

Ecig Ingredients

propylene glycol molecule

Propylene Glycol: What the Health Conscious Vaper Needs to Know!

Join researcher Paul Bergen as he explores one of the principal ingredients used in electronic cigarettes, and it’s health implications for vapers.

Vegetable Glycerine

Also know as VG, this ingredient is often used along with PG, and is also used exclusively in a small number of eliquids. Click on the link to learn more about it!

Nicotine: 10 Facts All E-Cigarette Users Should Know

Fascinating facts about the effect nicotine has on your body and on your brain. (And it’s not all negative!)

How Much Eliquid Does It Take To Kill You: Important Information For All Vapers

From gruesome nicotine murders to how much eliquid it would take to kill you, here’s information which all informed vapers will find both entertaining and useful.

An Interview with Nicotine Expert Dr Houezeq on Storing Eliquid, Addiction and more

Scientist, researcher and nicotine expert Dr Houzeq discusses the best way to store nicotine, why the colour and taste of eliquid can change (and whether you should be concerned about that) and much more.

Just How Addictive Are ECigarettes

Pharmacologist Gwyn Taylor and Ashtray Blogger James Dunworth review research, perform extreme personal experiments and interview heroin addicts to come up with suprising results.

Myth Busting

Children smoking.

Children and Electronic Cigarettes: The Shocking Truth

Are children using electronic cigarettes? And if so, are the children existing smokers or new nicotine users? Using data from an Action on Smoking and Health survey, we go searching for some answer.

Diethylene Glycol in ECigarettes: What They Never Told You

Ever since an FDA test found 1% of diethylene glycol in one ecigarette of one brand, newspapers have widely claimed that ecigarettes contain diethylene glycol. This post discusses the dangers of diethylene glycol, and whether you need to be concerned!


Patent advert for the first electronic cigarette.

The History of the Electronic Cigarette

Chart the history of vaping from the first battery powered cigarette protoype in the 1960’s, through tobacco companies promising but discarded research in the 1980’s to the invention of the modern e-cigarette in the early 2000’s.

The Electronic Cigarette: A Time Line

Steve Vape puts together an illustrated electronic cigarette timeline covering major milestones in vaping right up to the present day.

An Interview with The Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette

We talk to the inventor of the first battery powered cigarette about his invention, why it never made commercial production, comparisons with the present day electronic cigarette and much more.

Travelling Abroad With Your Ecig

Map of the world.

Travelling With Your Ecigarette: What You Need To Know!

Are you planning on travelling abroad with your ecigarette? This informative guide tells you all you need to know about taking your personal vaping device on holiday with you, including essential travel preparations and ecigarette regulations in the country.

Interactive World Vaping Map

Using this interactive map you can easily find where you can safely vape abroad. The map highlights the regulations and legality of ecigarettes in each country.

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