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How to Stealth Vape Like a Pro

“Oi, you, what are you doing?”
“I’m vaping.”
“Disgusting – you should be ashamed of yourself!”

Have you ever been criticised for vaping? I know I have.

Sometimes, if you’re like me, you’re tired and just don’t want to explain the science and issues behind vaping for the thousandth time. What’s more, while you could join the other smokers in the smoker’s corner, you may want to keep yourself away from the temptation of tobacco cigarettes.

Fortunately, there’s an answer to the problem.

Stealth vaping.

In this post we’ll review acceptability, equipment and two techniques for stealth vaping, plus you can get a discount code for some ideal stealth-vaping equipment!

What is stealth vaping?

Simply put, stealth vaping is the act of vaping in such a way that, unless someone is paying close attention, nobody will notice you vaping.

When is it acceptable?

Graph showing number of people who think stealth vaping is acceptable.

The concept of stealth vaping hasn’t really got out of vaping circles yet (although it is only a matter of time).

But when it does, I can see the anti-vaping crowd jumping on it.

After all, why would you stealth vape except to vape in places where you are not allowed to.

Except sometimes we vapers stealth vape simply because we do not want to draw attention to ourselves.

After all, there is a crowd of people who seem to think they have the right to lecture us about how we choose to live our lives. They’ve criticised people for smoking, and now they have decided to transfer that to vapers.

There’s also a proportion of the general public who have been largely misinformed, believing that second hand vapour could harm them in some way, even though studies like this have shown the risk from second-hand vapour is next-to-none.

Perhaps that’s why 67% of vapers think that stealth vaping is sometimes acceptable

The Future

Number of people who would buy ecigs on the black market.

Of course, it is quite possible that one day vaping will be illegal.

Yet vapers are not likely to give up vaping.

In fact, two thirds said they would buy eliquid on the black market if it is banned by the EU

How do you stealth vape?

Obscuring the sun with vapour.
Sub-ohm devices are great for massive clouds of vapour – not so good for stealth vaping!

Stealth vaping is simple. All you need is the right equipment, the right eliquid and the right technique.

1. Stealth Vaping Equipment

While you may love sub-ohm devices like the Aspire Cf, this is not the time or the place for it.

Instead you want to go small.

An Aspire Mini Dual Coil Clearomiser along with a tiny e-cig battery is ideal. For best results, use a high resistance coil.

(Don’t have the mini clearomiser/ego battery? Click the image below for a discount code so you can get them cheap!)

2. Juice

Most e-liquids contain a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both can be used to vape, but both have different properties.

The tendency today is towards e-liquids with a higher vg ratio. However, when you are stealth vaping you are better with a high pg ratio, as it produces less vapour, and will also give more throat hit per puff.

If you are using a smaller device than usual (such as the one suggested above) then you may need to use a higher nicotine strength to get the same throat hit you do on a larger, more powerful device. (Thanks to Michael from The Vaping Forum for this tip!)

3. Techniques

The Second Inhale

You’ll generally see advice to inhale deeply and hold in the vapour before blowing out.

However, for best results, you want to inhale on your tiny ecig, remove the ecig from your mouth and then inhale air after the vapour. Then hold the vapour in for a minute before breathing out.

The Swallow Technique

The second technique is to inhale, then swallow the vapour (twice if you can). Inhale again if you can, then exhale through your nose.

I’ve demonstrated these techniques in the video below:

OnVaping also have some pretty good tips, including putting a fist in front of your mouth when exhaling.


Be aware that people have lost their jobs for vaping at work, and have been put in prison for vaping on airlines. These techniques are ideal for places where you are allowed to vape, but do not wish to draw attention to yourself.

Do you stealth vape? Do you think stealth vaping is acceptable? Do you have any tips we haven’t mentioned in this post?

Let me know in the comments.

14 thoughts on “How to Stealth Vape Like a Pro”

  1. “have been put in prison for vaping on airlines” is this real? Do you have a link to someone jailed for vaping on a plane?

  2. Here’s another one – also Qatar:

    They seem to have a thing about e-cigs. I’ve used Qatar a few times, and find them to be a good airline, but they do have a bee in their bonnet about e-cigs. They make a big issue about how e-cigs are forbidden on flights in their pre-flight announcements. That’s ok; I just nip to the loo if I feel like a tug on my e-cig. I’m actually more of a tobacco man myself, and given the choice will always opt for a roll-up rather than an e-cig, but they do have their uses. One of those uses being the ability to have a vape on a Qatar flight, albeit a sneaky one. The beauty of e-cigs is that they don’t leave a tell-tale smell, and (as long as you’re not producing Bob Marley-like clouds of vapour) they don’t set off smoke alarms in aircraft toilets.

    I can actually do long-haul flights without a problem, ciggy-wise, and don’t really need to do the clandestine vaping in the bog; I just enjoy sticking two fingers up to the joyless bastards who want to control me. Fuck ’em. All their ‘science’ about smoking is bullshit anyway, and I treat it with the contempt it deserves. The day will come when they are exposed for the charlatans that they are.

      1. That’s as may be, but they can’t be too sensitive, otherwise they’d go off every time someone turns on the hot tap. I use an EGO-CE4 which I’ve had for a couple of years, and when I’m vaping on a flight I just hold it in for a while and then exhale into the crook of my arm, where my clothes seem to absorb any vapour that might be left. There are no visible emissions.

        It shows how Tobacco Control are grasping at straws now. They got smoking banned on flights based on the fabricated myth of ‘second-hand smoke’, despite much research discrediting their arguments. It’s proving much harder to lie about ‘second-hand vapour’, so they’re reduced to whining about how “it looks like smoking…”

        What a bunch of sub-human tossers.

    1. James hard to be totally sure, but i think a detector that did trigger at the ‘whiff’ of asmall amount of PG VG vapor , would also trigger too many ‘false positives’ -spray deodorants and lavish perfume would provably have similar effect . I did once live in a flat (in a large complex) where anybody leaving the shower door open, and having a long extravagant shower, would trigger the fire alarm for the whole tower block. This resulted so many false alarms (at a cost of $500 AU a pop to the body corporate) , that they had to be replaced with other more selective alarms.

      1. PG And VG are water soluble ‘sugar alcohol’ family compounds , am no chemist, but I think they could be too similar to many other common , non smoke vapors. (Least in small amounts) And also they dissipate much more quickly- do not hang around in the air – the way that smoke does.

        Same time i agree that it is best not to push the line too hard.

        1. Hi John

          I just did a little experiment. I stood in a chair and blew a cloud of fairly thick vapour into our fire alarm – it went off almost immediately. I’m not sure what type it is, although I see a blog post on this coming!

          BTW, we vape in the office all the time and it has never set the alarm off all the time. I think most of the time it is not going to be an issue, but it shows it is possible for vapour to set off an alarm.



          1. 🙂

            i was thinking of the very small amounts generated by the ocasional stealthy vape, exhaled downwards.

            I did hear a story of somebody who was a bit obsessive about ‘germs’, who sprayed disinfectant all over the aircraft toilet cubicle , before use, setting of the alarm- it might be a urban myth.

  3. When in the “High Street” I’m happy to vape publicly most of the time – I’m also happy to discuss vaping with one and all most of the time – however I do not feel that I always have to be available for comment – and so on these occasions I stealth vape. I also think that the NHS would be doing themselves a big favor if they had designated vaping areas… I recently attended a hospital where there were the usual crowd of smokers gathered around the entrance, despite a message being announced over the tannoy advising that the hopital grounds were a no smoking area – and being totally ignored, however I wonder if they added a vaping area whether some would pay attention and at least give it a try? Vape On d8)>

    1. That’s a pretty good idea.

      I have some sympathy for people in hospital grounds. Do they really expect people who are ill to walk a quarter of a mile out of hospital grounds?

  4. Hi all.
    I fly fairly regularly and just vape right there in my seat! This year so far I have been to Portugal, Dubai and Cuba and vaped all the way there and back. My method: hold ecig-mine is the long batt with a big volume tank so not easy to hide-anyway, hold ecig with hand closed, in line with hand, top to bottom, so the drip tip just protrudes between thumb and forefinger, tuck the long end into your sleeve (you have to be wearing long sleeves to do this) and slyly vape as if you are just sort of chewing the end of your thumb. If you are noticed by paranoid eyes simply let the ecig slide up your sleeve! Works a treat with a little practice! I really do do it everywhere-works really well when its cold as you can pretend you are blowing warm air on your hands.
    Keep on vaping in the free world and educate the ignorant!

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