Breaking News: New Vaping Study Finds No Evidence Of “Passive Vaping” in Non-Vapers’ Blood Counts

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A new study into the effects of electronic cigarette by a World Health Organisation (WHO) expert found that passive vaping leaves NO effect on the blood of non-vapers.

Not only that, it left no effect on smokers who actually used e-cigarettes.

In contrast, the study reported that both active and passive smoking lead to an increase in the number of white blood cell, lymphocyte, and granulocyte counts in blood.

The author, Andreas Flouris, is a former expert researcher for the World Health Organisation.

What it means for vaping!

A hand wrathed in blue smoke gives the thumbs up.

The e-cigarette has faced an uphill battle against accusations for years.

A lack of evidence has not stopped campaigners from hyping the danger of passive vaping.

Germany, in attempt to justify a ban, has argued that as e-cigarettes contain particles and chemicals they must lead to passive vaping.

While ASH has claimed:

“ E Cigarettes pose dangers for both smokers and non-smokers.”

At the time, Professor Brad Rodu countered:

“Claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is about as credible as claiming that air travel is dangerous for people who never set foot in an airplane.”

It looks like he was right!

(Hats off to Steve Vape who spotted this story.)

Article Sources

Flouris, A.D., et al. Acute effects of electronic and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count. Food Chem. Tox- icol. (2012),

10 thoughts on “Breaking News: New Vaping Study Finds No Evidence Of “Passive Vaping” in Non-Vapers’ Blood Counts”

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  3. If it had been PROVEN that there was a danger in passive vaping, the news would have hit the headlines on TV, radio and the press.

    However, because it has now been PROVEN to be harmless, I’m sure this discovery will be swept under the mat.

    THEY don’t want it to be harmless!!

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  8. I have been VAPING for only 3 months after rolling my own for 40 years and smoking
    For 50 years. My habit was about 35 cigarettes per day. I now feel healthier, eat better
    and exercise (unheard of}. So please do not tell me Vaping is bad for you if you are
    Trying to give up smoking. I only spend about 5 minutes on my e-cig when I vape
    not 30 minutes. So called experts will find what they want depending who is paying the piper.

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