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Best MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vape Kits for 2022 (UK)

For a while, images of ‘modders’ exhaling huge clouds of vapour came to represent the vaping scene – at least in the eyes of the media. 

But the truth is, cloud vapers have always formed a minority. A far larger number of vapers do and did just want a device that is satisfying to vape, gave just the right amount of throat hit and tasted good – in other words, everything needed to replicate and replace smoking. 

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll be covering the best Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vape kits, including popular device types, and covering some of the most popular MTL vape juices available. 


Best MTL vape devices at a glance

ProductBest for…
Uwell Caliburn A2 & G2Flavour
Aspire VilterReplicating smoking
Aspire PockexThroat hit
Hexa ProBest closed pod
Smok Nord ProBest open pod
Hexa MiniBest price
Eleaf iStick Power 2Best battery life
IVG Bar DiamondBest disposable MTL 
Innokin Adept ZlideBest MTL mod kit
Innokin Endura T18IIBest MTL vape pen
Vaporesso Xros 2Best overall MTL device

Best MTL vape kits in depth

Uwell Caliburn A2 & G2: Best for flavour

Uwell Caliburn G2

The original Uwell Caliburn was immensely popular thanks to its unrivalled flavour. Since then Uwell has expanded the Caliburn series with upgraded devices featuring new, flavour-enhancing tech for an even better taste. 

The Caliburn A2 and G2 devices boast Uwell’s PRO-FOCS technology to create optimum flavour. Increased battery life compared to the original also means you can enjoy this enhanced taste for longer. 

Suited to vapers of all experience levels, the devices are both super easy to use with a single button and inhale firing option. The Caliburn A2 is particularly suited to newbies as it uses beginner-friendly fixed-coil pods. 

Another superb option for flavour is the Vaporesso XROS 2, which you’ll find further down this page under Best Overall.

Aspire Vilter: Best for replicating smoking 

Aspire Vilter

If you want a vape device that replicates smoking, sometimes it’s not just about throat hit and nicotine. You may also want something that actually feels like a cigarette. 

The Aspire Vilter solves this problem with the inclusion of paper filter tips that replicate the physical feel of a tobacco cigarette on your lips. Combined with its compact size and easy inhale firing design, this makes it a great choice for recently-switched smokers looking for a no-fuss alternative to regular cigarettes. 

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Aspire PockeX: Best for throat hit

For many vapers, especially those just switching from smoking, throat hit is an important part of the experience. 

The Aspire PockeX isn’t the newest device on this list, but for years it’s been a consistent best seller. Much of this is down to its unrivalled throat hit. Aspire has managed to create a perfectly balanced airflow to create a satisfying MTL vape with just the right kick at the back of the throat. 

Aside from its throat hit, the PockeX is super easy to use with a single-button design, leakproof tank and long-lasting battery. 

Hexa Pro: Best closed pod device

Hexa Pro

Closed pod devices make a very convenient option, especially for those new to vaping who want something simple and straightforward. Using fixed-coil, pre-filled pods, they require no refilling or coil changes, meaning you simply replace the whole pod when it’s empty.

The Hexa Pro is our current favourite closed pod device. Its compatible Hexa pods come in a range of flavours and provide a smooth, satisfying MTL vape similar to smoking. This is thanks to a unique hybrid nicotine salt blend that gives a super smooth throat hit. With 20mg nicotine strength options, they can satisfy the cravings of even the heaviest smokers.  

Smok Nord Pro: Best open pod device


While closed pod devices are super convenient they can somewhat restrict your flavour choices. Open pod vape devices can be refilled and are a great option for those who like to mix it up and experiment with different flavours.

Part of the popular Smok Nord Series, the Nord Pro strikes a great balance between being easy to use but having enough versatility that you can tailor your vape as you wish. There’s the choice of both auto and inhale firing, no power settings to worry about and an adjustable airflow wheel that can switch your inhale between airy or restricted.  

As the Nord 25W works with Nord coils, you’re not just restricted to MTL vaping as there are lower-resistance options that can support DL vaping too. 

Hexa Mini: Best for price

Hexa Mini

A great MTL vape kit doesn’t need to cost the earth, and the Hexa Mini is one of the most affordable you’ll find – costing less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes!

A more compact version of the Hexa Pro, the Hexa Mini makes a great budget-friendly starter kit and a satisfying, fuss-free MTL vaping experience. 

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Eleaf iStick Power 2: Best battery life

It’s a big inconvenience when your device’s battery dies or needs constant recharging. Although MTL vaping uses less power (and therefore less battery life) than DL vaping, it’s still a good idea to choose a device with a larger battery capacity. 

Compatible with GTL coils and outputting up to 80W of power, the Eleaf Power 2 kit supports both MTL and DL vaping styles. But when used for MTL vaping (which only requires between 7 – 18W) the mod’s huge 5000mAh can easily provide at least several days of use without needing a recharge. 

Other than great battery life, the iStick Power 2 kit has many other impressive features – including a luxurious leather finish and a handy Smart Mode that takes the fuss out of using it. In fact, we were so impressed with this kit we wrote a whole blog post on it! 

IVG Bar Diamond: Best disposable MTL device

IVG Bar Plus

Disposable vape devices are everywhere at the moment, becoming increasingly popular in recent years for their ease of use and convenience (although we’d always recommend a reusable device for environmental and cost-saving reasons).

With so many MTL disposables on the market, it’s difficult to select a standout but our favourite so far is the IVG Bar Diamond range.  

Thanks to a unique ultra-airflow design and 20mg nicotine strength,  they provide a flavourful MTL vape that is both smooth and satisfying, while their 550mAh battery means they last up to 600 puffs per bar. 

Innokin Adept Zlide: Best MTL mod kit

While, historically, mod and tank kits were exclusively restricted to expert vapers blowing massive clouds, there are now plenty of great MTL mod kits that even the most inexperienced vaper can enjoy. 

 A long-time favourite with us at E-Cigarette Direct, the Innokin Adept Zlide has stood out thanks to its tough construction, long-lasting battery and intelligent wattage selection that takes the guesswork out of using it. 

The included Zlide tank has a convenient sliding top fill and works with the higher-resistance Zenith coil range that is perfect for MTL vaping. 

Innokin Endura T18II:  Best MTL vape pen

Tied for best MTL vape pen with the earlier-mentioned PockeX, the Innokin Endura T18II is another device with long-lasting popularity.

 A slim and classic pen-style shape, the Endura T18II caters to vapers of all experience levels looking for an easy-to-use MTL vape pen. 

In place of complicated power settings, the Endura T18II has simple ‘Cool, Mid & Warm’ settings that allow you to easily tailor the heat of your coil, while an adjustable airflow ring means you can adjust your inhale to airy or restricted as you prefer. 

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Vaporesso Xros 2: Best Overall MTL device

Vaporesso Xros 2

Part of Vaporesso’s popular Xros device range, the Xros 2 has everything you’d want from an MTL vape device. 

It’s super-easy to use with fixed-coil pods and inhale firing, has a leakproof pod design and an adjustable airflow toggle you can use to create a looser or more restricted MTL inhale. 

A feature we particularly like is the handy auto cut off function that helps protect coils from burning out, meaning you can enjoy your vape for longer without risking that horrid, burnt taste. 

How we chose these kits

We chose these devices based on a combination of factors including popularity and personal testing. Having tried many vape devices over the years, we wanted to break the devices down into what makes them particularly special, whether that’s their price, their ease of use or who they would suit. 

What is Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping? 

Mouth-to-Lung vaping describes a way of inhaling when you vape.

In MTL vaping, you hold the vapour in your mouth, hold it momentarily and then inhale it down into your lungs. 

This is in contrast to Direct-Lung (DL) vaping, where you take the vapour directly into the lungs. 

See MTL vs DL Explained for more information. 

Mouth to lung vs Direct to lung diagram

Why would you want to MTL vape?

MTL vaping provides a tighter, more restricted inhale and a stronger throat hit similar to that of a cigarette. This makes it popular with former smokers looking to replicate the sensation of smoking. 

Mouth-to-Lung vaping also usually creates less vapour than DL vaping so is more suited to those who don’t want massive clouds and prefer to stealth vape

What makes a device MTL?

MTL devices come in all forms, from pod kits and vape pens to mod and tank kits. To create a Mouth-to-Lung vaping style, you’d need a device that works with higher-resistance coils (usually around 0.6Ω or above). 

As these higher-resistance coils don’t require as much power as lower-resistance coils, MTL devices are usually lower-powered than DL devices..

However, you will find some high-powered devices, such as the Smok Nord 50W, that work with both low and high-resistance coils and can support both MTL and DL vape styles.  

What makes a vape juice MTL?

Vape juice contains two main ingredients – propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The ratio of which will usually be displayed as VG:PG XX:XX. (For example, a vape juice that is 70% VG and 30% PG will be displayed as VG:PG 70:30).

Most MTL vapers will use a vape juice with a high PG to VG ratio (at least VG:PG 50:50) as this gives the satisfactory throat hit MTL vapers are looking for. 

MTL vape juices also tend to have higher nicotine content than DL juices. Nicotine salts are also a great MTL option as they usually have a VG:PG 50:50 ratio and high nicotine content to provide a smooth vape. 

Some of our favourite MTL vape juices include Halo Menthol Blast (VG:PG 50:50) and the Vampire Vape 10ml range which has VG:PG 40:60 options. 

Halo Vapour Co


Choosing the best MTL device for you differs depending on what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a great price, great look or long-lasting battery, there is something for everyone. 

With new devices being regularly released, we’ll ensure to keep this list updated should a device really catch our attention, so keep checking back. 

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