Girl in red jumper sticks out her tongue. An ecigarette in a pouch lanyard sits on her chest.

The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!

Have you ever been been vaping your favourite flavour, and suddenly noticed you don’t like it any more?

Or, even worse, found you can’t taste anything or that your tongue is a bit numb?

Then, my friend, you have the dreaded vaper’s tongue.

First, don’t panic, as it is usually NOT serious and NOT permanent.

In this article you’ll find out what causes vaper’s tongue and what to do about it.

What Is Vaper’s Tongue?

The term vaper’s tongue (also known as vaper’s fatigue) is used to cover a wide range of taste related ailments from going off a single individual flavour that you used to like to losing taste for all foods and drinks.

While the first example is far more common, guidance from guidance from MedicineNet tells us the second example is potentially more serious, with causes including dehydration, vitamin deficiency or illness. In most cases, though, the condition is temporary and soon resolves itself (although, as we shall see, there are quite a few things you can do to speed up the return of your tastes buds!)

How Taste Works

Microscopic images of taste buds.

Above: Microscopic images of taste buds. Original image via Fine Art America.

Your tongue will be covered with anything from 2000 to 8000 taste buds (or, if you want to get fancy, gustatory calyculi). If you are at the upper end of the scale 10,000 taste buds you’ll be known as a super taster, and can confidently consider a career in tea, wine tasting – or e-juice reviewing!

The difference in people’s taste buds might also explain why some people preferred steeped e-liquid and other people find it hard to tell the difference.

These cells in your taste buds are on a constant cycle, dying away and then regrowing. This cycle can take anything from 10 days to 2 weeks.

Your taste buds are primed to test five different tastes:

  • sweetness
  • sourness
  • saltiness
  • bitterness
  • umami (a savoury taste)

Don’t Underestimate Your Nose!

Headshot of a woman smelling a red rose.

Despite the thousands of taste buds that coat our tongue, smell plays an important part in our taste buds.

Messages from your nose combine with taste to create the flavour you enjoy when you eat, drink or vape.

In fact, researchers in one study asked tea tasters to block their noses. The tea tasters, renowned for their sense of taste, were shocked to discover that when they couldn’t smell, they were unable to distinguish between different teas.

You can find the effects of this yourself. Take a drink of tea or juice, and then repeat the action while holding your nose. You should find that you taste less when you hold your nose.

(You can do this with vaping, too, but be careful as it can make you cough.)

The Psychology of Taste and Smell

Intriguingly, tastes are not set in stone. It’s well known that tastes change as you get older, but there are a variety of factors that can change taste, including tasting something just before you get ill and seeing popular people enjoy a taste you didn’t previously like. Your taste can also be impacted by expectations, as the following experiments showed:

The Pepsi/Coke Experiment

Glass of coke.

In one blind test, researchers gave people pepsi and coca-cola to drink. A majority of people preferred the taste of pepsi. But when researchers told people the name of the drink, people preferred coke by a margin of 4:1.

Something Minty

Mint in wooden bowl.

In another experiment, TV presenter Derren Brown opened a bottle of mint and told his audience that many of them might be able to smell it.

After many of the audience did smell the mint, he admitted that there was in fact no minty smell and the smell had been caused by a low frequency sound.

He then told his TV audience to turn up the volume and expect the sound to trigger the taste, and tweet the hashtag #derrensmells.

Only after many people claimed to smell the minty smell did Derren then drop the bombshell that there had been no sound – the minty smell had been created purely by expectations.

That raises intriguing questions for vapers. Does that e-liquid that you got from a boutique e-liquid house taste so great because it is great, because of ramped up expectations, or even because of the fancy packaging?

And could you go off a favourite taste for psychological rather than medical reasons?

(We have tried this in our factory. First we told one of our mixology team how great a flavour was, before giving it to him to try. We then told him there was another one we were disappointed with, but that we’d like him to try it anyway.

Little did the taster know that it was the same e-liquid.

The taster behaved as predicted, giving higher marks to the first e-liquid. )

10 Possible Causes Of Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper's tongue means not tasting delicious flavours like this!

1. Vaping the same flavour for too long

This is probably the least scientific of the reasons here (on the basis I can’t find any research to back it up), but I’ve noticed that myself and other vapers frequently get vaper’s tongue after we have been vaping the same flavour for too long.

2. Damaged taste buds

Unfortunately, taste buds can get damaged and could lead to vaper’s tongue. Causes include smoking, infections, alcohol, extremely sour foods, spicy foods and some medications. Fortunately, taste buds heal themselves, although they do get weaker as you get older (which is one reason your tastes change so much in the transition from childhood to adulthood.)

As we’ve seen, it can take up to two weeks for taste buds to regrow, so it could be a little time before you fully regain your sense of taste.

3. Recently switched from smoking

I’m mentioning this cause for the sake of completeness. Often mentioned on other blog posts on vaper’s tongue, but I’m a little sceptical that this could cause your vaper’s tongue unless you are a dual user (both vape and smoke).

Yes, smoking can damage taste and smell (fortunately it’s not permanent). In fact, many vapers have reported coming down in the morning a couple of weeks after their last cigarette and being hit by the fresh smell of coffee brewing.

(That’s the positive experience – other vapers have been hit by less pleasant smells!)

However, vaper’s tongue refers to suddenly losing your sense of taste, so unless you have just started smoking, it’s not likely to be a cause.

4. Dehydration

Dehydration is another possible cause of vaper’s tongue. Other symptoms to watch out for are headaches, sore and dry mouth, tiredness and dark urine.

While a glass of water should help you, remember dehydration also means that you are losing salts.

5. Mouth dryness

Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva, and you’re likely to experience it from time to time (especially as you get older). Unfortunately, it can also lead to a loss of taste.

6. Blocked nose

Got a blocked nose like this woman? That could the cause of your vaper's tongue!

As we’ve seen, your sense of smell works with your olfactory senses (sense of smell) to determine flavour. If your nose is blocked, it will affect how you taste, particularly with more complex flavours.

7. Other illnesses

While blocked noses (and associated illnesses such as flu and cold), are an obvious cause of loss of taste, they are not the only illness that mess up your vaping experience!

Other illnesses include:

  • Injury to the mouth, nose, or head
  • Swollen or inflamed gums (gingivitis)
  • Vitamin B12 or zinc deficiency
  • Alzheimers

(I am a bit worried here that I am going to panic thousands of vapers into thinking they have Alzheimers!

Remember, most vapers experience vaper’s tongue at some point, and it usually just passes.

So unless the issue persists there should be no reason to worry – although if it does persist, it might just be worth pursuing the issue with a doctor.)

7. Medicines

A number of medicines can also lead to a loss of taste. These include:

  • thyroid drugs
  • captopril
  • griseofulvin
  • lithium
  • penicillamine
  • procarbazine
  • rifampin
  • some cancer drugs

If you have vaper’s tongue and are taking one of these drugs, that might just be the reasons.

8. Stress and anxiety

Anxiety can also cause tastes to change. And, strangely, you can experience changes in taste even when you do not think you are suffering from anxiety at the moment.

While we don’t know all the reasons why taste buds change when you are stressed, some causes include:

  • changes in taste buds, as your taste buds rebel when you are stressed
  • breathing through your mouth – when you are suffering from anxiety, you tend to breath through your mouth, which can lead to different tastes (possibly because it affects your salivary glands and the bacteria in your mouth)
  • acid reflux
  • increase in sensitivity – sometimes when we are stressed we are simply more sensitive to bad tastes

9. Aging Eliquid

As was mentioned in our interview with nicotine expert Dr Houezec, as e-liquids age, flavours can degrade, sometimes leading to a peppery taste. In which case, you might not have a case of vaper’s tongue at all, but simply need to get some new vape juice!

10. Dirty Atomiser Contacts

Dark Vaper on Twitter believes that Vaper’s Tongue is caused by dirty atomiser contacts. So if you are suffering, it may be worth cleaning or replacing your vape tank.

9 Ways to Cure Vapers Tongue

Cartoon image of a red first aid kit. For obvious reasons I’m not about to address the more medical issues above. Naturally, if you are worried about anxiety, vitamin deficiencies or illness, your first port of call should be a doctor or an expert, not a blogger 😉

However, 99% of the time the following solutions should help you fix vaper’s tongue.

1. Change the flavour

This simple solution has worked for me! Simply change the flavour you are vaping, and return to it after a couple of weeks. Hopefully, it will then taste just as good as it used to! Fortunately, there are many flavours to choose from – some of the most popular on our site include Halo Vapour Co, Vampire Vape Heisenberg and the Ohm Brew salts range.

2. Use a stronger flavour

It may also be an idea to abandon the more subtle, refined vaping flavours, and use something a bit more down to earth and strong, such as these menthol and mint flavours.

3. Drink water

Drinking water addresses two potential problems of vaping: it clears the palette, and also helps to rehydrate you.

4. Inhaling the smell of fresh coffee beans

coffee beans in jute bag with coffee grinder and hot cup of coffee on wooden table

This is a technique used by professional wine tasters and perfume samplers. While I’ve no idea how it works, these experts believe that inhaling the scent of fresh coffee beans “resets” your sense of taste.

A number of vapers have mentioned this has been a solution for their vaper’s tongue, so it’s got to be worth a try!

5. Sucking on a lemon

Like coffee beans, sucking on a lemon is supposed to reset your taste buds. If lemons are a bit too sour for you, try lemon sorbet, or one of these lemon flavoured vape juices.

6. Mouth wash

There’s mixed thoughts on this. Some vapers think mouth wash helps to resolve vaper’s tongue, others think that it causes it! One to try if nothing else works.

7. Using steeped juices

The Mt Bakers website (page since removed) recommends using steeped eliquid, on the basis that you’ll get more taste. Our own experience is that steeping eliquid leads to a softer, more refined taste. (See: The Vaper’s Guide to Steeping E-Liquid for more information.)

8. Rinsing your nose

Guidance from the NHS suggests rinsing your nose with a salt water solution can help with loss of smell if the cause is an infection or an allergy. As smell and taste are connected, this could potentially help too.

8. Allow time

As we’ve discussed, damaged taste buds can take up to two weeks to recover. So give it a little time and you may find your tongue is back to normal!

9. End dual vaping:

If you’re a dual vaper (you both smoke and vape) then, if you can, it might be an idea to try just vaping for a couple of weeks and seeing if that makes a difference. It could just give you that final push to make the final, full transition to electronic cigarettes.

10 Vape Unflavoured Juice (reader suggestion)

Several readers (including Vapeorama in the comments below) have suggested vaping an unflavoured base e-liquid for up to two weeks. I haven’t tried this, so let me know in the comments if this works for you.

11. Use a Tongue Scraper (reader suggestion)

One reader has also find that using a tongue scraper has worked.

Have you had vaper’s tongue? If so, what solutions have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

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Thank you 😉

Also see Exploring PG Allergy: Sensitivities, Allergies and What Vapers Can Do About It

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50 thoughts on “The Dreaded Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, what causes it and how to cure it!”

    1. I’ll try that next time it happens (haven’t had it for ages, thankfully!)

      Good idea keeping a seperate clearomiser for menthol – once you’ve got that menthol taste in your eliquid it’s difficult to get rid of!

    2. I watched a documentary about the myth of smoking e cigarettes which is supposed to give people popcorn lungs etc etc… It was a very interesting programme because the extensive research and tests that was done resulted to no damage can be done now but in 10 years time they do say who knows….. And the sciencist did say do not smoke MENTHOL anything else is fine…..

    3. I faced it myself couple of times. Just changed juice flavor every week and the problem is gone. Sometimes I stop vaping for a day or two – and then the flavor is magnificent again:)

  1. And here I thought it was cuz of all those tongue lashings I been handing out to the Glanz Clan. I suppose your gonna tel me next it ain’t cured til I test drive 9 new flavors! ok…. beats smoking. 🙂

      1. Same flavor , same antz James … I betcha where there’s a cause there’s a cure. Vape on James. Out of curosity are you the one who did the live interview with Herbert Gilbert?

        1. Hi Ray

          It wasn’t a live interview, but via email. I think we were the first to interview him – I’ve had journalists contacting me since asking for his contact details!


  2. I honestly think that less is more & when i detect that my taste buds are not at full reception i back off the vape, put it down & do something other than vape.
    Pushing taste buds which are only performing their ordinary natural cycle will not help them, they need to be given time & space to regenerate.
    We must remember that our vaping activity is a chosen one & our bodies are not expecting to have to deal with an infusion of flavours between regular meals when taste buds would normally be regenerating or resting or doing whatever else they do when they are given the chance.
    I have a belief that humans, when presented with a situation will always try to DO something about it but in certain instances it is better to do nothing.

    When i’m ready to go back to my vape after a rest, i will make a nice strong coffee, unsweetened & i will enjoy that before my vape. I have found that it makes for a good contrast or backdrop if you like to the following flavour i’m going to vape.
    Basically, too much of a good thing ends up bad !

    1. If you back off vaping that’s not a bad idea. (The only way I can do that is by leaving my ecigs at work and not taking them home!)

      Interesting to hear that the coffee helps, possibly resetting your taste buds like coffee beans are supposed to?

  3. When the case is persistent there’s a method that works (but needs patience): vaping unflavored nicotine base for 2-5 days. It doesn’t taste bad, some even prefer it!

      1. It’s like putting you taste buds on detox program!
        Honestly, I believe that fighting vaper’s tonque with stronger tastes just masks the problem for a bit. Our taste gets over-saturated and a “diet” consisting of unflavored juice brings back the lost sensitivity.
        I’m on a two-week spree of unflavored base (my choice, not a vaper’s tonque thing) and when I add 10% of eliquid to spice things up, I sense the aroma and the flavors almost better than when I was vaping my normal e-liquid.

    1. Vaporama, I have to tell you that the unflavored juice tip is one that I have been passing on. I’ve even recommend to some folks (especially those who were heavy or very long term smokers) to purchase two tanks, and one flavored and one unflavored juice. I tell them to treat the flavored juice as they would a dessert or candy, as a treat here and there during their day and use the unflavored like water! That way, they don’t risk flavor overload (hopefully!). I was quite surprised to find that I actually prefer vaping an unflavored juice the majority of the day! It has a pleasant, ever so slightly sweet taste to it that I don’t get tired of. And I find I enjoy my flavored juices even more when I switch to them periodically during the day than I did when I was vaping them all day long. Feedback from this tip has been predominantly positive.
      It’s not something I would have thought of so I’m sure glad you did! Thanks for passing it on! 🙂

  4. Hi y’all! I’ve got the dreaded vaper’s tongue and have had it for over a week now. Sigh. I started vaping Feb. 28th, 2014 and smoked my last tobacco cigarette on March 9th. From the 28th to March 13th, life was grand, vaping was a gas! All the new and wonderful flavors to experience and savor! Sweets, mints, fruits, melons, cinnamons, chocolates, honey tobacco! I woke up on the 14th and…..nothing, nada, zip, zero taste from my juices. Not one to panic (yet), I got online and started researching…… ah ha! I had vaper’s tongue! More research online to see if there was a cure. Wow! Advice ranging from drinking pickle juice to sticking a tampon in your mouth. Tried the juice but not the tampon (I swear, some people never outgrow practical jokes and potty humor). Tried Biotene mouth rinse, sniffing fresh coffee grounds, lemons, salt, tongue scraping…….nothing, nada. I went to my favorite vape place, Swamp Vapors, and they recommended I try something really strong like a cinnamon or really strong menthol. Well, hallelujah! I could taste a cinnamon/wintergreen blend! Unfortunately, that blend can get pretty rough after a couple of days. So, here I am, looking at my tongue in a close-up mirror and it occurs to me that my tongue hasn’t been this pink and healthy looking in years! Hmmm. Back to the internet. It seems to me, from the research I came across from many different sources, that I am simply detoxing from tobacco and growing in a fresh, new set of taste buds, all at the same time! I think I overloaded my new buds! Plus, some sinus issues from the detoxing and the fact that I was still mouth breathing (which many smokers do without even being aware of it) and there you have it! A bad case of vaper’s tongue! The fact that I couldn’t really sense a change in my ability to smell should have tipped me off to a sinus issue but, hey,I’m slow on the uptake sometimes! So, after going back to Swamp Vapors for some unflavored juice and some strong menthol, going to the drugstore for some Mucinex and some Sinu Orega (a sinus spray with oregano, bay leaf, sage, cloves and sea salt) to help break up the mucus and armed with gallons of water, I settled in to wait it out. After almost 10 days, I think I’m seeing the light at the end of this long, flavorless tunnel. Although, unlike many other vapers who said that their ability to taste came back all at once, mine seems to be returning gradually. I’d like to note that, oddly enough, my sense of taste where food and beverages were concerned was never affected. Weird. So, I think that (for me)doing less, accomplished more. Sorry to be so long winded. But ecigarettes have given me what I needed so I could FINALLY dump the tobacco monkey that has been on my back for 37 1/2 years! If anything I have experienced, so far, can help the next person kick their tobacco monkey to the curb, I feel as tho I have just paid it forward……. all of you lovely, long winded vapers out there who recorded your experiences and have given advice and encouragement…….. A HUGE and HEARTFELT THANKS!

    1. In the first six months, as your fairly battered olfactory and taste senses recover from tobacco, you might find some distinct changes hence why some people will recommend a menthol or straight tobacco for the first initial vaping period from quitting tobacco as you won’t taste the subtle flavours.

      It is hardest for a strong daily smoker to go to zero nicotine, I did see somewhere a guide for the levels of nic to match your daily smoking usage. There is some confusion with new users where they think e-cigs on ultra low or zero nicotine will aid their cessation but it is easier to cessate by matching your nicotine intake fairly well and once transitioned to e-cigs from tobacco, wind down the nic level in the e-juice over time but many people enjoy e-cigs that much that they stay with it as I have done and thoroughly enjoy my vapes every day 😀

      1. I smoked between pack and a half to 2 packs a day for about 26 years and I switched right over to a 6mg which was a bit to strong for chain vaping so I got a 3. Guess what, I could taste all the jooses just fine…

    2. Thank you.. I’m 53 and smoked for 43 years, I bought a mod last Friday and stopped smoking, yesterday suddenly no nice flavour from my vaping just an awful taste so now on menthol til it clears. Menthol is bearable but not pleasant but if it helps kick the 50 a day habit it will be worth it. 6 days now not one cigarette

  5. Thank you so much for your story Kim (I was looking for a case study to go along with this blog, and I think you have provided it!)

    Hope your taste buds continue to recover 🙂

  6. I am currently under the tongue myself as I have gone off my nigh on a year love affair with spearmint and discovered a nice coconut as well as a red raspberry which is a nice change.

    My two daughters are strange, my eldest who smokes, only tastes a slight mint taste regardless of what flavour is there, it could be a freshly laundered tank, new wick and wire and all she can taste is mint. The one time she nearly got it right was with a blueberry and she thought it tasted like bubble gum, close but no e-cigar hehe

    Yet my youngest who doesn’t smoke can taste the actual flavours and is able to identify the subtle flavours as well like the limey mint in a mojito so smoking itself does seem to destroy a great deal of taste and smell.

  7. I’m in love with coconut right now but I have my array so to speak of implements of nicotinedeliveryness loaded up with different flavours and I do like the ol’ spearmint as a daily.

  8. Nice to see you get a mention in todays Metro James in regards to Wales stupid ban on e-cigs in public places.

  9. After 12 days of vaping I had vapers fatigue. Even changing flavors didn’t really help, water or brushing my teeth. Coffee helped a bit, what really worked for my was taking a break to charge my battery. Chewing spearmint 5 gym for an hour while it was charging brought my e juice flavor back about %90. It’s the only thing I found that made a huge difference so far. I only have 2 menthol flavors and 2 cream/fruity flavors, with more juice coming I hope it’s less of a problem. But gum WORKS for me, i’m sure any minty gum would work too not just 5 gum spearmint.

  10. I think it’s simply #1. I drink coconut coffee, and honestly can’t taste coconut anymore, but plain tastes bald to me, like it’s missing something. I drink rose tea, and have been drinking the cups of a day for months, yesterday I had to switch to orange ceylon pekoe because I simply don’t taste rose in my hot tea anymore. Once I switch for a while, I go back and taste it, but I get used to it quickly. You have to go without that flavor, or a highly contrasting flavor for a looooooooooong time, or for me it’s a long time, with a quick tolerance buildup. I also think I’m one of the people on the 2000 taste buds side, wine and beer taste like shit, and all bourbon tastes the same, all irish whiskey tastes the same, all scotch whisky tastes the same, etc.

  11. I have recently gotten the dreaded dead tongue
    GREAT responses in here-I have just filled a small jar with coffee grounds to keep on hand, got a small lemon jar to use, mouthwash, water….EVERYTHING………..
    I guess we will see if it works-unfortunately I have about 30-40 ml of juice left but if I have to go buy something I have never tasted I will if it helps
    When I started it was WONDERFUL and I NEVER want to go back to stinkies again

  12. Definitely have Vapers tongue right now and can honestly say that brushing my teeth/tongue did nothing for me, hot coffee helped temporarily and I dont get regular vapers tongue my vape starts to taste salty. Everything just gets salty it really sucks. This happen to anyone else?

  13. I do think that is also caused by vaping a sweet e liquid for too long. I switched to a less sweet one and I think I pretty much solved the issue. I read what some of you wrote about coffee and I have to say that personally, for me, coffee makes me taste less of my e liquid.

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  15. I have recently changed jobs from a driving job to a job where vaping is impossible as I could break my Ecig. I noticed on the first day when finishing work and picking up my Ecig that the first drag was absolutely bursting with flavour. In the driving job I litterally had my vape in my hand all day and was using a lot of juice. Would highly recommend breaks in use as it’s made it much nicer when I do pick it up.

  16. This article and comment thread have helped me immensely.
    I’ve been vaping on and off for a year or so… and have gone back to the dreaded stinkies fairly consistently during that period… but about a month back, I decided to get serious and totally kick the 30+ year habit of smoking… and have been vaping exclusively since.
    Yesterday, I decided to take it a step further and try running 0mg/ml juices for the day (I’ve managed to wean my habit down from 8mg cigarettes to around 4ml/mg juice).
    As the day progressed, I was finding that the juices weren’t satisfying me – either due to the absence of nicotine or the fact that my taste buds were being overloaded. I began to “chain vape”, trying to get back into “the zone”… but was getting cranky by mid afternoon so popped a 4mg/ml juice into my tank.
    Sadly, I also chain vaped that – about 0.5ml in around 20 minutes… and suddenly every single juice in my rotation was either tasteless or tasted like perfume/soap (I’ve been doing DIY juice for a while… and some people say I’ve probably been using too much flavour concentrate as my taste and smell became overwhelmed – I have no doubt this applies to the concoction I made last night, and wonder what it actually tastes like… it was kind of OK after my sense of taste ran away).
    I’m vaping 4mg/ml plain juice (50/50 PG/VG) today to try and make things better… and hoping that my banana split and/or my strawberries and cream will forgive me and be nice again some time soon.

    1. Sorry I have to disagree with you on that one!!! I have been vaping for almost 4 years now & was still smoking. I finally quit cigarettes 19 months ago. I have had the dreaded vapors tongue a few different times & it didn’t matter what brand of juice or where I purchased it from. I highly doubt every juice I had was losing its flavor. I always have at least 2 different flavors usually 4 or 5 which I alternate between tanks. They are almost always different brands.

  17. For a week now I have almost lost my taste on everything, food, drinks abe my ecig. Everything tastes greasy and vile. Is this vapers tongue?
    Seriously need some answers, I am at my wits end ?

  18. I thought I was the only one with this problem until I stumbled on this tonight now I have another problem – which solution should I try!!

    Somewhere it was mentioned about smoking and not vaping, what’s the difference?

    Hope you all find your solution or vapers tongue.

  19. I have tried most suggestions to cure vapers tongue, from vaping menthol flavored eliquid to sniffing coffee beans. The only thing that worked for me was taking a 3 to 4 days off from vaping. I believe everyone is different and what works for some, wont necessarily work for others. My brother for example, brushes his teeth and tongue and then uses mouthwash. This sorts the problem out for him.

  20. I just started vaping a week or two ago and I find I don’t like most of the flavors I’ve tried so far… today I have been trying different flavors and now everytime I vap I end up with a rubbery taste at the end. I’m thinkin it could be the brand of juice I’m using as I’ve never used it before or maybe it’s all the different flavors still in the cotton in my vap. I’m not sure . But Im going to leave it for a little bit and see if coming back to it helps that and I switched back to a juice I know I enjoy lol. Not sure I want to try any new ones anymore though…. stick with what u know I guess. Lol.

  21. Ok I need some help. Been vaping for a month now quit cigs completely….2 weeks after starting I got vapors tongue..vaped thru it as I did not want to go back to analogs…finally caved and decided to get a new flavor the one I started with was amazing fruity flavor…went to the vape shop with the thought of ok I’ll get something with menthol as I had read that might help. I hate menthol the guy at the shop said no you don’t have to get menthol just something different so I got blackberry lemonade…pretty good not great but ok. That was Thursday this past week today only 2 days after new flavor and can’t taste anything again…I’m so frustrated I could scream….I was thinking about getting like a chocolate or something completely not fruity the guy said no this is different it will be fine well guess what it’s not fine and I can’t keep spending a money on a new flavor every week. Help please what do I do.

  22. *I also posted this to a different article on another site.
    I switched to vapor so I could (successfully, so far!) quit smoking after picking up again when I had been cigarette free for 5+ years. I’ve been off cigarettes and only vaporizing for about 2 weeks now! Only thought about a cigarette once but grabbed my vape and that thought quickly disappeared. Anyway, yesterday evening I got my first bout of vapers tongue. I had no idea what was going on! I had received some new juice in the mail (not a new-to-me, I’ve had it before) and it tasted slightly sweet and very salty. No flavor whatsoever though. I thought there was something wrong with it so I had my partner try it and she said it was delicious and tasted the same as before. I tried putting the cooling drops in and it did help very slightly. But I did some more research and realized it could have something to do with my nose being overloaded with vape flavor. So I decided to start with a fresh coil and a fresh tank. It still tasted bad so I put it down for the night, got up this morning and it still tasted salty and sweet but had a little more flavor. I did a decongestant nose spray, rinsed my sinuses with a sinus rinse kit you can buy from most sores in the pharmacy section, and brushed my tongue really good when I brushed my teeth. Waited about 30 min and picked my vape back up… First few pulls were MUCH better but still a little off. Few more pulls and my taste is 95% back! if I had to pinpoint it I would say the fix was mainly the decongestant nose spray and the sinus rinse, as I tried to brush my tongue last night and that didn’t help. But the combination of the three I would consider very successful!

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