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E-cig battery mods or vape mods started out as unregulated modified e-cigarettes, offering the power required for huge clouds and great flavour. However, without safety mechanisms, a high degree of skill and knowledge was needed to use these custom mods safely, which is why regulated box mods have become so popular. In response, manufacturers are now producing 'box mods' that can deliver high power when compared to a pen style battery but with the safety of a regulated device.

We have carefully selected the very best UK E Cig Mods for sale in this category, ensuring each meets our high standards on quality, aesthetics, reliability and compliance. We are continually testing new vape mods for taste, experience and compliance and adding the best of the Vape Mods in the UK to this page.

Need some help? We've put together a series of guides to help you both get started and to choose the right device for you.

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