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The 10 Best Vape Mods for 2022 (UK)

Updated: April 2022

In the early days of vaping, there was a simple choice – a basic cigalike device or a massive mod device designed to block out the sun with its huge clouds. 

Nowadays there are a huge variety of vape mods, and they all cater to different needs. There are mods that are super easy to use, mods for Mouth-to-Lung vapers, mods for cloud chasers and so on. 

So when choosing a mod, there’s no single ‘best’ option, although we will share our favourites at the end of this post.

Instead, you need to match your needs to the mod that best suits them. 

In this post we do exactly that, highlighting the best vape mods for different purposes. 

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What is a vape mod?

The term ‘vape mod’ has evolved over time. 

Originally, the term referred to a modified device. In the early days of vaping, when choice was limited, modders built or adapted their own vape devices. 

Manufacturers caught on to the popularity of these, and started producing mass-manufactured mods. Originally, many of these were box mods, which referred to the square, boxy design of these devices.

Mods were also increasingly distinguished by their increased power range and functionality. 

They did have a drawback though, and that was their difficulty of use. So manufacturers like Innokin lead innovation in creating mods that were also easy to use and suitable for less experienced vapers. 

Nowadays, mods come with all sorts of power ranges and experience requirements. Some are powered by replaceable batteries, while others use fixed internal batteries. 

However, a mod is generally larger than a pod or pen-style vape. The tank screws into the device, instead of clipping on like a pod system. There is also usually more functionality than with a pen style or pod device. 

You’ll also come across pod mods, which are essentially a stepping stone between a pod system and a mod device. 

Vape Mod Overview

Product nameWhat’s special?Who’s it for?
Innokin Adept ZlideEasy to use, best mod for beginnersAll experience levels
Coolfire IVEasy to use, reliable, brushed steel designAll experience levels
Geekvape L200Great for outdoorsExperienced vapers
iStick Power 2Long-lasting batteryIntermediate
Innokin MVP5Long-lasting battery & survival featuresIntermediate/Advanced
Vaporesso GTX OneSlim & compactIntermediate
Wismec Reuleaux GCyber-punk inspired, illuminated designIntermediate
Aspire Zelos 3Choice of 5 modesIntermediate/Advanced
Geekvape Aegis MaxSuper toughIntermediate/Advanced
Smok Morph 2Customisability, cloudsAdvanced

Best Vape Mods In depth

Innokin Adept Zlide: Best vape mod starter kit 

Innokin Adept Zlide by laptop.

Vape shops and websites often recommend a pod or pen-style device like the Aspire PockeX to new vapers. But not everyone wants a compact device. If you’re looking for something a big chunkier, with great battery life but still easy to use, Innokin’s Adept Zlide is hard to beat. 

First, there’s the intelligent wattage selection. The device gives you a range of power options to choose from depending on the coil you are using. This is a great option for new vapers, as it takes the guesswork out of selecting which wattage to use. By avoiding user error, you can also expect better flavour and longer-lasting coils. 

If you’re clumsy (like me!) you’ll also appreciate the toughness of this device. The Adept mod is IP67 dustproof, shock-proof and water resistant, meaning it can take the occasional drop (even into water!) and carry on working. 

The device comes with a 3000mAh battery, giving it an excellent battery life. Overall this is a great mod both for beginners and vapers who prefer an MTL vape. 

Also see the Adept Zlide kit.

  • Great for beginners
  • Intelligent wattage selection
  • Dustproof, shock-proof and water resistant

Innokin Coolfire IV: Best vape mod for reliability

Blue coolfire IV

The Innokin Coolfire IV is not a new device – in fact I first wrote about it in 2015. But when a vape mod remains popular for years, there’s usually a reason behind it. 

For the Coolfire IV, one of these reasons is its reliability. This can be difficult to judge with a new device. But the Coolfire has proved itself over years of use – and, indeed, often lasts for years.

The Coolfire IV also comes with a brushed metal steel design which is reassuringly solid in the hand. As an older device, it won’t have all the latest modes, but it does comes with a few nice features, including puff count, puff length count and pass through charging. The on/off switch, which is a feature of the Coolfire range, is also a handy tool for preventing accidental pocket presses. 

The Coolfire IV has a maximum wattage of 40 watts and works with coil resistance down to 0.3Ω. The 2000mAh capacity, while impressive at the time of launch, means it wouldn’t be suitable for all-day vaping at high wattages. While it’s certainly not for serious cloud chasers or Direct-Lung vapers, the Coolfire IV remains a great choice for Mouth-to-Lung vapers who want an easy to use, solid and reliable mod device. 

What we like: 

  • Brushed steel design
  • Easy to use
  • Very reliable

Also see: Innokin Coolfire Overview & Tutorial and the Coolfire Z80 kit.

Geekvape Aegis L200: Best vape mod for the outdoors

Geekvape L200 mod and tank.

When I first started drafting this blog post, I’d planned to include the Geekvape Aegis Legend. This device is super tough (even for Geekvape) making it ideal for hard outdoor use. 

But Geekvape have upped the game. Whilst until now the toughest vape devices have been IP67 dustproof and waterproof, the Aegis L200 is IP68. The 6 measures how dustproof it is on a scale of 1 – 6, while the 8 means the device can withstand continuous immersion in water (up to 30mins in 1.5 metres) and still be functional. Geekvape have also worked to make the device more shockproof, meaning it should be able to withstand accidental drops. 

The L200 mod is also designed to withstand extremes in temperatures – from -20 to 60 degrees celsius, making it suitable for everything from snow to the desert!

There’s more to this device than just toughness. The device is 15% smaller and 30% lighter than the original, but is still capable of outputting up to 200 watts of power. 

The higher wattage range of this mod means it’s not suitable for novice vapers. However, it is ideal for experienced/advanced vapers who enjoy Direct-Lung vaping and larger clouds.

What we like: 

  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shock proof
  • Compact but powerful

Eleaf iStick Power 2: Long battery life

Eleaf iStick Power 2 mod and tank in hand.

If you’re on the move, and don’t always have access to a charger, battery is important. If you don’t want a mod that  uses external batteries, then one of the best options is the Eleaf iStick Power 2. 

This device comes with a very impressive 5000mAh battery. That’s more than five times the amount some mods come with. When using this as a Mouth-to-Lung device, this mod should last most vapers a couple of days before needing recharging, and even using it at its 80 watt limit it should easily last more than a day. 

The iStick Power 2 also comes with one of my favourite features – Smart Mode. When in use, this limits the wattage range to suit the coil. This both helps prevent the coil from burning out and increases the life of the coil. 

The iStick Power 2 is not the best option for Direct-Lung or cloud vapers, but as an MTL device it’s superb, with the included Eleaf GTL pod tank delivering excellent flavour. The Smart Mode definitely lowers the experience level needed for this device, and most vapers with a modicum of experience should be able to use it without a problem. 

Also see the iStick Power 2 kit.

What we like: 

  • Massive 5000mAh battery capacity
  • Excellent flavour
  • Smart Mode for longer-lasting coils

Full review

Innokin MVP5: Best box mod for features

MVP5 Box Mod

The Innokin MVP5 raised eyebrows when the specs first landed on our desktops. The features go far beyond those of the standard vape mod with a range of survival tools that include a flashlight (with multiple modes), compass and barometer. Reverse charging capability also means it can be used to charge other devices.

But when the device landed it proved to be far more than a gimmick – in fact, I had to wrestle our sample off Will, our product manager, to try it because he liked it so much. 

Unlike some of the other devices here, I find this works well both as a Mouth-to-Lung  and Direct-Lung device. The features aren’t limited to survival either – with the device offering up wattage mode, custom wattage curves and preset wattages. 

Do note that to get the most out of this device, you will either need some experience or be ready to go through a learning curve (this tutorial will help.) But an intermediate vaper who didn’t want to use all the functions should find it easy enough to use. 

Also see the Innokin MVP5 kit.

What we like

  • Survival features
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Power bank function

Vaporesso GTX One: Slim and compact 

While the Vaporesso GTX One is one of the lower-powered mods on this list, if you’re looking for a device with enough power for Direct-Lung vaping while still being compact enough to carry in your pocket this is a good choice. 

The mod itself has Vaporesso’s signature premium finish with a tough yet attractive anti-scratch textured coating that keeps it looking better for longer.

Power-wise, it outputs 5 – 40W and is powered by a 2000mAh battery. Appealing to both less and more experienced users, there is a choice of both variable wattage (VW) mode and a handy Smart mode that auto sets the wattage for you depending on the resistance of the coil you’re using.

Also see the Vaporesso GTX One kit – which combines the mod with the GTX Tank 18

What we like:

  • Slim & compact
  • Smart & VW modes
  • Premium anti-scratch finish

Wismec Reuleaux G: Eye-catching aesthetics

Boasting both aesthetics AND intelligence, the Wismec Reuleaux G is a great option for those who want an eye-catching device. A daring, cyberpunk-inspired design paired with an illuminating body certainly makes for an attention-grabbing mod (you can even choose the colour of the display screen!). 

The 100W mod has adjustable power, features auto coil recognition and sets the best wattage for the resistance being used to help prevent user error. This means less-experienced users can use the Realeaux G without worrying about using the right settings or burning their coils.  

For extra protection, a handy locking function also helps preserve both coil and battery life by preventing any accidental misfiring. 

What we like:
  • Daring, cyberpunk design
  • Auto-coil recognition
  • Handy lock feature

Aspire Zelos 3: Lots of choice with 5 modes

Aspire Zelos 3 Mod

They say variety is the spice of life – and with this in mind, the Aspire Zelos 3 is a great vape mod for those who want a lot of choice in how they control their device. 

The 80W mod provides 5 different modes to choose from – Variable Voltage/Wattage, TC, TCR, CPS and Bypass. This range of modes means the Zelos 3 can cater to most user needs – from less experienced to expert.

With a nicely rounded shape and compact size that makes it easy to hold, the mod has an attractive aesthetic with a sleek, metallic finish. 

As well as an impressive aesthetic and range of modes, the Zelos 3 has impressive battery life. Despite its quite compact build, it boasts a 3200mAh battery that should last up to a day on one charge. 

Also see the Zelos 3 kit

What we like

  • Choice of 5 modes
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy grip, rounded design

Geekvape Aegis Max: Super tough, great for outdoor use

Geekvape Aegis Max

If you spend a lot of time outdoors the last thing you want is a vape device that breaks at the slightest drop of rain or with every accidental knock, with a battery that needs to be recharged when you’re miles away from the nearest electric source. 

Luckily, the Geekvape Aegis Max solves both of these problems. 

Rated IP67, it’s waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant – making it a great outdoor mod. It also uses a replaceable battery (21700 or 18650 with an adaptor) so, as long as you have a spare with you, you don’t need to worry about recharging the device when you’re out and about. 

With an adjustable output of 5 – 100W, the Aegis Max can support a wide range of tanks, coils and vaping styles and, for the more advanced vaper, has the option of temperature control mode. 

Also see the Aegis Max Zeus kit.

What we like

  • Waterproof, dustproof & shockproof
  • Replaceable battery

Smok Morph 2 : Best vape mod for clouds

The mods listed here start from low-powered devices suitable for new vapers who prefer a MTL. The Smok Morph 2, however, very much goes to the other extreme. 

The Morph 2 mod can output up to 230 watts, powered by dual 18650 batteries (not included), making it a very powerful device. That’s combined with a device that can handle resistances as low as 0.1Ω, There’s no Smart Mode either – this device is made for the sort of advanced vaper who chortles at the thought of a mode designed to make a device easier to use. 

You do have the options of power or temperature control mode (for improved flavour and coil longevity). The kit version comes with the TFV-Mini V2 tank, but this mod will work with any tank with a 510 connection. That said, it’s important to use a serious sub-ohm tank with this device, such as the Falcon II or the Geekvape Zeus. 

The Morph 2 is made from Zinc Alloy, which makes it both light and strong, while leather is used to increase comfort. 

Also see the Morph 2 kit.

What we like: 

  • Huge power range
  • Super choice for cloud vapers
  • Strong but lightweight

How we selected these mods

To select the mods here we’ve used a combination of our own ratings, the popularity of these devices, both in terms of sales and ‘on the scene’, as well as taking into account customer feedback. Very occasionally we’ll add a just-launched mod to the list – but only if it totally blows us away in testing.

All the kits here are made to UK standards and are compliant with EU and UK regulations.

What’s the best vape mod overall? Our team’s take…

When we write posts like this, the approach we always take is to match different devices to different needs. After all, we might love the Smok Morph 2, but that’s certainly not the best vape mod for someone who needs a basic Mouth-to-Lung device. 

But I thought it might also be useful to share a personal perspective, so here’s a few of our favourite mods (all of which meet our own different needs!) 

When Kayleigh, our content writer, joined us she still mostly smoked, and it was a combination of advice on nicotine strengths and trying different devices that helped her to make the switch in just 6 weeks. The mod device that helped her the most was the Innokin Adept Zlide. 

Will, our product manager, has probably tried more devices than anyone else. He chose the Obelisk 120 FC, explaining:

“Fast charging has been a game changer for me – I’ve always been a chronic vape-while-charging person, forever attached to a cable, and deteriorating my battery quality because of it.

“I’m also a fan of the subtle yet attractive aesthetics too, with the stealthy understated look and glass side panels. It suits me perfectly on the power and modes side, given that I prefer medium wattage direct lung vaping, and tend to stick to power/wattage mode. The Power bank feature is nice too when my phone inevitably dies at the beach!”

For myself, despite its age, I was tempted to go for the Coolfire IV. I love the design, the feel – and how reliable it is. But as a (mostly) MTL vaper I am also very impressed with Innokin’s new auto-refresh and coil priming technology, so the Innokin Sensis and Coolfire Z80 are my current preferred devices. 

What’s your favourite mod and why? Let us know in the comments.

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