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Best Vape Tanks for 2021 (UK)

Updated: November 2021

Arguably, the most important part of an e-cigarette is the vape tank (or pod). 

Sure, you can find a lot of modes in an advanced device. But their essential function is to provide power to your tank. It’s the tank that converts that power into vapour, flavour and nicotine. 

There’s a lot that goes into providing a great tank and it’s different for every tank, depending on what you need out of it. 

For example, if you want a sub-ohm tank for big clouds of vapour, you’ll need a tank with plenty of wicking, a low resistance mesh coil, a design that funnels air up, wide, adjustable airflow holes and a wide-bore drip tip. Or, if you’re new to vaping, you’d more likely want a tank with a high resistance coil, a narrow bore drip tip and a tighter airflow.

As with our other round-up posts, rather than identify the overall ‘best’ tanks, we start by identifying different needs and then match the best tanks for them. 

If you are looking for a mod to go with these tanks do check out our best vape mods post. Meanwhile, if you prefer your tank to come as part of a complete kit, you’ll find options available on our best vape kits post. 


Best vape tanks at a glance

TankBest ForWhat’s Special?
Horizontech Falcon IIClouds– Innovative conical mesh coils
– Superb wicking
– Great airflow
Smok TFV8 Mini V2Clouds– Large coil ports
– Internal gasket
– Massive airflow
Geekvape Zeus TankClouds– Large portholes
– Top-to-bottom airflow
– Mesh coils for great flavour
Aspire Nautilus 3Mouth-to-Lung– Wide airflow range
– Sliding top fill
– Choice of drip tips
Innokin Zenith IIMouth-to-Lung– Choice of MTL & RDL  drip tips 
– Replaceable glass
– Locking twisting top cap
 Aspire Nautilus MiniMouth-to-Lung– Long-lasting coils
– Big flavour
– 4-level adjustable airflow
Innokin Prism T18E ProBeginners– No-fuss fixed airflow
– Cigarette-style draw
– Sliding top fill
Innokin Go SBeginners– Fixed coil 
– Easy to fill
Innokin GoMaxDirect-Lung Beginners– Fixed low-resistance coil
– Easy sliding top fill
– Adjustable airflow
Aspire TigonMouth-to-Lung Flavour– Choice of MTL & DL Drip Tips
– Mesh coils for great flavour
– Easy to use features
Geekvape Z MaxDirect-Lung Flavour– Innovative airflow system
– Large coils for big clouds
– Leakproof design
 Innokin Zlide tankToughness– Robust build
– Supports MTL, RDL & DL vaping
– Childproof sliding top fill
Voopoo PNP Pod TankAll Round Tank– Versatile: doubles as pod & tank
– Easy filling & coil change 
– Wide range of compatible coils
Voopoo TPP-X Pod TankAll Round, Sub-ohm Tank– Doubles as a pod and a tank
– Precise infinite adjustable airflow
– Upgraded top filling design

Best vape tanks for big clouds

Horizontech Falcon II: Conical mesh coil for great clouds

Horizontech Falcon II vape tank

In contrast to most tanks, you won’t find the Falcon II in a vape kit. Perhaps the fact that Horizontech’s only focus was on making the best vape tank they could is why it’s just so good. 

One of the keys to the tank’s performance is the fan woven conical mesh coil. This funnels the vapour up to the mouthpiece in a way that one colleague described as being similar to how a Dyson hoover works. 

To provide the vapour, of course, you also need excellent absorbent properties. To provide this the Falcon II uses a combination of wood pulp and cotton to both soak up the e-liquid and hold that e-liquid. The result is massive clouds of vapour. 

The Falcon II also comes with all the features you expect in a modern sub-ohm tank, including wide adjustable airflow controls, push-fit coils and easy top-filling capabilities. For best results pair with a mod capable of producing at least 75 watts. 

Horizontech have also recently released their Sakerz tank, which they promise will be even more of a cloud machine than the Falcon II. We haven’t had much time to test this but if it lives up to their claims we may see it making an appearance on this list in future. 

What we like: 

  • Innovative conical mesh coil design
  • Superb wicking
  • Great airflow

Smok TFV8 Mini V2: Large coil ports & massive airflow

Smok TFV8 Mini V2 vape tank

It would be hard to mention vape tanks for clouds without talking about Smok. Just as Innokin established themselves as one of the best MTL hardware producers, Smok has a history of producing cloud machines with massive mods and tanks. 

Being in the UK, of course, we’re limited when it comes to size (2ml being the maximum allowed). But that doesn’t mean limited when it comes to clouds. The Smok TFV8 Mini V2 is a true cloud machine that has massive ports in the coils to maximise the entry of e-liquid. The second version of this device has also upped the number of air holes to three to provide the extra airflow you need for even bigger clouds of vapour. 

The TFV8 Mini V2 also comes with an internal gasket that covers the fill hole in order to minimise leakage. 

What we like: 

  • Large coil ports
  • Leak resistant features
  • Massive airflow

Geekvape Zeus: Top to bottom airflow

Geekvape Zeus vape tank

The Geekvape Zeus tank is another cloud beast and is rated by some reviewers as the best sub-ohm tank on the market. Like the Smok TFV8 Mini V2, the Zeus tank comes with large portholes to maximise the absorption of e-liquid. It also comes with the addition of a top-to-bottom adjustable airflow controlled by a ring positioned at the top of the tank. This top positioning not only produces maximum vapour but also helps prevent any leakage. 

The Zeus tank works with the Zeus coil range which features a fast-heating mesh design for increased flavour.

What we like:

  • Large portholes
  • Top-to-bottom airflow
  • Mesh coils for great flavour

Best MTL vape tanks

Aspire Nautilus 3: Wide airflow range 

Aspire Nautilus 3 vape tank

Aspire’s Nautilus tank series already has a reputation for producing great vape tanks and the latest in the collection, the  Nautilus 3 tank, is no exception. 

Compatible with the Nautilus coil range, the tank can be used for both Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-Lung vaping styles but really comes into its own as an MTL tank. 

The strength of the Nautilus 3 tank lies in its wide airflow range – with 7 airflow holes ranging in size from a narrow 0.8mm all the way up to a wide 30mm. This gives users a chance to precisely tailor the airflow to create a very restricted or very airy vape depending on what they prefer. As well as the airflow ring, the Nautilus 3 tanks come with a choice of both a wide and a narrow drip tip to further tailor the draw. 

The tank also benefits from easy-to-use features suited to even the most inexperienced vapers, including leak-free coil installation thanks to sliding shutters on the coil chamber and a sliding top-fill cap. 

Works best for Mouth-to-Lung vapers who might want to occasionally play around with Direct-Lung vaping.

What we like:

  • Wide airflow range
  • Sliding top fill
  • Choice of drip tips

Innokin Zenith II: An improvement on a classic

Innokin Zenith 2 vape tank

The Innokin Zenith II is the most recent of the Zenith tank range – carrying on the sturdy, industrial look of the Zenith, Zenith Pro & Zenith D22 tanks but with a more contemporary design and some other big improvements. 

Firstly, the Zenith II is the first in the range to feature replaceable glass – meaning should the glass crack or break you can simply replace the tube rather than the whole tank.

Compatible with the Z coil range, this tank is a great all-rounder that provides not only MTL but RDL vaping – great for those who like to switch between styles. 

An improved adjustable airflow system can be tailored between a smooth and restricted MTL vape all the way up to a restricted DL vape with the twist of a ring.  For more versatility, the removal of the riser found on previous Zenith tanks also means you can swap and change between the provided MTL and RDL drip tips – giving you more chance to play around with vaping styles.

A convenient twisting top cap and large filling port makes the Zenith II quick, clean and easy to refill, while the addition of a silicone seal also helps prevent any leakage. Large viewing portholes on each side of the tank mean you can easily view your e-liquid levels to stop your tank from running dry. 

What we like:

  • Choice of MTL & RDL drip tips 
  • Replaceable glass
  • Locking twisting top cap

Aspire Nautilus Mini: Popular and reliable

Aspire Nautilus Mini vape tank

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is one of the older tanks on this list but has stood the test of time as one of the best Mouth-to-Lung vape tanks on the market. Its popularity lies in its classic design and reliability as well as its long-lasting, flavourful coils. 

A smaller incarnation of the original Nautilus tank, it is very compact and provides great flavour thanks to the BVC coils it uses. BVC coils are long-lasting and provide a satisfying cigarette-style draw. 

The Nautilus Mini has a great build quality of durable stainless steel and is pretty simple to disassemble and reassemble for coil changes and cleaning. 

The adjustable airflow ring offers a choice of 4 levels of air intake with holes ranging from 0.8mm – 1.8mm for precise control. 

What we like:

  • Long-lasting coils
  • Big flavour
  • 4-level adjustable airflow

Best vape tanks for beginners

Innokin Prism T18E Pro: Fixed airflow & tight draw

Innokin Prism vape tank

Unlike many other tanks on this list, Innokin’s Prism T18E Pro doesn’t feature adjustable airflow. 

While the idea of a fixed airflow may sound unappealing to more experienced vapers, this tank’s airflow is specifically designed to provide a tight MTL draw that resembles cigarette smoking. 

This makes the Prism T18E Pro a good choice for new vapers and former smokers who need that familiar cigarette-style draw without having to fuss with settings.

The addition of a sliding top cap and large filling hole makes filling this tank easy and mess free without having to remove it from the mod.

What we like:

  • No-fuss fixed airflow
  • Cigarette-style draw
  • Sliding top fill 

Innokin GO S: Fixed coil and fuss free

Innokin Go S vape tank

The Innokin Go S tank is perfect for beginner vapers as a very simple and easy-to-use MTL tank as minimal settings mean it’s a great setup for fuss-free vaping.

While they were originally intended for the Go S device, Go S tanks have a 510 connection that means it can be used with most vape mods. What’s more, its high-resistance coils mean you don’t need a high-powered device to get the most out of it. 

For new vapers, or those with reduced mobility, the mechanics of changing coils can be confusing and time-consuming. This is particularly challenging for former smokers trying to resist the urge to pick up a cigarette. Luckily, the Go-S tank has a fixed, 1.6Ω kanthal coil that means there’s no need for fiddly coil changes. When the coil is used up you simply replace the whole tank. That doesn’t mean taste is compromised – the fixed kanthal coils use organic cotton and wood pulp wicking for improved flavour.

The Go S tank also has a quick and easy slide-to-open design which makes filling it with e-liquid quick,easy and mess-free. 

Although very simple, the Go S tank does feature an adjustable airflow ring so you can tailor the air intake for a tighter or airier vape. That makes it perfect for beginners who want to experiment with their vaping as they go along. 

What we like:

  • Fixed coil 
  • Easy to fill

Innokin GoMax: Best cloud vaping for beginners

Following on from the Go-S, in 2021 Innokin released a new groundbreaking update – the GoMax tank. 

With all the ease of use and features of the popular Go-S (including sliding top fill and adjustable airflow), the GoMax is the first disposable tank that allows new users to enjoy large clouds without the hassle of coil changes. 

At a cost of just £2.49, the GoMax tank offers a budget-friendly option for vapers to try Direct-Lung vaping without the cost or complexity of an advanced tank.

Featuring a fixed 0.19Ω coil that can handle up to 80W, the GoMax tank isn’t restricted to low-powered beginner devices – meaning users can experiment with higher-powered devices and high VG e-liquids and shortfills. 

For an easy-to-use companion to the GoMax tank see the GoMax device, which features all the power needed for the tank – while still being super easy to use with a single-button design and auto wattage setting.  

What we like

  • Fixed low-resistance coil
  • Easy sliding top fill
  • Adjustable airflow

Best vape tanks for flavour

Aspire Tigon: Best MTL tank for flavour

Aspire Tigon vape tank

Aspire is known for producing great Mouth-to-Lung tanks. The Tigon tank has all the features you’d expect from a modern tank – a sturdy build quality, top refilling, push-fit coils and a 510 connection that means it can work with most mods. 

The Tigon tank can be used for Direct-Lung vaping but also provides great flavour when used as an MTL tank. This is thanks to its included Tigon coils paired with its dual airflow control. The tank’s airflow ring includes a choice of multi-sized pin holes on one side for MTL vaping to create a tight, restricted draw. (There’s also the option of a large ‘cyclops’ hole on the other side for Direct-Lung vaping.)

The included Tigon coils have a mesh design which means they heat quickly and distribute that heat evenly to get maximum flavour out of your e-liquid for a flavoursome Mouth-to-Lung vape. To get the best MTL experience, try the specially designed 1.2Ω MTL Tigon coil. 

To make sure you get the best out of your Tigon tank for both MTL & DL, it comes equipped with a choice of two drip tips – one for each vaping style.

What we like:

  • Choice of MTL & DL Drip Tips
  • Mesh coils for great flavour
  • Easy to use features

Geekvape Z Max: Best DL tank for flavour

Geekvape Z Max tank

If you’re looking for both big clouds and big flavour, the Geekvape Z Max is one to try. Pair it with a high powered mod (at least 60W) and a high VG vape juice for a satisfying Direct-Lung vape full of flavour.

The included M series coils are low resistance and much larger than your average coil. This means they maximise the surface area between the coil and the e-liquid for efficient vapourising. 

For extra cloud production, the Z Max uses an innovative top-to-bottom airflow system. The air enters through the top inlets and travels throughout the whole tank to create maximum airflow, vapour and flavour. 

Along with top refilling, the Z Max tank is designed with Geekvape’s leak-resistant ‘Z-level’ technology to make sure not a drop of e-liquid is wasted. 

What we like:

  • Innovative airflow system
  • Large coils for big clouds
  • Leak-resistant design

Toughest vape tank

Innokin Zlide: Tough, versatile & childproof

Innokin Zlide vape tank

You’d expect a different tank listed for toughness here. The Zlide is not usually marketed as being strong or crack resistant, but despite being on the market for some time and being incredibly popular, we’ve heard almost zero complaints about cracks or breakages. 

Innokin collaborated with well-known designers Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis to create the Zlide as a more cost-effective follow up to their popular Zenith – adding improved functionality to what was considered one of the best MTL tanks on the market.

With a robust build quality and metal design, the Zlide tank is not only tough but improves upon the Zenith with the inclusion of replaceable glass and the ability to be taken apart for cleaning. 

The tank works with the entire Z coil range so can be used for MTL, RDL & DL vaping. It features an adjustable airflow ring to create a tighter or airier draw. 

The Zlide is easy to fill (for adults) thanks to the convenient sliding top cap but is also designed to be childproof with the removable drip tip stopping any accidental opening. 

What we like:

  • Robust build
  • Supports MTL, RDL & DL vaping
  • Childproof sliding top fill

Best all-round vape tanks

Voopoo PNP Pod Tank: Use as a pod or tank

Voopoo PnP Pod Tank

Why have a pod or a tank when you can have both? As its name suggests, the versatile PNP Pod Tank doubles as both a magnetic-based pod for the Voopoo devices including the Drag Series and Seal device and a 510 connection tank that can be used with most other mods.

The PNP Pod Tank works with the PnP coil range which features a mesh design for fast heating, improved flavour and longer-lasting coils. 

The wide resistance range of PnP coils means the pod tank supports all vaping styles. It also has an adjustable airflow ring with dual holes for tailoring your draw between light and airy or tight and restricted. 

The magnetic base also means the pod is easy to remove and reattach for coil changes and filling – both through the pod base.

What we like: 

  • Versatile – doubles as a pod & tank
  • Easy filling & coil change 
  • Wide range of coil resistances

Voopoo TPP-X Pod Tank: Doubles as a sub-ohm pod & tank

Like the PnP Pod Tank, the TPP-X Pod Tank also doubles as a pod for direct use with various Voopoo devices and comes with a 510 connection adaptor that allows it to be used with most vape mods. 

However, this version is a sub-ohm pod tank designed for Direct-Lung vaping with new and improved features. 

The TPP-X Pod tank boasts an upgraded infinite airflow design that allows you to tailor the air intake more precisely and a new top filling port that makes refilling the tank more convenient. 

The TPP-X Pod Tank works with the low-resistance TPP coil range and is best used with high wattage devices and high VG e-liquids. The mesh design and low resistance of TPP coils mean they heat quickly and provide enriched flavour and big vapour. 

What we like: 

  • Doubles as a pod and a tank
  • Precise infinite adjustable airflow
  • Upgraded top filling design

How we chose these tanks

To select the tanks here we’ve used a combination of our own ratings, the popularity of these devices, both in terms of sales and ‘on the scene’, as well as taking into account customer feedback. 

Very occasionally, we’ll add a just launched tank to the list – but only if it totally blows us away in testing.

All of the tanks here are made to UK standards and are compliant with EU and UK regulations.

Team favourites

The tank you go for depends on your needs and preferences. But with so many to choose from, we thought we’d share some of the team’s favourites, and why they like them. 

James’ favourite is the Innokin Zlide: 

“I’m clumsy and often drop tanks. Just yesterday I knocked the Zlide tank off my desk on to a wooden floor. That would have cracked a lot of tanks, but the Zlide just kept on working. I also like the fact it’s reliable, the coil lasts for ages and the filling mechanism is super convenient. It’s certainly not my favourite tank for DL, but for my preferred vaping style (MTL) and my favourite e-liquid (Halo Menthol Blast) it’s great!”

Corey, from our customer service team, had been enjoying the Falcon II tank but has recently been experimenting with the Sakerz:

 “While the tank is a bit awkward to fit, the coils last well for a Direct-Lung tank, the flavour is excellent and it has a quieter airflow than the original Falcon II. Overall I really rate Horizontech coils for their excellent flavour, both in the Sakerz and the Falcon II, although the Falcon II has a slight edge for flavour.”

Store Manager Lee Williams is a fan of the Smok TFV8 Mini V2: 

“I look for a tank with a nice range of coils so that I can get it to perform how I like. 

“The Smok TFV8 Mini V2 has a wide range of compatible coils. I can use S1 coils, turn the airflow and power down to 40W, have a decent amount of vapour, and save on my battery life. Or, if I want some larger clouds, I’ll go for A1 coils and turn the wattage up. 

“I find the tank gives me excellent flavour, and it is effortless to fill. After over a year of owning the TFV8 Mini V2, I have not experienced any leaking problems.”

What’s your favourite tank? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Best Vape Tanks for 2021 (UK)”

  1. Any idea when a higher capacity tank will be available/legal ? I find that all my tanks empty several times a day, as the current 2 ml capacity is far too small.

      1. About a year ago, I bought an Innokin Zlide tank, 5ml capacity, from a french vaping site. It’s been excellent and just uses the exact same coils as our UK 2ml tank version. I think I only paid £25. And, it was a genuine Innokin product.
        However, do check import/tax charges because it’s all changed since Brexit.
        Good luck & happy vaping!

  2. I have been vaping since 2012 and for the past 4 to 5 years I have used the Innokin Cool Fire IV which is very reliable. My latest tank preference is the Aspire Nautilus S2 with a 0.4 Ohm coil. The reasons for my choices are based on the fact that that the Cool Fire IV is very reliable and easy to use after 4 years of purchase. It suits me with its 2500 mah battery giving up to 40 watts. I decided to purchase another as a backup when charging the other. The tank is easy to fill and comes with a drip tip and adjustable airflow of preference.
    To complement the above for flavor I personally like PG/VG 50/50 Nic Salts of 1.2mg at 0.4 Ohms. I think I’ll stick with this setup until the max 2ml e-liquid rule changes!

    1. The Coolfire IV is a great device, Alan, and one we still recommend despite the plethora of newer devices which have come along. I am personally currently using the Coolfire Z80, a few further iterations down the line!

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