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Vape Mods

Vape mods are larger, bulkier vape devices which typically have a larger battery capacity than pod systems. They can come with fixed or replaceable batteries, typically supplied as 18650 or 21700, which are usually purchased separately. Most mods can be paired with any tank with a 510 connection (and that’s most tanks!) Advanced mod devices make a great choice for vapers looking for more power and control over their vape, while easy-to-use mods such as the Adept Zlide are great for vapers of all experience levels looking for a large battery capacity and long-lasting vaping - or who simply prefer the bulk, size and design of a mod device. Price checked weekly, available with fast, free shipping - or check out our range of mod kits for bundled mods, tanks and coils

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What is a vape mod?

Vape mods are the part of an electronic cigarette that contain the power source and controls. In contrast to all-in-one vape devices, the mod is separate to the tank. However, as most mods and tanks share a 510 connection, most mods are compatible with most vape tanks.

Modern vape mods come in a large range of shapes and styles, but typically have more power, functionality and battery capacity than a pod device or cigalike. An alternative to mod devices are pod mods, which combine the simplicity of a pod device with some of the power of a mod.

Some mod devices have a fixed internal battery, while others require a replaceable battery or batteries - usually 18650 or 21700. Fixed internal battery devices are suitable for vapers who prefer maximum simplicity, while replaceable battery devices ensure that you can carry on vaping with a simple swap of the battery.

Many vape mods now come combined with a tank in a dedicated kit. These provide everything you need to use the device in one package, and as they come with a tank and mod designed to work well together they can be a great alternative to buying a stand-alone mod. Check out our complete range of vape mod kits here.

Where did the word mod come from?

The first mods referred to modified electronic cigarettes, created by vapers who needed more power than early electronic cigarette devices delivered. In response, manufacturers started creating more powerful devices and calling them mods.

Early mods often had a square shape, leading to the name box mods. In contrast to early devices, modern mods are increasingly easy to use, and often come with features that allow less-experienced users to enjoy the power range and precise control these devices offer.

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A list of the best vape mods currently available, along with the pros and cons for each device.

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Vaping Modes Explained

Learn what the different modes on a vape mod mean so you can get the most out of your device.

While it's possible for someone with just a little bit of experience to use a vape mod, to get the most out of your device it’s well worth understanding what the different modes mean.

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