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Vape Coils

Vape coils are the heating element that sits in your tank or pod. When power is applied they heat up and turn e-liquid into vapour. While they need changing from time to time, replaceable coils allow you to continue using your pod or tank for many months. Modern coils, with their push-pull installation designs, are also quick and easy to change and offer great cost savings over fixed-coil pods. Change the performance of your vape device by installing different coil types; Direct-Lung (DL) coils are great for use with high VG juices for larger clouds of vapour, while Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) coils allow you to experience a more restricted inhale. Here you can shop a wide range of coils from top brands such as Vaporesso, Geekvape, Smok and Aspire

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Smok M-Coil 0.4ohm
Smok £12.49
Innokin PZP Coils 0.4ohm
Innokin £5.89
PZP Coils
Eleaf EP Coils 0.15ohm
Eleaf £10.99
EP Coils
VooPoo PnP X Coil 0.15ohm
VooPoo £11.49
PnP X Coils
Joyetech BFC Coil
Joyetech £11.49
BFC Coils
Aspire Atlantis SE Coil
Aspire £11.49
Atlantis SE Coils
Oxva Xlim C Coil
Awaiting Stock
Oxva £9.49
Xlim C Coils
Uwell Crown M Coil
Uwell £12.99
Crown M Coils
Eleaf EC2 Coils 0.3ohm
Awaiting Stock
Eleaf £10.49
EC2 Coils
Smok TA Coils 0.15ohm
Smok £13.89
TA Coils
Uwell PA Coils 0.3ohm
Uwell £9.99
PA Coils
Smok RPM 3 Coils 0.15ohm
Smok £11.89 Was £12.99
RPM 3 Coils
£11.89 Was £12.99
Innokin ZF Coil
Innokin £9.99
ZF Coils
Vaporesso GTi Coils 0.2ohm
Vaporesso £9.99 Was £12.99
GTi Coils
£9.99 Was £12.99
Aspire Flexus Coils 0.6ohm
Aspire £9.99 Was £12.49
Flexus AF Coils
£9.99 Was £12.49
Voopoo ITO Coils
VooPoo £11.49
ITO Coils
Joyetech EN Coils
Joyetech £10.99
EN Coils
Smok TFV18 Mini Coils 0.15 ohm
Smok £8.99
TFV18 Mini Coils
Smok LP2 Coils
Smok £10.99
LP2 Coils
Innokin Prism/Endura coil
Innokin £7.29 Was £8.99
Prism T18E Coils
£7.29 Was £8.99
Smok G16 Coils
Smok £8.99 Was £11.99
G16 Coils
£8.99 Was £11.99
Smok LP1 Coils
Smok £9.89
LP1 Coils
Voopoo TPP Coils
VooPoo £7.99 Was £9.89
TPP Coils
£7.99 Was £9.89
Geekvape G. Coils
Geekvape £9.89
Aegis Coils - G Coils
Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro P Series Coils
Geekvape £9.49 Was £11.99
Aegis Boost Pro P Coils
£9.49 Was £11.99
Eleaf GTL Coil
Eleaf £11.99
GTL Coils
Endura M18 Coils Innokin
Innokin £8.49 Was £9.99
Endura M18 Coils
£8.49 Was £9.99
Uwell Caliburn G Coil
Uwell £8.89 Was £10.99
Caliburn G Coils
£8.89 Was £10.99
Sceptre Coils Innokin
Innokin From £5.49
S Coils
Geekvape Aegis Boost Coils
Geekvape From £9.99
Aegis Boost B Coils
V12 Prince Strip Coils | Smok
Smok From £6.99 Was £10.99
TFV12 Coils
Was £10.99
Geekvape Zeus Coil
Geekvape £10.89
Zeus - Z Series Coils
Aspire BP Coil
Aspire £10.49 Was £12.99
BP Coils
£10.49 Was £12.99
VooPoo PnP Coils VM1
VooPoo £11.89 Was £13.29
PnP Coils
£11.89 Was £13.29
Smok V9 Coils
Smok £11.89 Was £14.99
V9 Coils
£11.89 Was £14.99
Smok RPM2 Coil
Smok £9.99 Was £13.99
RPM2 Coils
£9.99 Was £13.99
Smok TFV16 Lite Coils
Smok From £6.49 Was £13.99
TFV16 Lite Coils
Was £13.99
Zenith Plexus Z Coils | Innokin
Innokin £7.89 Was £10.99
Z Coils
£7.89 Was £10.99
RGC Coils | Smok
Awaiting Stock
Smok £11.99 Was £13.99
RGC Coils
£11.99 Was £13.99
Falcon 2 Coils | Horizontech
Horizontech £8.89
Falcon 2 Coils

How do vape coils work?

How do vape coils work illustration

E-liquid is absorbed through holes called ports in the coil housing. The e-liquid soaks into the wicking material. When powered, the wire inside heats up. This in turn heats the e-liquid in the wicking material, turning it into vapour when inhaled.

Modern coils usually come with a push-pull design that makes installing or replacing the coil in your tank or pod very quick and easy.

Essential usage tips

Allow e-liquid to soak into the coil

Letting e-liquid soak into coil

After attaching your coil and filling your pod or tank, allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil for around five minutes.

Learn more: How to prime a coil

Keep your tank or pod topped up

Topping up a pod with e-liquid

Always keep some e-liquid in your tank or pod to ensure the coil doesn’t dry out.

Learn more: 9 ways to extend the lifespan of your coil

Change your coil when performance drops

Replacing old coil with a new coil

Vape coils don’t last forever! When your vape gets scratchy, vapour diminishes or the taste goes, change your coil.

Choosing the right coil for your device

It’s vital to use the right coil for your device. This is usually listed on the product packaging. You can also find a list of compatible coils on our device pages, and compatible devices on our coils page. If in doubt, pop our customer service team a message!

What are ohms?

You’ll notice when shopping that you’ll often have a choice of coils with different ohms.

Ohms are actually a measure of resistance. More ohms mean the coil has more resistance, and lower ohms means the coil has less resistance. The table below shows some of the differences between higher and lower resistance coils.

 Low resistanceHigh resistance
Power neededMoreLess
Coil lifeShorterLonger
Battery lifeShorterLonger
Vape styleDL (Direct-to-Lung)MTL (Mouth-to-Lung)


Helpful guides

How to Prime a Coil

Learn how to prime your coil before using it for the first time.

Priming your coil is essential for a longer coil life and a better vape experience - here’s how to do it.

A Beginner's Guide to Vape Coils

Vape coils

A complete beginner's guide to vape coils, from the different types to how to use them.

How to Maximise Coil Life

9 ways to stop your coil from burning out.

Learn 9 easy steps you can take in order to extend the life of your vape coil.


How long does a coil last?

Coils for most pod systems and starter kits usually last around two weeks. However, coils for more powerful devices will last a few days.

How long does it take to replace a coil?

With modern devices, the process takes seconds. Simply pull the old coil out of your tank and replace it with a new one.

Why does my coil taste burnt when it’s new?

This is usually caused by not priming the coil or using too high a wattage level. See our guide to preventing coils from burning for more information.

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