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  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews
  • Vaping experts since 2008
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  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews
  • Order by 5pm for next day delivery
  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews
  • Vaping experts since 2008
  • Free delivery on orders over £20
  • Order by 5pm for next day delivery
  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews

Innokin Vape Kits

Innokin has pioneered ease of use with their vape kits, offering supreme usability in everything from slim pod systems such as the Arcfire to some of the most user-friendly mods available. Experienced vapers aren’t left out, with Innokin providing advanced mod and tank kits such as the Kroma 217 with its increased power and functionality.

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Innokin Endura V White
Innokin £12.49
Endura V
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Z-Pod Nano Ice Blue
Innokin £12.89
Z Pod Nano
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Trine Ivory White
Innokin £14.89
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Kroma Nova Mahogany Brown
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £29.89
Kroma Nova
Free E-Liquid
Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Cerulean Blue
Innokin £27.89
EZ Tube Zenith Minimal
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Arcfire Purple
Innokin £12.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura S1 Silver
Innokin £6.49
Endura S1
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Klypse Zip Graphite
Innokin £7.99 Was £9.89
Klypse Zip
£7.99 Was £9.89
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura Apex Black
Innokin £23.99 Was £24.49
Endura Apex
£23.99 Was £24.49
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Coolfire Z60 Zlide Top Kit Blue
Innokin £42.99 Was £48.99
Coolfire Z60 Zlide Top
£42.99 Was £48.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Sceptre 2 Blue
Innokin £17.79 Was £19.49
Sceptre 2
£17.79 Was £19.49
Free E-Liquid
Innokin GOZEE Yellow
Innokin £29.89 Was £30.99
£29.89 Was £30.99
Free E-Liquid
Sceptre Tube | Innokin - Black
Innokin £12.99 Was £16.99
Sceptre Tube
£12.99 Was £16.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura T18-X Stainless
Innokin £17.99 Was £18.99
Endura T18-X
£17.99 Was £18.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin GoMax Blue
Innokin £18.99 Was £19.99
Go Max
£18.99 Was £19.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Go Z Stainless Steel
Innokin £13.89 Was £14.89
Go Z
£13.89 Was £14.89
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Kroma 217 Mariana Blue
Innokin £34.89 Was £46.99
Kroma 217
£34.89 Was £46.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Coolfire Z80 Ash Grey
Innokin £39.89
Coolfire Z80
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura T22 Pro Fuchsia Spray
Innokin £26.99 Was £32.99
Endura T22 Pro
£26.99 Was £32.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Sensis Kit Carbon
Innokin £29.99 Was £32.99
£29.99 Was £32.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin EQ FLTR Kit Black
Innokin £10.89 Was £13.99
£10.89 Was £13.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Kroma Z White
Innokin £27.79 Was £32.49
£27.79 Was £32.49
Free E-Liquid
Coolfire Z50 Kit Black
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £34.79 Was £45.99
Coolfire Z50
£34.79 Was £45.99
Free E-Liquid
Kroma-R Zlide Kit | Innokin Bronze
Innokin £35.99 Was £39.99
Kroma-R Zlide
£35.99 Was £39.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Go S Pink
Innokin £12.89 Was £15.99
Go S
£12.89 Was £15.99
Free E-Liquid
I.O. Pod System | Innokin Black
Innokin £10.99
Free E-Liquid
Endura T18II Mini Kit | Innokin - Stainless
Innokin £18.99 Was £20.99
Endura T18II Mini
£18.99 Was £20.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Adept Zlide Kit Black
Innokin £29.99 Was £33.99
Adept Zlide
£29.99 Was £33.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura T18II Black
Innokin £22.89 Was £23.99
Endura T18II
£22.89 Was £23.99

Which Innokin vape kit is right for you?

Pod kits

  • Easy to use
  • Great with nicotine salts and regular 10ml e-liquid
  • Best for smaller clouds of vapour
  • Our favourite: Arcfire

Pen-style kits

  • Slim, stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Our favourite: Go-Z

Mod kits

  • Usually best for experienced users, but Innokin also provide several more beginner-friendly mod devices
  • Great for a longer battery life
  • Our favourites: Adept Zlide for new users looking for a bulkier but easy-to-use mod and tank kit, Kroma 217 for experienced vapers who prefer larger clouds of vapour

Pod mod kits

  • Best for vapers with some experience
  • Can work with regular 10ml, nic salts, high VG e-liquids
  • Good for cloud vaping
  • Our favourite: Kroma Z

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Innokin Go Series: Ideal for Beginners

We take a look at two new Innokin starter kits.

Innokin builds on the popularity of the Go-S with two new vape devices - including the first Direct-Lung device with a fixed coil pod.

Best Vape Brands for the UK

An in-depth focus on different vape brands available in the UK - and what makes each one special.

The sheer quantity of vape brands can make it hard to choose the best one - especially if you are new to vaping. Based on years of experience - plus in-house testing - here’s the 8 best hardware brands to try.

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