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Disposable Vapes

Enjoy great taste and maximum convenience with our selection of disposable vapes from top brands. Available in a huge choice of delicious flavours, these single-use devices provide no-fuss, on-the-go vaping ideal for all occasions. From just £3.40 with free shipping with our great-value mix-and-match multibuy. Unsure where to start? Click here for more information.

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Which disposable vape should I choose?

The disposable you choose depends on a number of factors and personal preferences including:

Flavour choice

Many disposable ranges feature predominantly sweet fruit, soda and candy flavours. However, you will find ranges such as SKE Crystal Bar that include menthol and tobacco options too.

Battery life

Most standard disposables last up to 600 puffs ( dependent on puff frequency and intensity). If you’re looking for a longer-lasting disposable, ‘Big Puff’ devices such as IVG 2400 are a good choice.  

Device size

While ‘big puff’ disposables last longer, for maximum portability, you may want to consider a more compact device such as Lost Mary BM600.

Nicotine strength

Most disposable vapes come in a standard 20mg (2%) nicotine strength. For lower strengths, consider ranges such as the Elf Bar 600.

Popular brands

Who are disposable vapes for? 

With their easy-to-use design, disposable devices are suitable for vapers of all experience levels. They are particularly suited to new vapers and smokers looking for a no-fuss alternative to cigarettes. 

Why choose E-Cigarette Direct?

Only the best

With over 15 years experience in the vape industry, we supply only the best, fully-compliant vape products, carefully selected to provide you with the best choice possible. Once we stock any product, we also closely monitor both customer and in-house feedback as part of our ongoing commitment to quality.

Multibuy offers 

Stock up and save on your favourite disposable vapes with our great value mix-and-match multibuy offers, including 10 for £34 with free shipping included.

Responsible vaping

Recycle used disposables

Return your used disposable to your purchaser for recycling under the WEEE scheme or, if that’s not possible, drop off at an electrical recycling facility. Learn how to be an environmentally friendly vaper.

Use legal devices only

Legal devices follow strict rules around ingredients and testing, making them a far better alternative to illegal vapes. Here’s how to tell if your device is legal.

How to tell if your vape device is legal

Switch to refillable vapes

Switch to rechargeable devices for huge cost savings and further waste reduction. Take a look at our best rechargeable vape devices for inspiration or our selection of budget-friendly devices for the best cost-saving options.

Helpful guides

Disposable Vape Guide

How to use disposable vapes.

Everything you need to know about disposable vapes, from how to use them to when to replace them.

Best Disposable Vapes

Based on in-house testing the best disposable vapes to try.

Our in-house testing team put dozens of disposable vapes to the test to find the very best brands. Here are the results…

How to Switch to Refillables

A complete guide to switching from single-use devices to refillables.

After helping thousands of vapers switch from disposables to refillables, here are our top tips for making the switch.


How long do disposable vapes last?

Most disposable vape devices come with 600 puffs. However, bear in mind that the actual puff count will depend on how long you inhale and how intense your inhale is. While puff count can vary, we find that most disposable vapes will last the average user around a day, heavy users around half a day and light users more than a day.

How many disposable vapes can you take on a plane?

While there is no law which states the amount of disposable vapes you can take on a plane, it is worth checking the specific regulations of the airline you are using. It is also worth checking the regulations in different countries, as some countries ban the use of vape devices.

Can you take disposable vapes in your hand luggage?

Yes, disposable vapes can be put in carry-on luggage. However, you should not put disposable vape devices in checked luggage as they contain lithium-ion batteries.

Also see our Vape Travel Guide.

Why do disposable vapes taste stronger than regular vapes?

Disposable vapes typically use stronger flavour concentrates than traditional e-liquids, and are often sweeter too. However, new ranges of e-liquids known as bar salts replicate the taste of disposables, so you can enjoy these stronger flavours in reusable devices.

Can you recharge a disposable vape device?

Unfortunately, in the UK most disposable vape devices are designed to be used once and then discarded. (This is not the case in other countries where disposable devices come with larger amounts of e-liquid. In the UK, the maximum legal capacity is 2ml, and a single charge battery in a disposable is sufficient to vapourise the e-liquid.)

We suggest using either a device with a pre-filled pod or a crossover device such as the Aspire R1, which offers almost all of the convenience of disposables but is also refillable.

What are the most sustainable alternatives to disposable vapes?

Prefilled pod systems are the most convenient alternatives to use, while refillable pod systems offer the best cost savings and waste reduction.

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