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  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews
  • Order by 5pm for next day delivery
  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews
  • Vaping experts since 2008
  • Free delivery on orders over £20
  • Order by 5pm for next day delivery
  • Rated 4.8/5 from 25000+ reviews

Refillable Replacement Vape Pods

Shop a large range of replacement pods designed to be used with refillable pod vape devices including Oxva Xlim, Vaporesso Xros and Luxe X pods. Choose between pods with a fixed coil for maximum convenience or pods with replaceable coils for greater flexibility. These pods are easy to use - simply attach the pod to your device, fill with e-liquid and leave for a few minutes before vaping to allow the e-liquid to soak in. Alternatively, see our range of prefilled pods for even more convenience. 

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Eleaf IORE Prime Pods
Eleaf £6.99
IORE Prime Pods
Innokin Sceptre Tube Pod
Innokin £4.99
Sceptre Tube Pod
Eleaf IORE Lite Pod
Eleaf £8.79 Was £9.99
IORE Lite Pods
£8.79 Was £9.99
Voopoo PnP-X Pod Silver
Awaiting Stock
VooPoo £6.49
PnP-X Pod
Aspire Flexus Pod
Aspire £1.99
Flexus Q Pod
Innokin MVP Pod
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £5.99
MVP Pods
Vaporesso Zero 2 Pods 1.0ohm
Vaporesso £5.99
Zero 2 Pods
Smok Novo 2 Pods
Smok £7.99
Novo 2 Pods
Innokin Sensis EZ PC Pod Clear
Innokin £3.49 Was £4.99
Sensis EZ PC Pod
£3.49 Was £4.99
Voopoo TPP X Pod Gold
Awaiting Stock
VooPoo £6.49
Aspire Minican Pod
Aspire £3.99
Minican Pods
Smok Nord 50W Pods
Smok £4.99
Nord 50W Pods
Smok G-Priv Pods
Smok £4.49 Was £5.99
G-Priv Pods
£4.49 Was £5.99
Vaporesso GTX POD 22
Vaporesso £5.99
Geekvape Nano Pods
Geekvape £3.49 Was £4.49
Aegis Nano Pods
£3.49 Was £4.49
Aspire Vilter Pods
Aspire £6.99
Vilter Pods
Smok RPM 4 Pods LP2
Smok £5.99
RPM4 Pods
Smok Stick G15 Pods
Smok £7.49
Stick G15 Pods
Voopoo TPP Pods Silver
VooPoo £3.49 Was £6.99
TPP Pods
£3.49 Was £6.99
Vaporesso Luxe Q Pods 0.8ohm
Vaporesso £5.99 Was £11.99
Luxe Q Pods
£5.99 Was £11.99
Geekvape Wenax K1 Pods
Geekvape £8.49
Wenax K1 Pods
Smok Acro Pods
Smok £6.49 Was £8.49
Acro Pods
£6.49 Was £8.49
Smok IPX 80 Pod
Smok £6.99
IPX80 Pods
Aspire Nautilus Prime X Pods
Aspire £2.49 Was £4.49
Nautilus Prime X Pod
£2.49 Was £4.49
Eleaf GTL Pod
Eleaf £2.99
Geekvape Wenax C1 Pods
Geekvape £1.99 Was £2.79
Wenax C1 Pods
£1.99 Was £2.79
Innokin Sceptre Pods
Innokin £4.99
Sceptre Pod
Geekvape Mero AIO Tank Stainless
Geekvape £5.49 Was £9.49
Mero AIO Tank
£5.49 Was £9.49
Smok Nord 4 Pod
Smok £7.99
Nord 4 Pods
Eleaf GTL Pod Tank Gunmetal
Eleaf From £9.89 Was £10.89
GTL Pod Tank
Was £10.89
Aspire Favostix Replacement Pod
Aspire £7.89
Favostix Pods
VooPoo PnP Replacement Pod
VooPoo From £4.99
PnP Pods
Aspire Nautilus Prime Pod
Aspire £1.49 Was £2.89
Nautilus Prime Pod
£1.49 Was £2.89
Thallo Pods Smok RPM
Smok £6.99 Was £7.79
Thallo Pods
£6.99 Was £7.79
Vaporesso Xros Pod 0.8ohm
Vaporesso £9.30
Xros Pods
Smok RPM 2 Pod
Smok £5.49
RPM2 Pods
Smok Novo X Pod
Smok £8.49
Novo X Pods
VooPoo PnP Pod Tank Stainless
VooPoo £8.99
PnP Pod Tank
Smok Scar-P3 Pod
Smok £2.99 Was £5.49
Scar-P3 Pods
£2.99 Was £5.49
Smok Scar-P5 Pod
Smok £3.49 Was £5.49
Scar-P5 Pods
£3.49 Was £5.49

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Why do you need replacement pods?

With fixed-coil pods, you need to replace the entire pod when the coil comes to the end of its life. With replaceable coil pods, you only need to swap the coil out, and you can then reuse the pod. Pods may also need replacing if the device has been dropped and the pod is cracked or performance is impaired. 

Can you mix and match vape pod devices and replacement pods? 

No - it’s important to use the correct replacement pod for your device. Make sure that you match the brand and that the pod is compatible with the device. Check our device pages for a list of compatible pods.

How often do you need to replace a pod?

Fixed-coil pods need replacing every time the coil comes to the end of its life. Most pods will last around 2 weeks, but pods used with more powerful devices may only last 2 or 3 days. Replaceable coil pods will often last for many weeks or even months as long as the coil is replaced regularly. 

How do I maximise the life of the coil in the pod?

With a fixed-coil pod, simply allow the e-liquid to sit for five minutes before inhaling for the first time. With a replaceable coil pod, allow the e-liquid to soak in every time you replace the coil. Always ensure that there is some e-liquid in your pod so that the coil doesn’t dry out. See A Beginner’s Guide to Coils for more information. 

What are some signs I need a new vape pod?

Signs you need a new vape pod include: 

  • A burnt or scratchy taste
  • Diminishing flavour or vapour
  • A gurgling noise when you inhale
  • If the pod is cracked or damaged/leaking

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