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Vape Mod Kits

Discover a wide range of vape mod kits from top brands such as Aspire, Geekvape and Vaporesso. These kits are used by more experienced vapers looking for power and clouds as well as a Direct-Lung inhale. You can also find easy-to-use mod kits such as the iStick Power 2 suitable for all experience levels but with a much larger battery capacity than entry-level systems. Vape kits offer the best value, but if you are looking for replacements you can also buy individual mods and tanks. Each vape kit purchased includes a FREE e-liquid of your choice, with fast, free UK shipping available.

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Free E-Liquid
Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 Black
Geekvape £57.89
Aegis Legend 3
Free E-Liquid
Eleaf iStick i75 Blue
Eleaf £44.99
iStick i75
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus Pro 2 Cocoa Brown
VooPoo £28.49
Argus Pro 2
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Flexus AIO Silver
Aspire £27.89
Flexus AIO
Free E-Liquid
Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Cerulean Blue
Innokin £27.89
EZ Tube Zenith Minimal
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Armour S Silver
Vaporesso £49.89
Armour S
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Armour Max Silver
Vaporesso £58.99
Armour Max
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Target 100 & iTank 2 Jade Green
Vaporesso £49.99 Was £49.99
Target 100 & iTank 2
£49.99 Was £49.99
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Target 200 & iTank 2 Lava Grey
Vaporesso £54.99 Was £59.99
Target 200 & iTank 2
£54.99 Was £59.99
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Gen 80S & iTank 2 Neon Orange
Vaporesso £39.89
Gen 80 S (iTank 2 Edition)
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Gen 200 & iTank 2 Neon Purple
Vaporesso £44.99 Was £49.89
Gen 200 (iTank 2 Edition)
£44.99 Was £49.89
Free E-Liquid
Smok Mag Solo Gun Metal
Smok £44.99 Was £49.89
Mag Solo
£44.99 Was £49.89
Free E-Liquid
Smok Morph 3 Red
Smok £49.89
Morph 3
Free E-Liquid
Eleaf iStick Amnis 3
Eleaf £23.99
iStick Amnis 3
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Drag 4 Gun Tropical Orange
Awaiting Stock
VooPoo £44.99 Was £53.99
Drag 4
£44.99 Was £53.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Coolfire Z60 Zlide Top Kit Blue
Innokin £42.99 Was £48.99
Coolfire Z60 Zlide Top
£42.99 Was £48.99
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus XT Silver Grey
VooPoo £39.99 Was £54.99
Argus XT
£39.99 Was £54.99
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus MT Pearl White
VooPoo £39.99 Was £54.49
Argus MT
£39.99 Was £54.49
Free E-Liquid
Smok Mag-18 Gunmetal Red
Smok £29.99 Was £49.49
£29.99 Was £49.49
Free E-Liquid
Smok G-Priv 4 Black Front
Smok £53.99 Was £68.99
G-Priv 4
£53.99 Was £68.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin GOZEE Yellow
Innokin £29.89 Was £30.99
£29.89 Was £30.99
Free E-Liquid
Geekvape Max 100 Black
Geekvape £46.99 Was £52.99
Max 100
£46.99 Was £52.99
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Target 100 Slate Grey
Awaiting Stock
Vaporesso £36.99 Was £44.99
Target 100
£36.99 Was £44.99
Free E-Liquid
Smok R-Kiss 2 Black Red
Smok £35.89 Was £42.99
R-Kiss 2
£35.89 Was £42.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Kroma 217 Mariana Blue
Innokin £34.89 Was £46.99
Kroma 217
£34.89 Was £46.99
Free E-Liquid
Geekvape M100 Silver
Awaiting Stock
Geekvape £48.99 Was £49.99
£48.99 Was £49.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Coolfire Z80 Ash Grey
Innokin £39.89
Coolfire Z80
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Zelos 3 Kit Gun Metal
Aspire £39.89 Was £43.99
Zelos 3
£39.89 Was £43.99
Free E-Liquid
Eleaf iStick Power 2 Blue
Eleaf £42.99 Was £44.99
iStick Power 2
£42.99 Was £44.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura T22 Pro Fuchsia Spray
Innokin £26.99 Was £32.99
Endura T22 Pro
£26.99 Was £32.99
Free E-Liquid
Smok Rigel Mini Kit Black
Smok From £24.99 Was £35.89
Rigel Mini
Was £35.89
Free E-Liquid
Smok Scar 18 Fluid Red
Awaiting Stock
Smok £38.79 Was £53.99
£38.79 Was £53.99
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso GTX One Black
Vaporesso £24.99 Was £29.99
£24.99 Was £29.99
Free E-Liquid
Coolfire Z50 Kit Black
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £34.79 Was £45.99
Coolfire Z50
£34.79 Was £45.99
Free E-Liquid
Kroma-R Zlide Kit | Innokin Bronze
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £35.99 Was £39.99
Kroma-R Zlide
£35.99 Was £39.99
Free E-Liquid
Priv N19 Kit | Smok - Blue
Smok £19.89 Was £22.99
Priv N19
£19.89 Was £22.99
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Adept Zlide Kit Black
Innokin £29.99 Was £33.99
Adept Zlide
£29.99 Was £33.99
Free E-Liquid
Arc 5s | TECC Rainbow
TECC £41.99
Arc 5S

What are vape mod kits?

Mod kits combine a mod and tank in one kit. The mod provides the power and controls, such as wattage selection. They are powered by either a fixed or replaceable battery. The tank holds the e-liquid. The tank and mod are attached, usually via a threaded 510 connection. The 510 connection means most tanks and mods are cross compatible.

Mod kits usually come packaged with replacement coils for the tank, and a compatible charging cable, which means the only thing you need to buy separately is the e-liquid and, if needed, a replaceable battery. This battery is usually an 18650 or 21700. For maximum battery capacity, choose a mod that uses dual 21700 batteries.

Are vape mods right for you?

Vape mods have gained a reputation for being difficult to use. While it’s generally true that they are best suited to more experienced users, mod devices have become much easier to use over the years. Indeed, many mods now sport a Smart Mode option, which automatically adjusts the power mode to suit the resistance of the coil. This makes them more accessible to newer vapers or those with limited experience, while still offering advanced modes for users who want to fine tune their vape.

So while we usually recommend mod kits to more experienced vapers, they are also suitable to new vapers who prefer a larger, bulkier device, longer battery life, an airy Direct-Lung inhale and are not afraid to do a little bit of learning to get the most of their device. The most important thing to learn with a mod device is how to prime the coil properly and how to match e-liquids to the right coil. 

If you are tempted by the power and battery life of a mod, but are not quite sure if they are right for you, you might want to consider trying a pod mod kit, which is essentially a halfway house between a mod and a pod kit.

Vape tank size limit

There is one crucial difference between UK vape mod kits and mod kits outside Europe. That’s down to an EU law, the Tobacco Products Directive 2 (TPD 2), which limits the size of vape tanks to 2ml. That’s why you’ll sometimes see some mod kits listed as ‘TPD’ version.

Mods versus pods & vape pens

Pen style and vape pod devices overlap with mods, but in general are likely to be smaller, lower powered and easier to use. As you can imagine, vape pens get their name from their similarity to a pen, while pod devices have a pod which clips into a vape device instead of screwing in. Pod mods are a cross between pod and mode devices, combining some of the simplicity of pod devices with some of the power of a mod device.

Helpful guides

How to Choose a Vape Mod

The factors to consider when choosing the right vape mod for your needs.

Let us guide you through the different factors you need to consider when choosing a mod so that you end up with the right device for your needs.

Best Vape Mods

A list of the best vape mods currently available, along with the pros and cons for each device.

Looking for the best of the best? Our in-house testing team put dozens of mods through their paces in order to bring you the best currently available devices.

Vaping Modes Explained

Learn what the different modes on a vape mod mean so you can get the most out of your device.

While it's possible for someone with just a little bit of experience to use a vape mod, to get the most out of your device it’s well worth understanding what the different modes mean.

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