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Reviewed by thousands of real customers on Feefo Rated /5 from reviews

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Christmas Vape Gift Guide

Xmas Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect Christmas vape gift? Whether you’re shopping for a vaper or smoker (hopefully soon to be ex-smoker!) in your life, or simply fancy a treat for yourself you’ll find some of the best Christmas vape gift ideas here.

From complete vape gift sets suited to both new and more experienced vapers, to mix & match e-liquid bundles, festive shortfills, and super handy accessories - you’ll be sure to find the ideal Christmas vape present!


Vaping Gifts for Smokers & New Vapers

When you’re buying a vape kit for a smoker who hasn’t vaped before (or doesn’t have much experience) there’s a few things to bear in mind.


It’s advisable to use a device that gives a similar experience to a cigarette.

Cigarettes have a tight draw that is quite different to some of the bigger “cloud machines” you’ll see in use.


For new vapers, it’s a good idea to choose a device that is easy to use.

As vapers gain more experience, some will gravitate to devices that need more technical expertise, but starter kits allow you to walk before you start running!


It’s usually a good idea to choose e-liquid which has a higher nicotine concentration, such as 1.8% or 1.2%.

This means vaping will better help alleviate nicotine cravings. Low nicotine strengths often lead to people vaping more in an attempt to fulfill nicotine cravings.

The simplest device available is a cigalike, which looks very similar to a cigarette. To use you just inhale, and the device does the rest - making it perfect for technophobes! Most people, however, choose to go for something that looks a bit different from a cigarette and gives the option to use different e-liquids.

One great option for new vapers are pod systems.

These are super simple to use, but improvements in technology means they produce enough vapour to satisfy most smoker’s cravings for nicotine.

Suggested E-Cig Kits for New Vapers

Hexa Pro

Great Vape, Easy to Use

The Hexa Pro combines performance and ease of use to make it one of the best closed pod systems currently available.

A favourite at E-Cigarette Direct, the device requires no maintenance or set up, has automatic firing and uses convenient fixed-coil, pre-filled pods that provide a great cigarette-style draw - making it perfect for new vapers who want a fuss-free experience.

For a more compact version, see the Hexa Mini.

Uwell Caliburn

Superb Flavour

In contrast to the Hexa Pro, this is an open system. This means you can use the device with a vast variety of e-liquids.

The Caliburn has also gained a reputation as being the best pod system for flavours, so it’s a great choice for people who really care about taste.

See also the Caliburn G & Caliburn G2

Aspire PockeX

Staff Favourite, Comes with Free E-Liquid

The Aspire Pockex may be slightly older technology, but it retains huge popularity amongst vapers, both new and experienced. In fact, it’s also used by many of our staff.

This is a reliable device that produces an excellent vape.

Gifts for Vapers & Experienced Vapers

Existing vapers very broadly fall into two groups. One group, known as cloud chasers, likes using large devices and blowing huge clouds of vapour, while the other group are happy to use smaller, more discrete devices.

Christmas Gift for Cloud Chasers

Vaporesso Target 100

The Target 100 kit provides big clouds and great flavour with a 100W mod paired with the iTank vape tank and low resistance GTI mesh coils. The iTank’s innovative Turbo airflow system lets air fully circulate the tank and coil for maximum flavour and vapour.

Powered by external 18650 or 21700 batteries (not included), the Target 100 mod gives you a choice of 5 modes to customise your vape - from basic Variable Wattage (VW) to flavour-enhancing F(t) mode.

Also see the Target 200 and Target 80 & iTank kits.

Voopoo Drag S

The Voopoo Drag Pod Mod Series is super popular. Combining the compact size of a pod device with the power and functionality of a mod, the devices are finished with a stylish combination of leather and metal.

The Voopoo Drag S outputs up to 60W and provides long-lasting power with its 2500mAh battery. Combining the mod’s superb adjustable airflow with the PnP pod and low-resistance PnP coils makes for great cloud potential.

Unlike other cloud machines, the Drag S is not just for experienced users as it has an easy-to-use Smart Mode that auto selects the best wattage for the coil used.

E-Liquid Christmas Gifts

One thing every vaper needs is e-liquid. This short guide will help you choose...

10ml E-Liquid

10ml e-liquid such as Halo Vapour Co. (three for £9.99) is great for vapers who are looking to replicate the nicotine hit of a cigarette or is using starter kits or lower powered devices.

Short Fills

Best for Clouds

For cloud chasers, you’ll want larger bottles of e-liquid (known as short fills). These don’t contain any nicotine, but are used with a seperate nicotine shot - but don’t worry, on E-Cigarette Direct you get a free nicotine shot with every short fill.

Popular brands on E-Cigarette Direct include Halo Shortfills, Punx by Riot Squad and Doozy Vape.

For a festive e-liquid option, why not try Baked Apple from Cotton & Cable or Wonutz Cinnamon Swirl Glazed?

Stocking Fillers

If you can find out exactly what tank your family member or friend is using, a great idea for stocking fillers are coils. These are an essential part of the tank, but need to be changed every few weeks.

Other options include a stylish vape drip tip to go on the end of the tank or a bubble vape glass to expand the capacity of the tank.


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