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Christmas Vape Gifts

Xmas Gift Ideas

Hold your horses - it’s not Christmas yet! But when it is you’ll find a great selection of gift ideas and some bargains for Christmas 2019.

Searching for the perfect Christmas vape gifts? Whether you’re shopping for a vaper or smoker (hopefully soon to be ex-smoker!) in your life, or simply fancy a treat for yourself over the holiday season, on this page you’ll find some great inspiration. From complete vape gift sets that are suited to beginners as well as more experienced vapers, through to mix & match e-liquid bundles, festive short fills, and super handy accessories - you’ll be sure to find the ideal xmas vaping prezzies!

What should I buy for a smoker or vaper?

Vape Gifts for Smokers & New Vapers

When you’re buying a vape kit for a smoker there’s a few things to bear in mind.

  1. It’s advisable to use a device that gives a similar experience to a cigarettes. Cigarettes have a tight draw that is quite different to some of the bigger “cloud machines” you’ll see in use.
  2. For new vapers, it’s a good idea to choose a device that is easy to use. As vapers gain more experience, some will gravitate to devices that need more technical expertise, but starter kits allow you to walk before you start running!
  3. It’s usually also a good idea to choose e-liquid which has a higher nicotine concentration, such as 1.8% or 1.2%. This means vaping will better help alleviate nicotine cravings.

The simplest device available is a cigalike devices, which looks very similar to a cigarette. To use you just inhale, and the device does the rest. Most people, however, choose to go for something that looks a bit different from a cigarette and gives the option to use different e-liquids. The Joyetech Teros Kit or the Jac Vapour S17 both combine ease of use with the high performance needed to replace cigarettes.

Gifts for Vapers & Experienced Vapers

Existing vapers very broadly fall into two groups. One group, known as cloud chasers, likes using large devices and blowing huge clouds of vapour, while the other group are happy to use smaller, more discrete devices.

For cloud chasers, you’ll want larger bottles of e-liquid (known as short fills). These don’t contain any nicotine, so it’s a good idea to get a nicotine shot to go along with these. A great choice for a festive gift is the Wonutz Gingerbread flavour.

This group is often very picky about the devices they use, so rather than buying a vape kit you might want to choose some accessories. The K-Bag is a great idea for organising vape supplies while the Pebble Power Bank ensures they will never run out of power again!


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