New Study Finds No Toxic Nitrosamines in E-Cig Vapour

Last year an FDA study found minute quantitites of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNAs) in NJOY cartridges.

The Nitrosamines were:

  • at levels thousands of times lower than those found in cigarettes (and at similar levels to those found in peanut butter!)
  • only found in cartridges – the FDA did not test the vapour exhaled by smokers

As has been pointed out numerous times, the FDA study appeared to demonstrate that electronic cigarettes were far safer than regular cigarettes.

This did not stop both the FDA and traditional media from spinning the findings to argue the electronic cigarette should be banned.

This lead to headlines such as “E-Cigs contain carcinogens” and E-Cigs more dangerous than cigarettes” – despite the fact the levels were so much lower than found in the cigarettes.

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In response to the findings, NJOY chartered expensive testing of the vapour.

The only TSNA that was found in the vapour was the non-toxic N-nitrosoanatabine (NAT).

Ben Thomas, Ph.D., a well-respected consultant with 35 years’ experience in toxicology, pathology and risk mitigation who conducted the analysis in conjunction with premier independent consulting laboratory ANALYZE, concluded that:

Based on my review of scientific literature, NAT is not toxic and not carcinogenic, and based on the vapor analysis, it is my conclusion that TSNAs do not pose a health risk to the users of the electronic cigarettes distributed by NJOY.

(Note: At the time of writing ECigaretteDirect were the UK distributors of the NJOY e-cigarette.)

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