The Great Vaping Quiz

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5 Days
5 Questions
6 Great Prizes

Over the next 5 days I will be posting 5 questions.

Each day one person who has answered the question correctly will win our Halo electronic cigarette kit (changable for a tank kit if you prefer using e-liquid). On the final day one person who has answered all questions correctly will also win a £50.00 voucher to spend on either ecigarette direct or The Smoker’s Angel.

You can answer your questions in any of the following places:

Day 5

E Cigarette Direct  sell two kinds of e-cig kits: a cartomiser kit and a tank system. What’s the difference between them?

Answer: Although there are many ways to answer this, essentially a cartomiser kit has s disposable cartridge with an inbuilt atomiser. That means it is a two part e-cigarette, and you just throw the cartridge away when you are finished with it. A tank system, however, is a three part e-cigarette with a separate cartridge which you fill with e-liquid.

Congratulations to Ria Cash, who won an electronic cigarette kit, and to John Skeffington, who has won our bonus prize of a £50 pound voucher. John and Ria, could you please email me on [email protected] so I can send you your prizes.

Day 4

What is the main reason people switch to vaping?

Because of the smoking ban
To save money
For health reasons
Because they prefer e-cigarettes

Background: We’ve run several surveys on this (including one run and published on this blog), and one answer always wins by a mile. Can you guess which one it is?

Answer: While all four are valid reasons to switch, according to several surveys we have run, people switch to the electronic cigarette for health reasons. Here’s the results of one survey:

Why people switch to the e-cigarette

See Why We Switched to Electronic Cigarettes: User Stories for more information (and fantastic personal stories.)

Winner: Congratulations to Ian Shaw who won an electronic cigarette kit on Day 4. Ian, can you please contact me on [email protected] and let me know what kit you would like!

Day 3

Why might someone use a vegetable glycerine (vg) based e-liquid instead of a propylene glycol (pg) based e-liquid?

Congratulations to Val, who wins our third prize. (Val, we’ve emailed you!)

The Answer:

The most common reason people use a VG based e-liquid is because of an allergy to propylene glycol. Other possible reasons include a preference for vapour, for a smoother vape or for a sweeter taste. Many e-liquids include both pg and vg, the strengths of which can be adjusted to change the amount of vapour/throat hit the liquid produces.

Day 2

When were electronic cigarettes invented?
Answer: This proved a trickier question than I had anticipated, as some websites claim that the e-cigarette as we know and use it now was invented in 2004. The other answer commonly given, 2003,is the correct one, as Ruyan, the original manufacutrer of the electronic cigarette, stated in a press release on its website that:

Ruyan established a private company, SBT to manufacture and distribute “electronic cigarette” technology under the “Ruyan” brand in 2003.

Several people referred to Herbert A. Gilbert’s smokeless tobacco cigarette, patented but never created in 1963, and we also accepted this as a correct answer.

Next question coming up shortly!

Day 1

 Which of the following is NOT a word for electronic cigarette?

personal vaporizer
electric cigarette

Well done to everyone who got the right answers – which was vapehaler.

We put all the winner’s names into a random name selector and the winner was:

Carla Knight

130 thoughts on “The Great Vaping Quiz”

  1. The answer to todays quiz is : personal Vaporizer

    Hope I win, waiting for my first kit to arrive – have to wait a month to get one for my husband, so winning his would be nice – just my daughter to sort out then – that will be March….money only goes so far!

  2. The only one NOT a word for Ecig’s is VAPEHALER!

    Mind you if a ‘vapehaler’ could be anywhere near as good as my HALO then I wouldn’t mind what it was called!!
    Loving vaping and not going back to the ‘old way’

  3. John Skeffington

    Answer to question 2 – The first electronic cigarette concept appeared in a patent by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963, this was described as “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette, to provide a safe and harmless means for and method of smoking by replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air” but as tobacco was not considered dangerous in those days, and due to the lack of technology, the product never took off.

    However if we are talking about the modern electronic cigarette then it was invented in 2003 by a Chinese Pharmacist, named Hon Lik, and released for sale in 2004.

    So it depends to which you are referring to, the first to be INVENTED was in 1963, however the first to be brought to market was invented in 2003 and released in 2004 🙂

  4. Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette in 2003. The concept goes much further back, but 2003 is the recognised invention date.

  5. The answer to today’s quiz is 2033. Hon Lik applied for his first patent on the electronic cigarette in 2003 and subsequently introduced ecigs to the Chinese Market in 2004. Wonderful invention!!! :-))

  6. The E-cig was first invented and marketed in China in 2004,the e-cig was patented as Ruyan meaning almost like smoke.

  7. Day 3 answer is I hope is people can be senstive to pg,muscule cramps and sore throat…. Vg doesn’t break down in to latic acid if that’s spelt also gives off thicker smoke.

  8. To reduce the side effects that pg liquids can have. Also thanks for this question, think I have found the answer to a friends problem with her e cig, so with any luck I can help get her back on track!!

  9. Day 3: There shouldn’t be any toxicity in a vegetable-based glycole as slightly opposed to the propylene-based mixture.

  10. Answer to day 3 is; because vegetable glycerine produces more vapour than propylene glycol so some people may prefer to use vg more than pg.

  11. Most E-Liquids are normally a mix of PG/VG this seems to be the
    most popular mix.PG is normally thinner, sweeter and carries
    flavours better.VG based liquids are more viscous and wick slower but they do produce a thicker vapour.
    I suppose the best e-liquids are a mix of the two, if someone
    just uses VG based liquids it might be that they are sensitive to PG.

  12. The reason a person may prefer VG is that they may have an allergy to PG (sore throat, night sweats rash etc).
    VG also produces more vapor so spme users may prefer VG even if not allergic to GP.

  13. Dave Christopher

    Some individuals who have shown sensitivity to PG (such as sore throat) have found that VG does not have the same effect. One reported side effect that VG can also allay is muscle cramps and aches from PG breaking down into lactic acid (see Right to Vape). It should be kept in mind though that though these symptoms might be uncomfortable they should not be thought of as actual health risks.

    While VG is also known to produce more vapor, oddly enough vapers have reported that it produces less of a “throat hit” . On a practical note, the greater thickness of VG fluid can cause a reduction in the lifespan of the atomizer (though the reduction does not seem that dramatic).

    So, in summary, though some users might find they prefer one over the other, both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be considered safe components in any e-cigarette product.

  14. Why indeed?!
    PG has a bad press because consumers think it is antifreeze. NOT TRUE – the PG used in ‘good’ brands of ECIG’s is in fact food grade PG and studies have shown no increased risk factors. However VG has shown to have a better ‘cloud’ formation (that’s’smoke’ to you and me!) VG is a thicker liquid and people claim health benefits from it – less sore throats, somehow easing muscles cramps etc.
    I guess the answer is personal preference. The studies are out on both of the ingredients – proponents of both exist. Me, I don’t care, just give me my HALO!

  15. some may prefer VG as they may have an allergy to PG possibly(sore throat, night sweats rash etc).
    VG also produces more vapor so some users may prefer it.

  16. some people prefer vg becoz of allergies, also they like more vapor and the sweetness vg can give some juices also they may be miss informed and not think it is safe

  17. Someone may use VG liquid due to a sensitivity (sore throat) to PG liquid. VG liquid is known to give a better vapour. It is also known to have a sweeter taste so may suit some peoples tastes more than PG

  18. For any of these reasons:
    A. To avoid a sensitivity or allergic reaction to PG.
    B. Because they like the thicker vapor it produces.
    C. The base (for use in DIY) can be bought at most Health Food and/or Drug Stores… and can also be found in Kosher versions.
    D. All of the Above!!


  20. Day 5 – The cartomiser kit is a simple two part system, the cartridge is already filled with liquid, just screw it to the battery and you are ready to go. The tank system has to be filled manually with the fluid.

  21. Health is the most important reason. If you are healthy you can achieve anything you want – without good health you are unable to do anything.

  22. day 5 a cartomiser kit as sealed cartridges and the tank system is where you fill the cartridges yourself(i think ).

  23. The Cartomiser is a two part system made up of a battery and and atomiser which is quick and easy to use and change flavour on the go,The Tank system is three parts made up of battery, atomiser and cartridge which you fill with your preferred e-juice flavour ahead of use.
    To sum up Cartomiser for on the go and Tank system for those with time to spare

  24. The major difference is the that a cartomizer style Ecig – like my HALO, is a two piece design, consisting of a battery (rechargeable on the HALO) and a pre-filled ‘tank’ consisting of the atomiser and the flavoured medium containing the nicotine. You just screw one to the other, no fiddly refilling and then enjoy!
    The Tank system has separate units for the nicotine container (tank) – which is filled and then refilled by the user, an atomiser (the heating bit!)- which is replaced periodically, a battery and a bottle of eliqud (the nicotine bit!).

  25. halo regular kit is a 2 piece design ,prefilled cartos and battery, the tank is unlike our standard kit, these sleek pen-style e-cigarette looks very different from a regular cigarette
    before inhaling, you click a button to activate the atomiser
    atomisers come seperately, and are pushed into the battery
    cartridges come blank, and are filled with e-juice prior to use
    e-liquid needs to be dripped onto the atomiser before use

  26. Day 5 – The cartomiser kit is a simple two part system, the cartridge is already filled with liquid, just screw it to the battery and you are ready to go. The tank system has to be filled manually with the fluid

  27. Day 5 the cartomizer has the atomiser built in the tank has it seperate.the tank also had to be refilled. The cartomizer is handy to get up and go with no messing.I personally prefer the tank seems to last longer and can see when its running low x

  28. The cartomizer is a 2 part system consisting of the battery and a disposable cartridge.
    The tank sysyem has to be manually filled with e-juice fluid.

  29. I had trouble loading the page for Day 4’s quiz, and although most people switch for health reasons, I personally switched for that… and a bit of curiosity at 1st. Along with the strict no smoking laws where I live and the increasing prices of cigs… I have also found that they have helped with my anxiety/panic disorder, too!!

  30. Day 5: The Cartomizer kit consists of 2 pieces… a battery, and a cartomizer (which is an atomizer and cartridge combined) and contains a filler that the holds the liquid. While the Tank kit has 3 parts… a battery, atomizer and tank cartridge (which has no filler in it).

  31. The cartomizer is simpler, ie 2 parts. The Atomizer has 3 parts with the Eliquid going into a tank and them being heated in a seperate atomizer. Although it takes a bit more effort the tank kit is more versatile, (more choice of flavours)is cheaper to run and some say more pleasurable. (I am new to Halo and enjoying it immensely but will try the tank system soon.)

  32. Day 5

    The Cartomiser contains the atomiser and is already prefilled
    with eliquid, just replace the cartomiser each time and it’s the same as replacing the atomiser and cartridge on some electronic cigarettes.
    The Tank system has a seperate atomiser and a tank for eliquid
    which means you can fill up and vape for longer.
    The tank has a manual battery – you just have to press a button to activate the atomiser.

  33. The difference is one is a 2 piece system with a cartomizer filled with batting to hold the eliquid fairly inexpensive to replace and refill. The tank system is a type of atomizer with a piercing plate and a small cartige/tank that pops into the atomizer and supplys liquid to the coil and can be somewhat expensive to replace. In essence a carto is nofuss no muss while the tank system takes a bit of effort to use.

  34. halo reg kit is a 2 piece design for easy vaping, carto is disposable,the tank system uses a refillable tank you put e juice in. you fill the tank push into the atty and press the button on the batt an your ready to vape! yum yum!

  35. John Skeffington

    The halo cartomiser system has 2 parts, a battery and a cartomiser. These 2 parts screw together and do all the work for you, all you have to do is chose which strengths and flavors you would like to vape.

    The halo tank system has 3 parts, a battery, atomiser and cartridge. You fill the cartridge with e-liquid, which again comes in various strengths and flavors, then put together and vape away.

    Some people prefer the cartomiser for the convenience, but others prefer the tank as they can control the nicotine and tobacco flavors.

  36. Robert Parkin · Levin, New Zealand
    I think one comes with pre-filled cartridges and the tank you fill your own.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Yesterday at 5:56pm

    Robert Parkin · Levin, New Zealand
    For health reasons I think.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Friday at 11:00pm

    Robert Parkin · Levin, New Zealand
    VG – Vegetable Glycerin is used, usually, by people with allergies or.
    sensitivity to PG…. The vast majority of e-liquid you will find will be PG based; if.
    you are new to… Propylene Glycol generally produces sweeter juices, and less.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · Thursday at 10:10pm

    Robert Parkin · Levin, New Zealand
    In 2003 I believe electronic cigarettes were invented.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · January 25 at 2:37pm

    Robert Parkin · Levin, New Zealand
    vapehaler is the odd one out definatley NOT a word for electronic cigarette.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · January 24 at 9:55pm

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