Why e-cigarettes should be banned…

Can you guess what the one of the biggest objections to e-cigarettes is?

That they look, feel and feel taste cigarettes.

The theory seems to go like this:

  • e-cigarettes look like cigarettes
  • cigarettes are bad
  • therefore e-cigarettes should be banned

De-normalising Smokers – and the E-Cigarette Threat

Kissing a smoker.
Current policy seeks to ‘denormalise’ smoking – but anti-smoking groups worry that e-cigarettes threaten this policy.

Some anti-smokers believe e-cigarettes encourage the perception that smoking is normal and okay.

You can find examples of this argument advanced by ASH and the BMA here, and by the New Zealand government here.

But with millions of smokers worldwide switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, it’s hard to see how e-cigarettes encourage smoking.

I believe that the actual reason for the opposition to e-cigs goes beyond this.

Parts of the anti-smoking lobby have become so passionate that their cause has stopped being about health and has instead become a moral crusade against smoking and smokers.

A crusade which has been extended to anything which resembles smoking.

And if these anti-smokers get their way, millions of smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit nicotine will return to tobacco cigarettes.

Percentage of smokers who would return to cigarette if e-cigs were banned.
62% of e-cigarette users we surveyed said they would return to tobacco cigarettes if ecigs were banned.

What do you think?

Using a cigarette and an e-cig together.

Already because of the policy of de-normalisation  of smokers, New Zealand smokers are denied e-cigarettes even while their government admits the devices are safer than regular cigarettes.

But is it right that smokers should be denied a choice between how they enjoy nicotine, a choice which will undoubtedly save many lives, just because e-cigarettes look like something anti-smokers don’t like?

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24 thoughts on “Why e-cigarettes should be banned…”

  1. I know a lot of non-smokers and find attitudes to smokers vary. Most who have never smoked don’t object to others doing so as long as they don’t do it in their space. But some ex-smokers hate anything that reminds them of smoking and those people admitted that they still crave a cigarette even 20+ years after quitting. The e-cig reminds them of the cigarette they still want so they hate it as much as the real one that they want as soon as they smell or see it. So if you ignore those with a financial interest or are on a moral (almost religious?) crusade, I think the ordinary anti-smoker who is also anti-ecig is afraid that the craving awakened by seeing something that looks like a cigarette will tempt them back to smoking. Of course there are very powerful commercial lobbies that want ecigs banned so as to sell their own products, which puts tobacco companies and NRT pharma companies together. Maybe tobacco companies should branch out into ecigs, and pharma pay for the testing to be able to do the same?

  2. Well, frankly I ENJOY my nicotine habit! I am glad I got into vaping for health reasons and I enjoy it even more than ordinary cigarettes. It harms no one else and vaping isn’t much worse than drinking tea, which I also enjoy.

    I get fed up with the sanctimonious, PC moralizing brigade! Most of them aren’t perfect either!

  3. “I get fed up with the sanctimonious, PC moralizing brigade! Most of them aren’t perfect either!”

    I don’t think it stops with smoking either – many of them are moving into campaigning against drinking, which is one reason we are seeing above inflation increases on drinks and calls for a ban on advertising for alcohol, despite falls in the amount of people binge drinking.

  4. Continuing from last post and in reply to Sue, I enjoy my nicotine, I don’t want to quit it, probably the reason why traditional methods have never worked for more than a couple of days is because I don’t want to quit, I just don’t want the health risks and cost. So for me ecigs are a saviour, I like them more than traditional, but now I’ve bought one that doesn’t look like an imitation cigarette. It took a bit of time to get there though. But without vaping I’d still be on my 40 a day habit.
    I also am the kind of person who’d do something just because of the nanny state saying I shouldn’t, the demonising of smokers made it harder for me to quit them because I was told to.

  5. The anti-smoking lobby has been working tirelessly and selflessly for decades to remove the disgusting poison that is smoking. Now tobacco companies have come up with a sneaky electronic version to ensnare children and allow pathetic nicotine addicts to get round rules designed to protect normal people – and you’re suprised that there’s opposition???

    1. How dare you attack people who are trying to quit using these devices? Anti smoking lobby? And yet you’re trying to get people off of these much safer devices and back onto tobacco? That’s lunacy, and you’re assisting it. Tobacco cigs have over 4000 chemicals in them, as well as the addictive nicotine. E-cigs have? None. Glycerol, and water as the base carrier, and nicotine to assist with the cravings. Tobacco companies get kids addicted to nicotine, not e-cigs. People like you are incapable of thinking for themselves, and just latch onto whatever your now defunct anti smoking lobby says because it’s trying to keep itself going now it has nothing to fight for. You’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve, this is just a desperate attempt to find something else to whine about. Go away and leave us alone – most smokers want to quit, and it’s people like you who make us think “why should we, because they think they have the right to demand it.” Go away, you silly woman.

  6. which will undoubtedly save many lives, just because e-cigarettes look like something anti-smokers don’t like? —

    Then why do you, along with almost all the other ‘etailers’, insist on selling cig-a-likes that look so much like analogue cigarettes?
    The look is what I wanted to get away from, as well as the tar etc.
    I have been cigarette-less since I bought my first kit from you, but I moved on to larger battery and liquid capacity items.
    Thank you for getting me started on the right route.



    1. Hi Miles

      I think you misunderstand our aims. We don’t try to dictate what people buy, we try to provide what people want, based on a combination on customer feedback and market research. And most people who haven’t tried an electronic cigarette before want something as close to a cigarette as possible.

      We also provide something which looks completely different to a tobacco e-cigarette – but most people starting out prefer a regular e-cigarette.

  7. The inevitable “Angry” idiot has arrived. Unless of course “angry” is actually a troll, in which case he/she/it shouldn’t be fed and for that I am sorry.

    “Angry” if you are in fact a real person then I suggest you look into things a bit further.

  8. It’s never been about health, it is about controlling people by idiots with nothing better to do that try and prevent anyone from enjoying themselves. Alcohol is next, then fast food, then salt etc. etc.

    This is a very slippery slope.

    Also the local government quit sites will not give people funding for e-cigs because they are pimping for their friends that make patches and gum.

  9. Rip Washington

    What James says rings very true. I currently use a non-analog looking pv (The Provari), but when I started vaping 3 years ago I was adament that I purchase a device that looked just like a cigarette. Perhaps it was a psychology thing at the time. Eventually, with more exposure to vaping, I drifted toward big battery devices.

    For the record, I actually enjoyed smoking. I didn’t convert to vaping to quit smoking, I converted to get away from the ever increasing cost of cigarettes! Quitting analogs permanently turned out to be a unexpected by-product.

  10. To Angry,
    You seriously need to read up on ecigs to make any negative comments about them, You clearly dont know what your talking about. There is no smoke only vapour which has no smell and disperses immediately, also I have not seen one kid with an ecig in his/her mouth, so yes feel free to give your opinion but only when you know what your talking about…..

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  12. I haven’t been to this site before. It certainly seems to be a sensible place. Ecig users and PETS (People who Enjoy Tobacco) really must stick together. The Holy Zealots of Tobacco Control do not understand the meaning of words like ‘truth’, ‘tolerance’, ‘civilisation’, etc. They understand only propaganda and lies.

    I have an ecig. It is called ‘screwdriver’. People here will no doubt know about it. Suffice to say that it looks nothing like a fag – it looks like a screwdriver! (The ‘handle’ holds the battery) I bought it as an experiment, to see what vaping was like. I have only used it a few times. The last time that I used it anything like extensively was on an American cruise ship (grand-daughter’s wedding)(you know what the Yanks are like!) Oddly enough, this cruise ship, despite being American, had a smoking lounge! I could not believe it! I used the ecig in our cabin, but only sporadically – especially first thing in the morning.

    Here is my philosophy.

    a) You have every right to be concerned about the health effects of smoking tobacco, but you need to be careful that you are not being brainwashed.
    b) You have every right to be concerned about the cost of tobacco as a result of taxation.
    c) You MUST defend your pleasant habit. Arguments by Holy Zealots that ecigs have not been ‘proven’ to be harmless do not hold water – H2O has never been proven to be harmless. (Excuse pun)

    What the Holy Zealots would like to do is to drive a wedge between vapers and smokers. Watch out for trolls who try to drive in the wedge. They will pretend to be vapers who hate smokers. Do not listen to them. They are trying to ‘divide et imperor’.

    I am a smoker. I value vapers. Vapers should value smokers. We are all on the same side, which is to STOP the Holy Zealots banning our little pleasures.

    I am ‘site administrator’ of Bolton Smokers Club. You will see nothing there which vilifies vapers or vaping. What you will see there, however, are constant reminders that the Holy Zealots have proved NOTHING as regards smoking harm. Even as recently as 2005, ASH were UNABLE to show that smoking ’causes’ lung cancer (The McTear Case in the Scottish Supreme Court).

    the Holy Zealots are now moving on to alcohol. The same tactics are to be used. There will be a gradual increase in (paid for) studies and surveys. Alcohol use is to be ‘denormalised’ and drinkers are to be ‘demonised’.

    Vapers! Enjoy your pleasant little habit! But side with smokers and smokers will side with you! Side with drinkers and fatties, for the Holy Zealots are after them as well.

    Eugenicists are the cruelest of people……

  13. Angry, if he really exists or is not heavily tongue in cheek, sums up the sophistication of the argument against ecigarettes. It has no more substance than the vapour from my personal ego inhaler.

  14. I went to ecigs to save money…get away from ashtrays…health reasons…couldn’t seem to quit smoking….found out the ecig was a pleasant alternative…works for me.

  15. Michael J. McFadden

    How nice that little cartoon about kissing a smoker is. Think of the grandmother’s who get shoved away by their grandkids because of that sort of thing. Red Bladder: re the Antismokers and their money trail: VERY true.

    One of the funniest excuses the Antismokers use against e-cigs in planes and restaurants is that staff won’t be able to tell if they’re real cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Now, just think about what that means for a moment: it means that the Antismokers must have been lying for years about “the terrible stench” of smoking… since they can’t even smell it!

    Re: Angry — Heh, he/she isn’t any different than the bulk of the Antismokers I’ve been fighting for years. It’s just gotten plainer nowadays how truly crazy they are as they go after e-cigs and natter on about “thirdhand smoke” and such things. I actually found a posting on a medical board at one point from a woman who’d had a small cyst removed from her breast. The doctors said it was just a cyst, but she was convinced it was cancer caused by USING A TELEPHONE in her office that was sometimes used by a smoker.

    No. I am not kidding.

    Google “Recovery from ASDS” and read about “AntiSmoking Dysfunction Syndrome.” It’s actually very real, and very destructive, and now it’s being aimed at the vaping community as well.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  16. Thanks for the comment Junica – on this blog we basically take the view that people who are fully informed about the risks of smoking should be allowed to make their own minds up, not have their minds made up for them!

    I have nothing against the anti-smoking lobby informing people about the risks of smoking or providing assistance to people who want to quit, but demormalisation is a worrying policy which sounds like something out of 1984.

    And I also agree that vapers and smokers should stick together.

  17. “Angry” and his / her / its small minded friends (who, incidentally, are hardly “selfless” will be tirelessly campaigning against sunshine next. It causes more cancer than vaping does, after all.

    “Angry”, just chill. Live and let live. We don’t know who you are, you brave little soul, but is it possible you might drive a fossil fuel driven car? Drink alcohol? Get angry and frighten your family? Gossip and spread nasty stories about others? Use preservatives and chemicals? Perhaps you aren’t in too strong a position to impose your perfectionist idealism on the rest of us.

    Vaping harms no bystanders, so chill, get informed and mind your own business.

  18. Junican is absolutely correct, smokers and vapers should stick together. You can be sure that these anti-smoking nazi’s will be coming for the e-cig soon using as much b**lshit made-up “science” as they can find.

  19. I am a senior consultant gynaecological surgeon and have been a qualified doctor for 38 years, I am also a cigarette smoker who readily understands the risks of smoking and was recently introduced to e-cigs. I am still a cigarette smoker (reduced) but enjoy the use of e-cigs because they can be used legally in areas that are prohibited to standard cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes represents a health hazard – this has been accepted for years (the work of Sir Richard Doll and others proved this a long while ago). Nicotine is a drug, but it is difficult to overdose this by smoking as compared to the administration of other “recreational” drugs, leaving the myriad of chemicals and particulates in smoke as the major harmful component of cigarettes. E-cigs remove this hazard to the user and those in the vicinity (passive smokers). One can obtain nicotine from other sources (patches etc) but where is the enjoyment in that? To many the act of smoking represents an enjoyable stress release mechanism. Therefore whilst smoking tobacco remains legal there can be no argument against e-cigs which are inherently safer. It is the individual’s choice whether to indulge in nicotine and the same goes for alcohol (also a legal drug with health penalties). Smoking cigarettes and alcohol have a common factor, both represent substantial revenue to government by way of taxation. Alcohol (freely available) has considerably more adverse effects on society and families (car accidents, antisocial, criminal and inappropriate behaviour) than smoking cigarettes and in particular e-cigs. Governments remain committed to promoting an “anti-smoking” stance but, in reality, are petrified that there will be reduction in consumption and the associated tax revenue. So it really comes down to the fact that some people just can’t get round the fact that others gain enjoyment from activities that they personally find abhorrent. In the coffee room in the operating theatres (once a fug of mist and smoke) many traditional smokers have seen my e-cigs and are converting which must be good for them and the environment – I have yet to find a non-smoker who is converted to e-cigs – surely a positive result all round except for the Inland Revenue and producers of devices for alternative nicotine administration who will loose out finacially. For those who just can’t stand seeing the use of e-cigs, well I have to see many sights I find objectionable but I just look the other way.

  20. Spent a day out with friends and family on Saturday, went to the metro centre using my ecig, then went into the imax and was given permission to use it in there too, also had a meal afterwards and again was given permission to use my ecig, on getting home can you imagine my amazement to be told by the bar man that there is a ban on ecigs in his pub, and all pubs in the pub-watch scheme. Why on earth would the pubs be the first place I encounter this problem considering how much trade they claim they lost since the smoking ban here in the UK

  21. Regarding my previous post, wouldnt my being forced outside to smoke my ecig in the smoking only areas be some kind of personal attack, an attack the whole smoking ban was supposed to sort out in the first place, in other words non smokers now dont have to breath toxins from smokers, but ecig smokers are being forced into doing just that.

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