EU Proposes Spending Your Money on Tobacco Subsidy While Stubbing Out Safer Alternatives to Smoking After Manufacturers Allegedly Refuse to Pay Bribes

  • EU could spend hundreds of millions on new tobacco subsidy
  • At the same time plans to ban alternatives to smoking which could be 99% safer than smoking after companies allegedly refuse to pay bribes to corrupt EU official

Following an EU parliament vote, subsidies to the tobacco industry in EU could resume.

The EU could bring back subsidies for European tobacco farmers – a subsidy which used to cost £260 million pounds a year, according to a story in the Daily Mail, our favourite paper 😉

The possibility arose after the EU parliament voted to allow EU countries to decide which crops get European farmer subsidies.

The tobacco industry in Europe has been slowly burning out since it stopped receiving huge subsidies in 2010.

Is EU Banning the Safer Alternatives Because Manufacturers Refused to Pay Bribes?

Dr Joel Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians, believes that oral tobacco Snus is a vastly safer alternative to smoking, stating:

…in the best of the epidemiological studies available today snus do not increase any cause of death…

Snus – a vastly safer alternative to smoking.

Dr Nitzin is also positive about electronic cigarettes, saying:

..we have every reason to believe that the hazard posed by e-cigarettes would be much lower than one percent of the hazard posed by cigarettes

Yet the EU, which has also received hundreds of millions of Euros in payoffs from tobacco company Philip Morris – manufacturers of cigarette brand Marlboro – aims to put a stop to EU smokers switching to safer alternatives like Snus and e-cigarettes.

Dalli  was forced to resign after allegedly demanding money from manufacturers in return for lifting an EU ban on safe alternatives to smoking.

Last year EU health commissioner Dahli was forced to resign after he allegedly demanded millions of Euros in return for allowing Snus to be legalised.

Manufactures claim they refused to pay the bribe – and Dalli’s directive maintained a ban on life saving Snus.

Over 60% of e-cigarette users say they would return to smoking if e-cigarettes were banned.

Since Dalli’s resignation, the EU has made no changes to a directive that may have been dictated by corruption rather than by the concerns for the lives of smokers.

Former director of Action on Smoking and Health, Clive Bates, complained that:

The proposed directive contains measures that could make it harder or impossible for smokers to switch from cigarettes to much less dangerous nicotine products – an approach that will cause more death and disease than it prevents.

Angry about the EU’s moves? On his blog, Clive Bates explains how YOU can help fight the proposed ban.

p.s. Does anyone know how much land you need to grow tobacco? We are thinking of growing some and applying for EU subsidies 😉 Watch this space for premium Welsh Taffy Baccy!

3 thoughts on “EU Proposes Spending Your Money on Tobacco Subsidy While Stubbing Out Safer Alternatives to Smoking After Manufacturers Allegedly Refuse to Pay Bribes”

  1. David,

    That sounds like an urban myth to me. Knowing how much the antis love fuel like that there is no way it would not have been grist for the mill for years after.

    1. comparethemarxists

      (Sofia, Jan 25) – The EU will provide money for tobacco in its next 2014 – 2020 fiscal period, Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov said in Kardzhali.

      As the Committee on Agriculture of the EU adopted a proposal for the removal of tobacco from the ban list for subsidized crops, 2014 Bulgarian tobacco will receive EU co-payments from 2014, the minister explained.

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