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The Ban On Ecigs In Public Places: What Vapers Say…

We had a busy day yesterday, with interviews with the Jeremy Vines show, Sky News, Radio Ulster, Hello Wales and Swansea Sound. (We also got coverage of our arguments against the ban on The Daily Mail, The Daily Record, Wales Online and  The Metro)

So I wasn’t able to reply to comments here, as well as on Twitter, G+ and Facebook, as usual.

But we had lots of comments, and they were brilliant. In the hope that someone from the Welsh Government will see them, I’ve compiled some of the comments here.

(If you are angry about the ecigarette ban in Wales, please write to the Welsh Government as well as leaving a comment. The Welsh Government monitor the amount of letters on each topic, so it can make a difference. You can find contact details here, or register to attend a consultation here.)

If the e-cigarette renormalizes anything, it must be QUITTING smoking! 

Those people have yet to realize that if the e-cigarette renormalizes anything, it must be QUITTING smoking! Saying the “the e-cig will renormalize and promote smoking” makes about the same sense as saying “Drinking NA-beer in public promotes alchool abuse!”. How can someone who has clearly moved AWAY from smoking, using a smoke-LESS alternative to tobacco cigarettes in public, be considered ‘pro-smoking’ and seen as an advocate to tobacco use, is beyond my understanding…! Joao Pargana

Sack them!

Obviously these tax-payer paid people have too much time on their hands, if this is seen as a problem. Sack them, save taxes, and our sanity. Mick Hines

I really don’t get what the problem is here… I really don’t get what the problem is here, myself like many other ecig users are using them to improve our way of life , I am using them to hopefully wean myself off of nicotine I have reduced from 24gm to 12gm in 5 months , I feel more healthy can taste and smell again , and also realise that I no longer smell like a smoker , I sometimes wonder how much of the against ecigs thing is because of the major fall in Tax is now hitting their purse 😉 Lin Martin Thomas This equals to deliberate premeditated murder. One good way to make taxpayers pay willingly monster taxes is to stigmatize them. This ban is a first step to introduce a quit-smoking-tax. People who no longer smoke would be normalizing smoking: the perversion to discourage people to quit paying smoking taxes; so put the ex-smokers alongside with the smokers and expose them as much as possible to passive smoke. With what we know about smoking this equals to deliberate premeditated murder. Luc Van Daele

Issue Based Nonsense I listened to the AM promoting this on the radio where he admitted the health risks were “very small”. Issue-based nonsense. E-cigs do NOT promote smoking – they offer an alternative. If they were to ban these things, I would almost certainly return to tobacco (with a heavy heart and a much lighter bank balance). No health benefits there then David Hammon Williams They want you to smoke and die early…. For every smoker who quits, the Government takes a big hit in lost tax revenue. There’s also the prospect of you living a lot longer and claiming pensions and other benefits in old age. Although they won’t admit it, they want you to smoke and die early. Amelie Taylor @thesmokersangel Its no longer about health its about control, politicians make me sick.  Ted Mullineux (@tedmull) April 2, 2014Who are these idiots? 

Who are these idiots? Their argument is similar to saying that beagles cannot be walked in the countryside, since this might undermine the hunting ban, or normalise cruel sports! Is ideology above the law, or can the law be manipulated to encompass perverted ideology (as Hitler thought!)? Geoff Cliff

What are these people thinking?

” DRACONIAN IS RIGHT ” what are these people thinking? Ecigs are miles better, healthier than ” NORMAL CIGS” NO TAR OR OTHER STUFF CLOGGING OUR LUNGS. I have been on ecigs for over 2 years & feel fitter, no more wheezing. I AM 70 years of age & smoked cigarettes most of my adult life. Wish ecigs had been around when I was younger. ” Keep up the fight” Hugh Mcilloney

Embarrassingly Incompetent

This is embarrassingly incompetent and blinkered of them. Gareth Williams

Their argument is purely based on the fact that they don’t like smoking.

It looks to me like the know they have lost the argument on safety etc. so they have resorted to the “normalise smoking” argument. As far as I know there is no evidence that vaping normalises smoking just vaping. Even the latest study from Wales found no evidence that vaping leads to smoking. Their argument is purely based on the fact that they don’t like smoking. This is not a good reason to impede smokers to vape instead and lengthen their lives. David Moger


This is stupid next they will ban living there too, mind I think that’s happening already from what I’ve seen in some so called Holiday spots, empty! Sue Horrocks

Ignorance Rules

So I CAN? have a cigarette outside, walk in a building with poisons still in my lungs, on my clothes, skin and hair, polluting the route I take, but I CAN’T vape in public places, which is poison free, smells nice and is better for my health than a lollipop oh well ignorance rules!!!! Sandra Barnes

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, and if you feel strongly, write to the Welsh Government too!

9 thoughts on “The Ban On Ecigs In Public Places: What Vapers Say…”

  1. It still ceases to amaze me that they will do anything but ban actual cigarettes aswell! They say that vaping normalises smoking so they ban it, but smoking normalises smoking more so yet they won’t apply their own stupid logic and ban that aswell!

    What if we all used the smaller, more discreet, cigarette looking ecigs and carried an open pack of ten around with us? Then if it looks as if someone is going to come up to us and have a go, quickly put the ecig away and pull out the packet and say they must be mistaken!

    1. I fail to see there logic too. If 1,500,000 people are using ecigarettes instead of smoking, aren’t ecigs normalising NOT smoking?

  2. Adam Hart-Dyke

    The theatre group I used to belong to banned e-cigs on the premises or anywhere near the premises on the grounds that it would encourage the younger members to smoke cigarettes. I left the group shortly afterwards.
    If only the woman who imposed this ban knew that her children had been smoking cigarettes behind her back for years…

  3. Pretty obvious Why they are doing this….

    Some or all of them have Shares in Tobacco Co’s or getting Back-Handers to do it!

    NEVER TRUST any Politician–Even a Welsh one!

    1. I heard from an insider that it actually has a lot to do with diverting attention away from other issues (specifically problems with ambulances in Wales.)

  4. I live in Wales, i am an ex smoker & vaping is solely to thank for my miraculous step away from tobacco. it upsets me that a culture change as great & prosperous as vaping can be used by our government as a tool for their campaigns. There is a huge amount of evidence to support most positive aspects of the argument for vaping & i have seen no solid evidence to support the claims which are presented to the public in the mainstream.
    The term ‘It normalizes smoking’ is now an over abused & imaginary term & it begins & ends within its own words, just something for the government to say over & over. The figure 1.3 million estimated users is thrown around in the news as if there has been some sort of official survey but i would guess they way short in their reckoning.
    Their points in hand are hypocritical, for example they would like to ban vaping in the same places as smoking has been banned, imagine a pub ! a place for adults only who can’t decide for themselves weather to allow vaping or not within their own establishment ! The vapers will be forced to stand outside with the smokers in full view of all public members including minors, exposing children to the activity & yet they tell us they are concerned that vaping will ‘normalize’ smoking ! I see no logic in that & zero health benefits. They will have us pay more for a drink in the bar but throw us outside for a pleasurable & harmless vape.
    And what of our human rights ? I choose freely to partake in my vaping activity & i enjoy the benefits of my nicotine but the official stance is that this activity is bad. They will have the public believe that it is as bad as smoking… Oh how much they have to learn still !
    For 27 years i was a slave to tobacco & just once i have found a real & viable get-out, something i can take with me into my future, my vice. I don’t really drink a lot of alcoholic drinks or partake in other substances either legal or otherwise but i do enjoy my electronic vaporizer & i will still be using it into the future, a future without this current government who don’t represent me & they don’t represent many real & ordinary good working people who fall outside of their blinkered approach.
    Already nearly all of my earnings are taken in taxes & oversized bills. Will they now take my personal pleasure too ? The last bit of personal pleasure i have left ! I won’t let them.

    1. “The figure 1.3 million estimated users is thrown around in the news as if there has been some sort of official survey but i would guess they way short in their reckoning.”

      The most up-to-date reliable figure I have seen is 1,500,000 figures (provided by the Smoking tool kit, which carries out a monthly survey of UK households).

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