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PHE Launch Pro-Vaping Campaign

Dave didn’t feel well. The room was spinning, his head felt like it was in a vice, it seemed like a camel was sitting on his chest. For a moment he wondered if he’d woken up in the Sahara Desert, but rolling over to assess his surroundings the awful fog began to clear. It was […]

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E-Cig Summit 2017. E-Cigarette Direct

E-Cig Summit Round Up – November 2017

What is the e-cig summit? For the last five years the E-Cig Summit has been bringing together vapers, researchers, industry (both independent and big tobacco and pharma), public health and government. The summit has been key in cutting through misinformation and contributing towards a huge change in attitudes towards e-cigs. I think it is probably […]

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The Nicotine Monopoly Game

This is an email from Kate at Vapers Network which she kindly said we could share: Hi Vapers, Nicotine Users and Friends Plans to hand all nicotine sales rights to pharmaceutical companies are moving along. There are now proposals from the EU and WHO to bring nicotine under tobacco control regulations where it hasn’t been […]

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Why shouldn’t the MHRA and the FDA regulate the electronic cigarette?

The title of this blog post was a question left on a comment by a user the other day. Here’s our answer! Already regulated Firstly, there is an assumption that the e-cigarette is not currently regulated. In contrast, the electronic cigarette is already regulated by Trading Standards in the UK. Trading Standards officers have already […]

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Electronic Cigarette Survey

Spanish E-Cigarette forum, with assistance from professional doctors, has compiled a survey on the effects of vaping. The study is completely independent and Vapeandro tells us that the results will be sbumitted for analysis and preview in the hope that results may be published. To take the survey click here. Other surveys: You may […]

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Electronic Cigarette War Room

Kate of Vaper’s Forum continues to do good work in the e-cigarette cause – this time setting up a war room for electronic cigarette companies to meet up and discuss the impending UK regulation. (If this is the first you have heard of this, the bug pharm funded MHRA has admitted the e-cigarette is a […]

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