E-Cigs Your Lungs

E-Cigarettes and Your Lungs – What the Evidence Says

Updated November 2017 with the first long term data for the effect of vaping on the lungs.  Whether lurking in the comments section of a vaping-related news story or in a beer-soaked pub conversation, most vapers will eventually encounter the piece of folk wisdom that: inhaling anything that isn’t air isn’t good for your lungs. […]

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E-cigs Lipoid Pneumonia

Can Vaping Cause Lipoid Pneumonia?

– Source: Yahoo News There are 2.5 million vapers in the UK. An estimated 30 million people have vaped in America, and there are many millions more around the world. Two of them have experienced a case of lipoid pneumonia. Both were former smokers. Despite the numbers, some now believe e-cigarettes can cause lipoid pneumonia. As we […]

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Why You Cough When Using E-Cig

Why You Cough When You Vape, and How to Stop It!

“You’ve got to try this again, Julia!” I said to our accountant. She’s been smoking for decades, and occasionally mutters about quitting. I’ve been trying her on various e-cigs trying to get her to switch – this time I was trying her on an Aspire Mini Nautilus and iStick, hoping that a more powerful e-cig would do […]

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E-Cig Side Effects

Vaping Side Effects: What Every Vaper Needs to Know

Tom puffed on his Aspire CF Sub Ohm. Suddenly, his eyes crossed, his hair stood up on end and steam started coming out of his ears. But he was lucky – much worse has happened to other vapers, as shown in the following video: Not really! Is vaping bad for you? In all seriousness, while many scientists believe that e-cigarettes […]

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Nicotine benefits

10 Surprising Benefits of Nicotine

You know nicotine has got a bad reputation, right? But did you know that reputation is largely unfounded? In fact, some evidence suggests that nicotine alone isn’t that addictive, and that it is the other chemicals found in tobacco smoke, coupled with the behavioural aspects that make smoking as addictive as it is. (Possibly this is  the […]

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Are e-cigarettes bad for you?

Are electronic cigarettes bad for you? The shocking truth.

The answer is probably yes. But if you change the question to: Are electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes? You’d get a very different answer, at least from scientists involved in ecigarette research. That’s because while ecigarettes are not healthy for you in an absolute sense, many scientists believe they could be 100 or more […]

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E-Cigs & Your Lungs. What you need to know.

How E-Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs: Results of an Online Survey of Users

Updated: June 2016 If you trawl the net, you’ll find little data on how e-cigarettes effect your lungs. So, with some help from researcher Paul Bergen and vaping bloggers (and from lots of you lovely readers!) I asked vapers how switching to an electronic cigarette had affected their smoker’s cough, ability to exercise and do strenuous jobs and […]

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Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes: Do You Need to Worry?

By James Dunworth and Paul Bergen Do you need to worry about nitrosamines in electronic cigarettes? Short answer: no. But let’s elaborate. The Background In 2009 an FDA study found traces of nitrosamines in eliquid. Shortly after, headlines across the world screamed that electronic cigarettes were as bad as cigarettes – despite the fact that: […]

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Diethylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes: What They Never Told You!

By Paul Bergen and James Dunworth FDA Alert: Electronic cigarettes contain diethylene glycol Four years ago the FDA said they had found diethylene glycol (DG) in e-cigarettes. (See The FDA, the MHRA and The Electronic Cigarette for more information.) What wasn’t reported was that that traces of DG had only been found in one e-cigarette, belonging […]

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