E-Cig Misconceptions

The Top 10 E-Cigarette Misconceptions

Janice took a long drag of her cigarette, then burst into a fit of coughing. She hawked up a gob of phlegm, before using a handkerchief it to pat it away with a grimace of disgust. She turned, shuffling back into the hospital on her zimmer frame, shivering in the late winter drizzle. “You ought […]

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E-Cigarette News Views

E-Cigs Cause (Media) Schizophrenia: A Case Study

Recent data has shown clear evidence that e-cigarettes have led to schizophrenia among several UK newspapers. In this case study, we’ll look at one particularly severe case, although many media outlets have suffered similar symptoms after being exposed to unreliable second hand vapour reports. Scientists Say E-Cigarettes Are Bad For You We’ll start off with […]

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ECig Lung Study Has Huge Flaws and Undisclosed Conflict of Interest Say Scientists

We recently published a blog complaining about the way papers have only been publishing negative news about e-cigarettes. The blog was in response to media stories about a new study which claims e-cigs lead to a restriction in airway passages, published as a press release entitled: Experts warn that e-cigarettes can damage the lungs. While we […]

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ASH Scotland Recommend Suicide Drug Chantix/Champix To Mentally Ill

Andrew Case loved his family. On Facebook he wrote: I hate seeing my babies poorly, breaks my heart. No clue of what was to follow came in one of his final entries, boasting that his little daughter, Bee: … dances like an angel. Shortly afterwards, Andrew, who was training to run a marathon to raise […]

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Prue Talbot, junk science and electronic cigarettes

Prue Talbot, a researcher at the University of California, has launched a new attack on the electronic cigarette. In her paper, due to be released today, she thunders that electronic cigarettes are not regulated and should be banned until such a time as they are. Prue Talbot is a researcher at the University of California […]

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