There are a load of cool vaping sites, many of them new, which we haven’t blogged about yet and I am going to try and cover all of them over the next few weeks.

One very cool one is VapeTube, the e-cigarette version of You Tube.

I’ve just been playing with it, and have uploaded a couple of our e-cig videos to the site. Below is our e-cigarette warning playing.

Screen shot of Vape Tibe
Vape Tube Vid

One thing I like about the site is that you have the choice of either uploading a video from your browser or straight from YouTube, and you also get some cool sharing options (see screen shot below).

Vape tube screenshot 2
Vape Tube options.

The site is fun, easy to use – and, even more importantly, 80% of the profit goes to research into the electronic cigarette. So what are you waiting for – get over and start using it 🙂

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