Is Smoking Sexy? Ten Sexiest AND Least Sexiest Smoking Photos Ever To Help You Decide

Update: The survey competition is now closed – check out the results here!

After a couple of heavy posts on this blog recently, we’d thought go for a fun, sexy and silly topic.

Is smoking still sexy?

On the one hand we have people with smoking fetishes, and top models like Kate Moss strutting their stuff while having a fag on the catwalk.

But then, with some people it’s just not that alluring.

Or is sexiness purely person related and nothing to do with cigarettes?

So we’d thought we’d flash you 10 sexy (sorry, couldn’t resist) and not-so-sexy pictures of people smoking vaping and let you vote at the end!

(And give you the chance to win three great prizes at the same time – see below for details!)

Oh Yes!

Dean smoking.

Oh No!

A toothless woman smokes.

Oh Yes!

Woman smoking with camera.

Oh no!

Simpsons sister's smoking.

Oh yes!

Beautiful smoker.

Oh no – although what a beautiful picture!

Old woman smoking.


Taken from our collection of 37 most shocking anti-smoking ads ever, this picture was meant to put young people off smoking, but we think they could send the wrong sort of message to some people!

Young girl in anti-smoking ad.

 On to vaping


From our Welsh National Opera Post: More pics here! 

Welsh National Opera picture.

Surely yes!

Katherine Heigle vaping.

Probably not!

Letterman vaping.

Now on to the survey! And to spice it up we’ll send three random winners a super duper smoker’s angel t-shirt.

Here’s our own Smoker’s Angel Claire (who’s sexy whether she’s vaping or not :)) wearing our vaping t-shirt.

Claire smoking a smoker's angel t-shirt.


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5 thoughts on “Is Smoking Sexy? Ten Sexiest AND Least Sexiest Smoking Photos Ever To Help You Decide”

  1. Smoking is NOT sexy but vaping is……especially after seeing Johnny Depp with an electronic cigarette 😀

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