A New EU Attempt to Ban E-Cigarettes – And How to Defeat It!

Important Update: A petition on Avaaz against the EU ECIG Ban is gaining traction, with over 11,000 signatures at the time of writing. Please sign the petition and share it on social media. Click here to sign the petition now!

During a recent attempt to ban electronic cigarettes in the EU thousands of vapers contacted their MEPs in protest.

Despite the massive influence of the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies who stand to lose out from ecigarettes, MEPs responded by rejecting the law in a EU parliamentary vote, showing that sometimes democracy and activism can trump lobbying power.

A New EU Ecig Ban

So, the EU went back to the drawing board and came up with more ideas to take away your e-cigarettes and force you back on to cigarettes and/or ineffective NRT aids.

These include:

  • a ban on refillable tank systems
  • a ban on clearomisers (only single use cartridges to be allowed)
  • a ban on almost all flavours (only flavours currently used in NRT to be allowed)
  • maximum nicotine content of 10mg per unit
  • a requirement that e-cigarettes deliver a regulated dose of nicotine (this technology does not yet exist, although one company spent several years and millions of pounds trying to develop one before giving up.)
  • likely internet selling ban
  • ban on distance selling

along with many more idiotic proposals, detailed by former Action on Smoking and Health boss Clive Bates here!

These proposals would mean an end to vaping as we know it today.

And in effect, having been defeated by a democratic vote, the EU seems to be trying to force medicalisation through again, only under a different name!

E Cigarette researcher Dr Farsalinos wrote:

“I am afraid that the European Union is once again trying to destroy the e-cigarette as an alternative-to-smoking product by trying to implement regulations that constitute a ban for the majority of products. Not only do they ignore science but they also make decisions that are against the will and vote of the MEPs just 40 days ago.”

SourceThe European Union ignores science and common sense by making proposals that will damage the health of smokers and vapers

Time to Protest – Again!

What I’ve heard, both from MEPs like Kay Swinbourne and from advocates like Clive Bates, is that most effective way to make a difference is to write your representatives urging for a delete Amendment 18 proposal.

(We’ve also arranged meetings with some of our representatives so we can make our case in person.)

Rather than copy a form letter, it’s much better to explain why e-cigarettes are important to you, and why you believe the legislation is wrong.

Some vapers in the past have written angry letters. While this is understandable considering that many believe the legislation threatens their lives, a polite and constructive letter is more likely to win representatives over.

What to Say, Who to Contact

Clive Bates goes into detail on:

  • what’s wrong with the new legislation
  • also advise on what to say in your letters
  • what you need to ask representatives to do
  • who to contact 

To avoid just repeating what Clive Bates has said, I’ve kept this post short, so please have a look at Clive Bate’s post before writing to your representative.

Click here to read Clive Bate’s post.

You can also see my summary of the arguments on both sides (put together after watching the debate at the E Cigarette Summit) here, and see the presentation I made to a parliamentary researcher on ecigarettes here.

For a list of UK MEPs, classified into for, against and unsure, click here.

To find out who your representatives are and to write to them, click here.

If you’re a blogger, ecigarette retailer, website owner or active on social media or forums, please get the word out and make sure that all 1,200,000 (or two million according to some estimates!) vapers are aware of this new threat to vaping – and what they can do about it!

Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “A New EU Attempt to Ban E-Cigarettes – And How to Defeat It!”

  1. EU: GTFO

    I plan to vote nationalistic in the coming eu elections. This is another small reason why.

    People, pls consider doing the same.

  2. You are not the only person to say they will change their vote. When we polled users more than 80% said they would change their vote to defend their right to vape.


    However, the situation is quite complicated in regards to e-cigarettes.

    The Libdems are pro-Europe but EU Libdems have fought hard to protect e-cigarettes.

    EU Conservatives have also fought hard against the EU regulation although the position of their MPs is less clear.

    UKIP is against the EU regulation of ecigs, but then they are against any EU regulation – possibly the LibDem position of working with the EU will be more likely to result in positive legislation going through.

    Labour, on the other hand, has been a key supporter of the EU Ecig Ban.

  3. Hi James,

    Thank you for the informative article, we will be pushing this on our website over the next couple of days at Vvapour.

    Our main concern is that once a product and solution like this has been available to the masses people are aware there is finally a viable way to quit traditional smoking and improve their health, if a product like this were to be banned then it would only create a black market which of course would be far more dangerous, things such as DIY nicotine refinement from tobacco to create homemade eliquids and so on and so forth could be very very dangerous.

    We need to not only argue the case of why these need to remain legal but at the same time accept and push for regulation which will only improve the products and safety of the consumers.

    eCigs have a lot of evolution still to go through, if that is funded and encouraged then we are looking at solving a very long standing global endemic.

    Thank you again and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, David, us retailers are in a position to contact a lot of people and give something back to the community. We’ll be sending this to post to our customers and I am also looking at putting out leaflets in our shops.

  4. To me they represent a stunning breakthrough that can substitute for smoking with virtually no risk, at low cost, with no public spending, no NHS resources and without coercion or prohibitive legislation.

    According to Goldman Sachs they are one of eight ‘creative destroyer’ technologies, giving people much of what they want from smoking but without the harm. To the cigarette-based business model of Big Tobacco, they promise a Kodak `moment.

    The greatest risk to these developments is heavy handed regulation: over regulate the disruptive much safer entrants, and you implicitly protect the far more dangerous incumbent, as tellingly explained in this memo from a fake PR company, Satanica.

    We’ve just published an article proposing bespoke solutions to the regulation of e-cigs, this is a must-read for all stakeholders: https://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/sci-tech/2014/01/do-we-need-a-new-settlement-with-europe-or-just-a-better-sausage-factory/

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