Graph showing the #euecigban hashtag trend.

How #EUECigBan Campaigners Forced #XFactor Into Second Place On Twitter

For three days now vapers have been taking to the social networks to protest against an EU ban on electronic cigarettes. (Were you there?)

Starting at 9pm the last three days (and again tonight) vapers have been tweeting using the hashtag #euecigban.

Graph showing the #euecigban hashtag trend.

And on Sunday vapers were so successful they outranked Xfactor, one of the most popular hashtags on Twittter.

The maximum number of tweets the #xfactor hashtag received in one hour was just 630, compared to around 18,000 for #euecigban.

Graph showing difference in number of tweets between xfactor and euecig ban.

As you can see from the languages used in the sample tweets below, it’s not just UK vapers taking part:

Tweets about the #euecigban in different languages.

Vapers are using Twitter to express their anger, with many saying they will change their vote to defend their right to vape.

I asked on Twitter:

And got the following replies:

Tweeters saying they will change vote because of proposed ban on ecigs.

What about you? It’s well worth sharing your views, following evidence that the EU are monitoring ecig tweets.

Join us tonight at 5pm (when the thunderclap goes out) and at 9pm when the next tweet fest is planned.

If you can’t make it in time, just use a free service like hootsuite to schedule some tweets.

Petition Reaches 17,000

Meanwhile, a petition against the #EUEcigBan has reached 17,000 signatures within just DAYS of starting.

Petition to stop EU ban on ecigs.

If you haven’t signed it yet, please sign it here. Just as important as signing it is sharing it – gives many options for sharing – please use them.

Thunderclap Scheduled For Tonight

Tonight there will also be a thunderclap.

Using the thunderclap app, hundreds of vapers with combined followers of over 200,000 will send out a tweet simultaneously.

Image showing the reach of the thunderclap.

It’s not too late to join in – click here to check it out!

Will you be on Twitter tonight?

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