19 Common Clearomiser Mistakes

Do You Make These 19 Common Vape Tank Mistakes?

Ever had any problems with tanks?

Here you’ll find a list of problems I’ve come across as a blogger and retailer. Have a skim through, because if you are making these mistakes the solutions could extend the life of your tank, save money and increase the enjoyment you get out of vaping.

(And if you think I’ve missed any mistakes, please let me know in the comments!)

Alternatively, for a more in-depth user guide check out the Ultimate Guide to E-Cig Tanks.

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1. Getting eliquid down the center tube/chimney

When you fill your vape tank, make sure eliquid doesn’t enter the center tube/chimney, or you will flood the clearomiser.

If you do flood the clearomiser (you can tell by a gurgling noise) try removing the bottom and blowing through it onto a piece of tissue to clear it.

Also see:

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2. Using your tanks as soon as you have filled it up with ejuice (leading to that burnt tank taste!)

Allowing the e-juice time to soak in helps protect the atomiser and ensures you get a great vape from the start.

With regular coils, you should usually allow 3-5 mins for the juice to soak in properly. However for sub-ohm coils, you need to up this to 5-10 minutes.

3. Taking Ultra Long Drags

We’ve known people take 20 second drags, but this can damage the coil, especially if you’re using a low ohm atomiser.

4. Forgetting to turn off your e-cigarette before you put it in your pocket

An electronic cigarette in the back pocket of a girl's Jean.
Remember to click your battery five times to turn it off before putting it into your jean pockets. (Above: Hannah from ECigaretteDirect demos how to keep an e-cig in your pocket with style! )

Sit on your e-cigarette, and it can fizzle away until the coil in the tank is burnt. Most batteries and mods come with a button which you can push five times to turn it on/off. This can also happen in bags etc.

If you’re like me and keep forgetting to turn off your ecig even when you know you ought to, try using a pouch lanyard to keep your ecig safe around your neck. (This is also a great way to avoid losing your ecigarette down the side of the sofa!)

5. Letting the liquid run too low

Another common mistake is not keeping your tank topped up enough with e liquid. When the e-liquid in your tank falls below a certain level, you starve the coil of eliquid – leading to a shorter coil life or even a complete burn out.

Instead, make sure you keep your clearomiser topped up to a least a quarter of its capacity. With the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser, try not let the eliquid get below the two holes in the centre coil, as these are used to pass eliquid back to the atomiser.

6. Filling the clearomiser from the wrong end

Fill standard clearomisers from the top, and bottom coil clearomisers such as the Aspire BDC from the bottom. Watch the video below for tips on how to fill the Aspire bottom dual clearomiser:

7. Holding Down The Button Before Vaping

Some vapers like to hold down the button on vape devices before inhaling.This produces a lovely fizzing sound.

Unfortunately, this can lead to e-liquid condensing in the drip tip, which can reduce vapour production and lead to gurgling noises.

To remedy, it may be worth cleaning the tank  and then ensuring that you inhale as soon as you activate your vaping device.

See below for instructions on how to clean your clearomiser.

Vape Tanks: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

8. Not Screwing the Coil Down Fully

When you’re putting your tank together, ensure the coil is screwed in fully (without over-tightening). This will prevent leakages from air-holes.

9. Forcing the head onto a tank

Demonstrating how to thread an atomiser/wick head onto a clearomiser.
Give the head a half turn anti-clockwise until you feel a click.

Simply give a half turn anti-clockwise until you hear a click when you screw the head on to a clearomiser – this will help thread it correctly.

10. Forcing the Tank On to the Battery

It can also be a mistake to over-tighten the clearomiser when you attach it to a battery.

This is especially the case with the Aspire Nautilus, which can get stuck if you over tighten it. The Nautilus has loads of seal, so you should stop tightening it as soon as it starts to bite. Some of our shop managers also recommend lubricating the seal with e-liquid.

If you do over-tighten it, there are a number of solutions you can try to get it off.

  • Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours – this will often loosen it up.
  • Try using rubber gloves to remove it – some of our shop managers find this works better than plyers.
  • Add a vape band to your tank.

11. Using A Weak Battery

It’s a common problem – people will buy a top notch tank, put it on their old ego battery – and wonder why they are not getting results.

For an Aspire BVC, you should use a moderately more powerful battery like the Innokin Endura T1811 or the Innokin Coolfire IV, which also allows you to adjust the voltage to get the perfect vape. (The exact voltage will depend on both your e-liquid and your personal preferences.)

But if you use a more advanced tank, you need to up your battery again. For the Aspire Cleito Pro, for example, we’d recommend using a battery which can use 60 watts or more, such as the Aspire Rhea Mod.

The chart below can help, although it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines if available.

Ohms chart for ecigarette users with variable voltage batteries.

To share this chart on your site, simply copy and paste the code below

Whenever you buy a new battery, make sure you  it will give it a good 4-5 hour charge to condition it before you use it. If it doesn’t have this first full charge it’s never quite the same.

Also see:

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12. Using the wrong top fill settings

Some of the newer top-fill devices have two settings – fill mode and vape mode.

After you have filled, turn the dial back to vape mode to avoid leakages and burnt coils.

See the tutorial below for more detailed instructions:

Aspire Triton: Overview and Instructions

13. Using the Wrong Wattage Settings

If the wattage on your device is too high for the resistance of your coil, you can burn it out rapidly.

(This usually happens to me after I have left my e-cig in my pocket without turning it off first!)

For more information, see the section on resistances in the blog post below.

The Vaper’s Guide to Voltage, Watts & Ohms

14. Not Lining The Air-Holes Up Correctly

Just filled up with e-liquid? It’s easy to forget the air-holes.

So if you’ve just filled up or replaced a coil and you’re experiencing difficulty inhaling, double check to ensure the air-holes are open.

Reader Suggestions

Thanks to our informed readers for these additional helpful suggestions!

15. Clean the tank after filling with a twist of tissue paper. (Paul Daniel Kendrick)

16. Don’t forget to rinse the drip tip in warm water, gets rid of any condensed liquid. (Neil Martin) Richard Lawrence also recommends soaking tanks in warm soapy water. (If you do clean the tanks, allow them to dry for at least 12 hours before using again. For quick dry, try placing rice which quickly soaks up the water.)

17. Clean the battery terminal and atomiser to ensure a good contact. (Neil Pickering)

18. When you unscrew the coil off the battery, make sure it’s the bottom ring that you unscrew – happened to me that I unscrewed the middle ring and the battery was full of liquid 🙁 (Clive Maria Green)

19. Don’t over-tighten, don’t overfill. (Elaine Durrance)

Some users also recommend rotating atomisers, believing it extends life – but this is controversial!

What have I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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49 thoughts on “Do You Make These 19 Common Vape Tank Mistakes?”

  1. Really appreciate this. Some very good tips, especially the one about keeping the clearo properly topped up!

  2. Rinse the clearomizer and wick well and then dry with kitchen paper. Do a short-burst dryburn on it to remove all the gunk from the coil. When you see it burn evenly it’s ready to vape again and tastes like new. This prolongs the life of the coil enormously.

    1. Alan, I am new in the system, please can you tell me how often do you need to clean the clearomizer, for example after how many fillings? Thank you.

  3. Great little write up of common mistakes.

    I use denture cleaning tablets on my heads. 24 hours soaking followed by a good wash in hot water and the coils are super clean. You can only do this twice though before it starts to ruin the wick.

  4. New to vaping, my aspire k1 dual cor bottom filler spits fluid out of the mouthpiece when in use. Is this normal and is there a remedy? I would be most grateful for any advice.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion but there is no no difference, do you think i might be holding the button down too long before inhaleing it doesnt gurgle it crackles then pops has hit my face a few times do u think the seal could be faulty?

    1. Linda, I am having a similar problem with a new K1 with BVC coils. Mine isn’t spitting but it does seem to be producing liquid in the vapour: I get a bitter aftertaste and the tank is very prone to condensation of juice in the drip tip. I can’t for the life of me work out what the problem is. I thought at first that my liquid was too thick (70VG) and have diluted it a little. This has helped, I think, but the problem persists. It’s frustrating when so many other users seem to be reporting such great performance of the K1 and BVC coils. My experience at the moment doesn’t reflect this and like you I am running out of possible solutions.

      I wondered whether I was over-powering the coil; then I wondered whether I was under-powering it (i.e. not vaporising al the juice that gets to the coil). So I have tried it at every setting between the recommended 4.2v-5v (for the 1.8ohm coil) — and results have been pretty much the same.

      1. Sorry, gave you the wrong impression. What I meant was are there advantages/disadvantages between the top fill units compared to the bottom fill that I am using now? I have tried a new coil in my existing unit and so far it appears to have resolved the problem, perhaps the original unit had a faulty seal or something Will let you know if this is a permanent cure as it may be of use to other readers. thanks L

        1. Generally top fill clearomisers are not bottom dual coil. The advantage of the bottom seated coil is that the gravity helps ensure the atomiser remains soaked in eliquid. We’ve been moving all our clearomisers to bottom fill technology as (at the moment – the technology is always changing!) we find they deliver a far better vape.

  6. Hi I’m wondering if u can help me. I put my whole clearomiser (top half) in a basin of water as the wee ring bit on the cap went inside and now my clearomiser wont work or make a noise?

  7. Hi,

    I have an aspire ET-s with a 1.8ohm BVC coil. Currently using it on a kamry 30 battery. Have been advised not to take it above 14watts, but according to the chart in this article, it should be no higher than about 7? Is this correct. The lowest wattage my battery goes to is 7?

  8. i have innokin itaste vtr, do i need to clean my clearomizer before i change liquid? or i just need to buy new clearomizer? and for each clearomizer can be used for how long? i am new to vape, help me please

    1. Hi Afiq, you shouldn’t need to clean your clearomiser every time you change your e-liquid. However, it’s worth checking it from time to time to see if it needs a clean – sometimes the coil can get black spots on it.

      Clearomisers rarely need replacing, unless you break the tank. However, you will need to change the coil in the clearomiser. How often varies hugely, as it depends on the resistance of the coil you are using, how frequently you vape, the voltage/wattage you use and so on, so can vary from anything from a few days to a month or so.

      You’ll find more information here: https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2014/01/beginners-guide-clearomisers.html

      1. I just replaced my e liquid after cleaning it in hot water but didn’t dry it out by leaving it out and it doesn’t have the flavour. But I get the nicotine sensation. Is this just because I didn’t let it dry out? I’m new to vaping.

  9. I have a new Aspire Carbon Fibre 650 mah battery, it is fine I have it set at 3.8V but it is making my clearomiser very hot is this normal.

    1. Hi Lisa, it does depend on the resistance of the clearomiser you are using. In general, though, if it gets hot after heavy use that should be fine but if it is getting very hot after light use you should check with your supplier in case you have a faulty device.

    1. Nicotine isn’t the bad part about tobacco tar and other poisonous substances that are put into Tabacco cigarettes etc are, which aren’t present in e liquids so it’s a healthier alternative for smokers. It’s better than going cold turkey because it helps with the cravings and atleast we aren’t putting all those countless toxins into our body anymore. I’m a new to vaping but I’ve done my homework and see the pros outweigh the cons. It’s cheaper and somewhat healthier and can help people quit plus after a hit there isn’t that smelly odour as there is with cigarettes and other tobacco products, plus we live in a technological world about time our cigarettes became electronic :D.

    1. Hi Mel

      I am struggling to see if there is a thread to the comments. What tank and coil are you using? The iStick can show an atomiser low message if you are using a tc coil in vw mode or a regular coil in tc mode.

      The following steps can also help:

      It is possible to get an atomiser low message even when using the correct atomiser

      Try the following fixes to resolve the issue.

      – Twist the atomiser to ensure there is a firm but not hard connection between the atomiser between the battery.
      – Remove the clearomiser and clean the connections. (If tissue doesn’t work, try alcohol. (On the connections, not drinking. Although both together should work too.))
      – Remove and replace the atomiser. This should allow you to identify if there is an issue with the battery or the clearomiser.

  10. Chris Summerton

    When I plug in my spinner 2 battery ,the light flashes approx 11 to 19 times(varies). I just purchased a new tank for it, could it be that? Also the green light shows full charge when plugged in but when I use it it goes flat in about 3 seconds. Has the battery had the “Richard?”

  11. Apologies for the change in topic, but my Aspire K1 tank glass just popped off the rest of the tank, I don’t know if this is fixable? Can anyone help?

    I don’t want e-liquid all over everything.

  12. Everclear, 200proof problem solver! Isoproblemo Alcohol is a percentage water, and that is a problem, so use Everclear instead and your equipment will last longer.

  13. I recently dropped my e-cigarette en thankfully the glass didn’t shatter but now it doesn’t work. It’s as if the coil is not getting any power as it doesn’t become warm and no vapor. I’m using a brand new coil. I have a just fog e-cigarette.


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