The Secret Ecig Language of Vaping

The Secret Language Of Vaping

18 Words That Mean Completely Different Things To Vapers Were you confused when you started vaping? (Or are you still confused now?) In the six years I have been writing about vaping (a word that has itself only just made it into the Oxford English Dictionary) the vocabulary associated with vaping has exploded like a […]

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26 Ways Electronic Cigarettes Are Better Than Sex

Plus – announcing the winners to our recent giveaway! 1. Your ecig doesn’t care when you use another ecig. 2. You can play with different e-liquids at the same time, or with several different electronic cigarettes, one after the other. 3. After you use an ecig, you don’t need to cuddle it. 4. (On the […]

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The Electronic Cigarette Powerboat

Breaking News – The Smoker’s Angel powerboat, the first powerboat to be built using electronic cigarette technology, is now complete and we are testing it over the Easter Break in the sunny Mediterenean. According to our engineers, the shape of an electronic cigarette has proved in testing to provide ideal aerodynamics for power boat racing. The […]

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Why Australia needs to ban outside barbeques NOW

A guest post by: ASH Australia wants to ban smoking outdoors. However, there’s something much more worrying than smoking cigarettes. First, you need to understand what causes the damage in smoking. When you burn something, you create smoke. As the smoke cools down, it creates tar and carcinogens. And it’s that, not nicotine, which causes […]

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Blowing smoke up your ass: and you thought it was just an adage

By Paul Bergen of   This really has nothing to do with vaping at all but it is amusing. Vaping has come in at a time when the ways of using tobacco and/or nicotine don’t exhibit quite the imagination when compared to days of yore. Nowadays the choices are: inhaling  chewing  and a little […]

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