Chris Snowdon Interview | Velvet glove Iron Fist

February 2010

About Chris Snowdon

Christopher Snowdon is the author of the extremely well reviewed Velvet Glove Iron Fist: A History of the Anti-Smoking Movement.

Chris generously agreed to be interviewed by us in what turned out to be a very wide-ranging interview covering his book, the Nazi anti-smoking movement, the electronic cigarette and much more.

As this was quite a long interview, we have broken it up into sections! Click on the contents below to get started, or use the navigation at the bottom of the page.

Chris Snowdon

How the ‘Velvet Glove, Iron Fist’ Book Began

ECD: What prompted you to write the book?

Chris: Well, you know it was so long ago now I can hardly remember (laughs). It’s a number of things.

It’s really a book I wanted to read and I was quite surprised that there wasn’t something like this already on the shelves. It’s something I think is quite an important topic and there wasn’t really a history of the whole subject which had been written.

I started reading more about it and realised that there was definitely a good book in it.
So that’s the main reason, I am also interested in issues of how people get things done through campaigns with activism, I am interested in issues of personal liberty, interested in popular science and how people come to believe certain things so it had a bit of everything for me.

ECD: Has there been a lot of interest in the book?

Chris: It’s going pretty well, yes. I get a lot of emails from people, sales have been doing okay, so yeah there are people interested in the topic for sure.


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