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It’s been a busy week for electronic cigarettes, with a leaked FDA email, reponses to the email from experts, claims by the FDA that the email was inaccurate (so there was an email?), a You Tube address by Matt Salmon, new president of the Electronic Cigarette Association … so here is our roundup of what we thought was interesting, with a focus on posts e-cigarette supporters.

Carl Phillips on TV (page since removed) – The Tobacco Harm Reduction Organisation has posted a link to Dr Carl Phillips on television talking about the electronic cigarette.

What If: E-Cig org wonders what would happen if a version of alcohol had been invented that did not cause liver cancer – a fair anlogy for the electronic cigarette.

The Electronic Cigarette Association has a new president, Matt Salmon, who launched a You Tube movie in support of the e-cigarette. (We have a transcription here.)

E Cig Reviews: Dustin Hardy has updated his site E-Cig reviews to make it easy to navigate.

Podcast from the Vicki Mckenna show – FDA and Public health groups want the e-cigarette banned…

The Old Rambler has a go at SmokeFree Winsonsin.

We’re about tobacco harm reduction – except I can’t say that: Jacob deals with the FDA’s stance on electronic cigarettes – and their failure to push the expected ban on Tuesday.

Despite Email Alerts, FDA did not ban E-Cigarettes(page since removed): Sheila references the previous post, and decides to try them for herself!

Nicotine May Block Swine Flu – not directly related to e-cigarettes but very interesting nonetheless!

I am sure I have missed some great posts – add a link below or drop me an email and I’ll add a link to any quality e-cig posts.

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