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Kate from Vaper’s network asked me to post this notice about a new website/network they are building:

Vapers Network began on 20th November 2009. It is dedicated to improving communication and access to support for users of personal vaporisers (including electronic cigarettes/ecigs).

There are a lot of vaping communities but we are fragmented. Our hope is to unite and empower those communities by encouraging communication, co-operation and sharing of resources.

As vaping becomes more widespread we keep in mind the millions of smokers who could benefit from a satisfying smoking alternative. There are no known health risks with vaping beyond sensitivity to an optional ingredient in the liquid used to make vapour. No deaths linked to PVs have been recorded since ecigs became commercially available around three years ago. Unfortunately, in that time smoking has caused bad health and premature death for thousands.

Unscientific and authoritarian forces have banned the use and/or sale of PVs in many countries, preferring to support the deadly tobacco industry.

Vapers Network is for enthusiasts, you’re welcome to join us if you share our aims and want to contribute to the community. We enjoy good company and the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping to make changes that could save lives.

(Update: Unfortunately, Vaper’s Network has gone, but you can still access the excellent facebook group here.)

For more information you can contact Kate on kate [at]

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