Do vapers really need government ‘help’?

The move lead Professor Rodu to argue:
For the British government, the challenge now is to translate concepts into practical applications.

Source: Tobacco Truth

But do we  really need government ‘help’?
nhs advert hooked smokers
Former government and NHS efforts to ‘help’ smokers have had little success.

While it’s great that the e-cigarette got such enthusiastic support from a respected source, I’ve got a few reservations about greater government involvement.

In fact, I wonder why the government needs to get involved at all in something that has evolved so spectacularly in such a short time without any government help.

After all, government efforts (using our taxes) have had little success in persuading today’s smokers to quit – indeed, they may have inadvertently encouraged smoking.

Yet, without any use of tax payer’s money (that’s about to change with contracts out for THR education), and despite a well financed campaign against e-cigarettes by the pharmaceutical companies that sell competing nicotine products,  tens of thousands of smokers have worked out that e-cigarettes are one a hell of a lot better than smoking.

And while the Nudge report was welcome, as Paul Bergen pointed out in Vaping, it’s all about pleasure, it missed out on a key and very important point.

Vaping is nice.

Vaping abroad.
The writer enjoying a nice vape.

It’s an incredibly important point. Smokers don’t just smoke because they are addicted to nicotine. They smoke for pleasure, the feeling of the cigarette in the hand, the sight of the smoke wafting away into the air, the mental stimulation and benefits it brings.

Nicotine cessation has failed because it is fails to take into account these factors.

Vaping succeeds for many smokers simply because it is pleasurable. That’s why so many vapers are enthusiastic, setting up facebook groups, forums, review blogs, live streaming tv and so on

Let us get on with it…

A man surrounded by papers.
Could government assistance stifle rather than help innovation?

In response, companies are innovating like mad, developing the technology and the flavours to make the e-cigarette even more pleasurable – and to satisfy the demands of vapers.

Remove that, make it into another nicotine cessation aid with little pleasure to be gained, and the e-cigarette would lose a lot of its appeal.

That, unfortunately, is something that many anti-smokers and officials don’t seem to understand.

Which is why I hope the government will limit it’s involvement to a nudge – and butt out of any deeper legislation.

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3 thoughts on “Do vapers really need government ‘help’?

  1. It goes along the line of thinking that ALL smokers WANT to quit. Really, I think most smokers who think about quitting KNOW they SHOULD quit, but don’t necessarily WANT to quit. It all comes back to the fact that they actually ENJOY smoking – as you’ve pointed out.

    This is an argument I’ve had with many ANTZ, who cannot comprehend that many smokers don’t care about quitting the nicotine “addiction.” They insist we haven’t “really” quit smoking so long as we are still “a slave to the nicodemon.”

    Yet there is a reason why Ricardo Polosa’s new clinical trial showed that e-cigarettes, which continued the “addiction” and simulated smoking (which w all supposedly hate), were far more successful at getting smokers off traditional cigarettes than NRTs, which expect eventual nicotine abstinence and are nothing like smoking. Of course, this will be lost on the ANTZ. They will say, “But you are still an addict.” Because not being “an addict” is far more important to them than not exposing one’s self to smoke. To comprehend that we actually enjoyed smoking and using nicotine is impossible for them.

    The great variety in e-cigarettes – from flavors to levels of nicotine – is showing how smokers smoke for different reasons. when a pack-a-day smoker is able to switch to 8mg or 0mg e-liquid, it’s obvious it wasn’t just about the nicotine for that smoker. As more researchers catch on, the fact that smoking isn’t “all about nicotine addiction” will eventually be impossible to deny.

  2. I am going to have to update our glossary to include Antz!

    “As more researchers catch on, the fact that smoking isn’t “all about nicotine addiction” will eventually be impossible to deny.”

    I have a theory about this. I believe the role of nicotine in smoking has been exaggerated and the importance of other aspects (habit, enjoyment, physiological) has been underplayed.

    There are sound financial reasons for doing so – the sale of nicotine cessation aids is supported by the research that shows that nicotine is the main cause of smoking, research which is in turn often paid for by the sale of nicotine cessation aids.

    (Note: I am not saying that nicotine is not addictive, just that the addictive properties of nicotine is not the only reason people smoke.)

  3. True, it is all about pleasure. That’s a concept the powers that be don’t recognise – the very word is not in their vocabulary.

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