UK Vapers Threatened With Legal Action


The number one UK vapers forum has been taken down today following threatened legal action by an electronic cigarette vendor.

UK Vapers Warning.

The vendor (not us!) previously told UK Vapers:

I want no part in your community, neither does my company and to that end i wish no products to be reviewed, talked about in a good or bad light. In fact my request is total blackout on your forum regarding anything to do with [vendor name removed].

This is a dreadful shame for UK Vapers.

The non-profit forum is run by enthusiasts (we interviewed the founder, Jackie, here), and provides a wealth of useful information and friendly help for people interested in switching to vaping, for those new to vaping and for people who already love vaping.

Hopefully, the site will be back soon!

Update: E Cigarette Forum Posts Removed

After UK Vapers was shut down, discussion of the issue moved to e-cigarette-forum on this url:

E Cigarette Forum.

However, the discussion there has now been removed too.

In all 15 pages, which included posts by the vendor, was removed.

Emotions were running high, so the removal of the discussion could have been a decision of the administrators to calm things down.

Sadly, at present, the only people like to gain from the furore is the anti-vaping lobby.

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29 thoughts on “UK Vapers Threatened With Legal Action”

  1. why go down? theres no legal reason to respond to such a threat, if someone makes a product and sells it they are open to discussion of said product, the product is not a person, it has no right to privacy, if my isp buckled like this i would be seeking legal remedies against my isp, if this is something the site owner has done voluntary, he needs to read up on law and grow a pair….

    1. Don’t be too hard on UK Vapers, Lez. It’s a non-profit forum run for fun and education – I can see why they wouldn’t want to take any risks, even if they think they are in the right.

  2. I’ve just cut and pasted the majority of the quote here and found the site and it states, “We regret that in order to fully consider recent legal threats levied against us, that it’s become necessary to (hopefully temporarily) close XXXXX”

    Not sure if I have heard of them previously, but they don’t sound like a retailer, more like a forum?

  3. the WHOIS data for the domain of the threatening party
    might be of interest to UK Vapers as there seems to be a couple
    of “iffy” issues in the domain registration data imho.

    Also the UK domain is also the contact mail domain for reseller enquiries on the usa .com domain.

    Hmmmm not for me.

  4. Whoever the vendor was, it sounds like a totally wicked thing to do. I wish we knew who it was so people could boycott them.

  5. UK Vapers is a great place run by some really good people. There are a lot of members joining and things might be said that, in retrospect, are considered unwise but.. NO WAY should ******* ******be allowed to make this sort of move and get action from it.
    I have bought from this vendor, quite a lot in recent months, but unless things get settled and he shuts up whining I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!

  6. I KNOW who the vendor in question is.
    The boss of the company has the same initials as
    “Jesus Christ”, and I think maybe he’s getting a little too big for his boots.
    No doubt, in his early days in the business he was grateful for any sort of exposure.
    But to do this, is, in one word…….PATHETIC.

  7. I agree with Chris I think totally wicked think they are something they are not, whilst I have used them and found their products fine. Vaping will be a big market with many retailers and products, to think you own the marketplace is ridiculous and to furthermore close down a forum for the very people who are likely to use your shops and products is ridiculous. I think if they are not careful they could be a victim of their own success and disappear up their own arses. Bring back the forum

  8. Totally Wicked = Totally Pathetic ! Seems that TW are hell bent on taking the vaping community back 5 years rather than help take it forward.
    The video in question was a pathetic attempt to get marketing exposure for TW.
    I for one will go elsewhere for my vaping stuff rather than use TW in future and suggest that all supporters of UKV do likewise – Hit TW where it hurts !!!

  9. Loving this little bit of vaping drama. The whole scenario is, to me, in two words, totally wicked.
    ‘yawn yawn’ wake me up when the drama is over and I can get back to UKV and the exciting world of leaking tanks, gobs full of juice, and PG allergies.

  10. I guess the manufacturer in question wasn’t advised on how to avoid professional suicide. It reminds me of the Chiropractic society. Blocking the views of people showed them in a bad light.
    I can’t imagine there’s any basis to block a site because of the views held by its users.

  11. Hmm What a strange thing to do? Normally it would be that someone or lots of people have said something negative about the product for a company to threaten legal action over comments or reviews. Looks like whoever it is may well come a Cropper on this one!

    Totally wicked thing to do really, those guys & girls over at UK vapers are just trying to do their best to inform people about vaping by providing unbiased useful stuff for people to make informed choices.

    Seems free speech here in the UK is a thing of the past.

  12. Lets not beat around the bush here, the vendor is totally wicked, on the forum the “owner” as he seemed to desperately want is to know he was the owner not just a representative, came across a completely arrogant peraon whp has lost touch woth reality, i sure as hell will NEVER use totally wicked.

  13. I am upset about UKV having to temporarily close. Being new to the vaping community, I have found the other people on the forum to be very helpful.

    I totally believe in free speech but if one person can close down a great community forum, what chance is there for the rest of us?

    I hope this can be resolved quickly and painlessly.

  14. I hope the site gets back up soon..

    The whole thing is ridiculous and I hope the people concerned get what
    they deserve in the end

  15. I agree, Jill. It would be nice if there could be some sort of compromise, with perhaps UKV removing offending threads and the vendor removing threats of legal action.

  16. UK Vapers needs to stand firm. There is little or no chance of successful legal action in this instance, provided only that the forum administrators have or add the caveat that all opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinion of the administrators and that all content represents personal opinion on behalf of the contributor.

    That said, I find this vendors method of pricing high and then offering seemingly attractive discounts to be patronising and offensive. While this is long established common practice in high street retail trade, in the age of the internet there is no longer any reason why we the consumers should play ignorant and allow this appalling sales method to continue. All we need do is a few minutes research on the internet and withhold our patronage. Or we can all play dumb and let them do it.

  17. i have bought stuff from TW in the past, but will never buy again because of this.. As a vendor it isnt professional and has really rubbed people up the wrong way. If people buy your stuff then you should be able to accept discussion about your products. every new vaper i introduce i sure will be telling them not to use TW. up yours totally wicked!

  18. The end result with the heated discussion with the vendor and forumer was sheer unfair for UKV. Never thougt that UKV would bow down to such a clouded individual… Wake up from your Illusions of Grandeur, otherwise iT Will lead to your downfall. Now stop this rubbish and re-open the forums and let’s all Vape On peacefully!

  19. In my view the best thing people can do to combat this assault on free speech is to discuss it as much as possible in every forum, blog or other arena they can locate. There’s no way that every single instance of this dispute being mentioned can possibly be tracked down and threats made against every single person who has the temerity to do so.

    It is my opinion that TW will come to regret having caused this furore and it will only affect their reputation negatively as word WILL get round about this regardless of how many forums they pressurise. It simply isn’t possible to silence all voices which have the temerity to express an opinion they don’t care for, whether justified or not. Such is the nature of the Internet and all online traders should be fully aware of this. Requesting a public forum “blackout” all discussion mentioning them is absurd.

    An open war between ECITA and Totally Wicked could only harm the wider vaping community as it would likely be misreported in exactly the same way that so much already has been concerning electronic cigarettes, to the detriment of every single smoker who may be put off trying out an e-cig as a result.

    As E-Cigarette Direct are members of ECITA I’d encourage you to emphasise this point within the association – the best result would be to cool this down as fast as you can so it can be relegated to ‘storm in a teacup’ status as rapidly as possible. Competition between vendors is very healthy for consumers but efforts to undermine other parties within or associated with the industry are not going to help anyone at this stage of the game.

    Vaping has bootstrapped itself from nothing over the last few years, due in large part thanks to the enthusiastic and passionate online community associated with it. I like to think of myself as part of this community and do not appreciate any attempt to stifle my right to express my opinions within it.

    Once again ‘thankyou James’ for alerting your subscribers.

  20. Ok, by now we all know who the offended vendor is.
    We know he sells some excellent products.
    Whatever he sells can be bought elsewhere far, far cheaper!
    Why pay his massively inflated prices so he can prance around in that ridiculous rubber mask, have gross overpackaging (that we have to pay for) and have that hideous logo printed on our devices?
    If he and his “empire” disappeared off the face of the Earth, he would not be missed by the true vaping community.

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  22. I’ll still be buying from TW. This makes no difference to me, I get good service and all this won’t change that.

    The thing that isn’t being put about as much as everyone bad mouthing TW is how there are people out there with a bee in their bonnets about TW, some for no reason at all except to jump on the bandwagon and make theirselves look “big” joining in with their counter-parts. You do realise that Jason made the M6 incident video as a way of trying to say how over the top and idiotic the police response was, or maybe you don’t.

    Moderating of posts in the thread cutting out selective parts also didn’t let people see the full story. But the moderators still let the thread go on and didn’t step in. Are the moderators not meant to be there to control things? Again they are selective on what and who they moderate, if you are not in with the clique then you get moderated. If you check the forum you’ll see it’s the same people over and over again that have a beef against TW that stir it up, a lot of them that are into vaping now because of TW.

  23. Seriously, i cannot understand how people see this as anything other than TW wanting to remove the forum that showed them for what they are. TW is overly expensive and the same thing you bought from them you could get elsewhere much much cheaper, ecig tech is still inits infancy and most tech is still having problems giving customers the experience they are looking for.

    If you continue buying from TW i can only see you as someone who honestly does not care about the business you are buying from being a big bully. I was a member of UKV for over a year and i never ever in all my time there felt that any vendor was pushed mote then another, yes there was a lot of posts for new vendors but that in itself was helpful to get the numerous vendors now in the uk up and running by encouraging people to try them out.

    Anyone saying UKV was doing underhanded deals is crazy, it was the best forum on the internet in the UK for advise and honest reviews about products.

    e-cigarettes have not overcome all of the problems with the technology used and at times products are released without enough testing, but hey TW do not want you to talk about that.

    I for one will be convincing anyone i meet to never buy from them and to let others know them for who they are, bullies that have no business dealing with the public.

  24. Well, I’m fairly new to vaping, tried it a couple of years back and hated the iffy products so stuck to analogs but wanted to give up so tried again a month back and bought an LT for £50 and a Vivi Nova. I was amazed how much has changed in the last few years and was impressed with the LT but thought the retailer I bought it from was pricey. I wanted decent priced juice so I did some research, looked at a few companies and finally found TW. I bought some titanium ice and some flavours and when they came I tried it and it was great. I was pleased because I found a product I like at a price that sure beats analogs. Great. Stick with these guys, no mre time consuming research. Now there’s all this bull crap and I have to question if I want to continue using them and I’m thinking well yeh, I like their products that’s not changed but the company has caused the removal of a much love resource. I think I’m going to say **** it, I’ll ignore the forums and continue buying that which I like. If vaping is indeed not a health hazard in it’s own right then it won’t be banned and all this ‘helping the community move forward’ crap is just mind numbing. Vape till they tell us it’ll kill us, then move onto the next thing 😉

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