Government Minister Anna Soubry expresses shock.

UK Minister Ignores Parliament, Accidentally Votes to Ban E-Cigarettes

In an astonishing story of government incompetence, a UK minister ignored parliamentary procedure to vote for the EU tobacco directive which would ban electronic cigarettes.

Even worse, she did not realise that voting for the tobacco directive would mean banning electronic cigarettes.

This is what happened:

  • The minister applied for a waiver of the usual parliamentary scrutiny of EU laws.
  • This was refused by a House of Commons committee.
  • The minister travelled to Brussels anyway and voted for the TPD, not realising it meant banning the electronic cigarettes which a British scientist believes has the potential to save five million British lives.
  • At the same time, she completely messed up the position of the EU Conservatives who were campaigning AGAINST the EU ban on e-cigarettes

It would almost be unbelievable if the admission hadn’t been caught on camera during a grilling by the same MPs who she had ignored.

Thanks to Dick Puddlecote for highlighting this story, and to Freedom Alley for creating this YouTube video.

16 thoughts on “UK Minister Ignores Parliament, Accidentally Votes to Ban E-Cigarettes”

  1. So this is the standard of competence (not) we can expect from a MINISTER?? I’d have serious doubts about leaving that load of chumps in charge of a toy train set, let alone the whole ruddy country.

    …and some clown reckons MPs should be paid £74,000 a year. Ministers presumably will get even more than this, despite apparently being so confused about what they are supposed to be doing that organising the proverbial piss-up in a brewery would likely be a challenge well beyond them.

    And people actually vote for these nitwits.
    The lunatics really have taken over the asylum, haven’t they?

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  3. I used to be able to use my ecig on the local train platform. Now, they are outlawed, which leaves me feeling perhaps this wasn’t a mistake she made? Sucks, don’t it. My cynicism overrules again…

  4. What ???

    Ecigs are banned – when from ?
    What’s the penalty for owning one ?

    I thought they would save 5 million lives, is that not going to happen now ?

    Who is this clown ?

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  6. So, after all the brouhaha and back slapping about e-cigs not only being less damaging that tobacco cigs, and not emitting the SHS that the antis created such a (false) panic about so can be used anywhere, we find ourselves in a situation where e-cigs are placed firmly on the same level as tobacco cigs.

    Surprise, surprise.

    So now we know without a doubt that it is not, and never has been, about health. It is about demonising anyone who doesn’t agree with the fanatical ideologues in Tobacco Control.

    So when is someone going to invent a vapourless e-liquid? So we can vape discreetly and flip a bird to the puritans? The whole idea of e-cigs was to overcome the privations heaped upon users of tobacco, and here we are where people are getting arrested and thrown in jail for taking a couple of puffs of an e-cig on a plane. Because “it looks like smoking”!
    God give me strength.

    So come on James, when are we going to see an e-liquid that has all the flavour but without the telltale clouds of vapour? It would go down a storm with frequent flyers. The (frankly stupid) justification that everybody would immediately spark up fags if they saw someone smoking an e-cig is farcica. So what we need is vapourless liquid so that all we appear to be doing is sucking on a pencil, or whatever.

    Subterfuge is the only option now.

    1. Keep the stuff that produces vapour as well, that’s the bit I’m actually enjoying. I use 0% Nic but still enjoy the sensation.

    2. Yes, I’ve booked a ticket with Qatar for later in the year, which is why I checked their policy on e-cigs. I must say, I found that forum post a tad depressing!

      I agree with Mike that the more clouds of vapour the better, and I wouldn’t want to use vapourless normally, but needs must where the devil drives. We need a vapourless alternative for when we fly!

  7. Doubt this would be of any consolation, but where I come from we have more characters like that Soubry case of yours.

    At least I could have a good laugh reading this, too. Thumbs up!

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