The NEW BVC Nautilus Mini from Aspire

The Aspire Nautilus: A Mini Tutorial

The NEW Nautilus Mini from Aspire is now available!

We’re very excited about the new baby brother to the Nautilus and the new BVC coil technology, described by well-known vaper reviewer Grimm Green as “one of the best vapes I have ever had.”

In this blog post you’ll find an in depth look at this premium clearomiser and what makes it stand out from other pyrex tanks available to vapers today, as well as tips on how to use it.

This is a fairly in-depth post, but one of the great things about this device is that while it is popular with intermediate and high end users, it’s really very, very easy to use. To put this post in a nutshell, if you can already use an Aspire BDC, all you need to do is turn the airflow locking mechanism to get that perfect amount of vapour.

Introduction to the Nautilus Mini
Advantages Of The Nautilus Mini
Construction/Parts List
Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Technology
Using Airflow Control
How To Service The Nautilus Mini

Introducing the Aspire Nautilus Mini

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is an exciting new clearomiser from Aspire featuring their fantastic vertical bottom coil wicking technology (see below for an explanation). Coming with a 2ml e-liquid capacity, one of the most exciting features is an adjustable airflow for consistent wicking for whatever PG/VG e-liquid ratio you are using.

The Nautilus Mini is the next logical step for vapers who’ve either other Aspire’s such as their Bottom Dual Clearomiser, or are ready for an upgrade from their standard clearomiser.

In contrast to older clearomisers, the Nautilus Mini’s adjustable airflow allows you to both control vapour draw and regulate the quantity of e-liquid flowing onto the coil to give you the ultimate control over your vape.

The Mini Nautilus is a great mid way point between standard clearomisers and rebuildable atomisers, offering a lot of the benefits of rebuildables, with the convenience of replaceable atomiser clearomisers.

Introducing the Aspire Nautilus Mini

Advantages of the Aspire Nautilus Mini

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Enhanced flavour
  • Increased vapour
  • Changeable drip tip,
  • And all the advantages of the original Nautilus in a compact size 2ml capacity.

Construction of the Aspire Nautilus Mini

Construction of the Aspire Nautilus MiniThe Aspire Nautilus Mini features sturdy construction, with high quality materials and a pyrex tank. It has a really high quality feel in hand – and looks the part too. The complete package includes:

  • Steel base and top body
  • 2ml pyrex e-liquid tank
  • Locking adjustable airflow

Vertical coil technology

One of the standout features of the Nautilus Mini is its bottom vertical coil atomiser technology. The coil sits vertically over the airflow, reducing resistance and giving a more direct to mouth vaping experience.

In other clearomiser designs, the coil sits across the airflow, a design which can cause air resistance and uneven heating of the coil. The BVC is a simple and very effective solution for this problem.

There are 4 main parts that make up the coil:

  • Stainless steel top screen – sits on top of the wick and coil assembly keeping it pressed down
  • Heating coil – made from USA sourced Kanthal wire
  • E-Liquid wicking screen – this makes contact with the coil and ensures even wicking even at a higher temperatures
  • Organic cotton – wicking material (there are 2 layers of this each side of the e-liquid screen)

Airflow control

Nautilus Mini Airflow ControlThe Nautilus Mini features air flow adjustment with four different hole sizes available. This is great when you’re changing between thin and thick eliquid, or for fine tuning airflow for different flavours.

Nautilus Mini’s locking airflow is located below the glass body of the clearomiser. The rotating metal sleeve rotates easily and clicks into place on each air hole size.

Choosing the correct air hole:

Not getting any or much vapour? I’ve found that it is quite easy to block the airways with your finger or thumb. If this happens to you, simply hold the device a littler lower down. If that doesn’t work, ensure you have selected an airflow hole that is large enough to produce a satisfactory amount of vaper.

Strip Down & Servicing

The Aspire Nautilus Mini can be stripped down to individual parts for deep cleaning and coil replacement. Please read on for full instructions on how to:

  • Remove the base
  • Fitting a new coil
  • How to fill the Nautilus Mini
  • How to remove the pyrex tank
  • Attaching the clearomiser to the battery

Removing base to fill eliquid

Start by inverting the clearomiser. We recommend you remove the 510 drip tip improve stability if placing on a surface. Grip the bottom of the body below the airflow adjustment ring and turn anti clockwise to unscrew.

Aspire Nautilus Mini

Fitting a new coil to the Nautilus Mini

Once the base is removed, you have access to the coil assembly. To remove this, simply unscrew from the base section and dispose of. To fit a new coil, line up the coil with the base. It can help to first turn the coil anticlockwise to make sure it’s seated properly.

Do not over tighten. There should be no resistance when screwing in the coil.

how to replace the coil on a Nautilus Mini

Filling the Nautilus Mini

With the base removed and set to one side, fill the tank from the bottom (while facing up) from your eliquid bottle. Fill the liquid up to the 2ml level on the side of the tank. If you add more eliquid, it could spill into the airway.

For more information on filling tanks, including the Mini Nautilus, see the video below:

Removing the pyrex tank

To remove the pyrex tank for cleaning,  hold the tank in one hand and unscrew the upper hardware from the top of the pyrex tank. Take care when doing this to avoid damaging the pyrex tank. Excessive force could cause cracking of the tank.

Remove pyrex tank from Nautilus Mini

Attaching the Nautilus Mini to your battery

The Nautilus Mini includes a plinth for a neat fit onto ego batteries. Remove the plinth from the box and screw on to the ego thread on your battery (pictured below).

Attach Nautilus Plinth to battery

Once you’ve installed the plinth, take the Nautilus Mini clearomiser and screw into the 510 thread on your battery.

As with other clearomisers, when attaching the atomiser and the battery it’s a good idea to give turn the device anti-clockwise until you hear a click. This ensure correct threading.

Attaching The Nautilus Mini

Mini Nautilus Available Now for just £19.99

The Nautilus Mini is available for £19.99, and you can start enjoying the the increased vapour and smooth flavour production now. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade clearomiser and you don’t want a rebuildable, I highly recommend you give it a go.

Also see: Aspire Mini Nautilus Coils and Aspire BVC Coils.


It’s two years since we released this tutorial, and we’re blown away by how popular the Nautilus Mini proved.

But now Aspire have launched the latest iteration in the Nautilus series. Does it live up to its predecessor? Click below to find out!

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17 thoughts on “The Aspire Nautilus: A Mini Tutorial”

  1. I need to replace the airflow Control valve for my aspire Nautilus mini, where can I buy it, thanks

    1. Hi Michael, it depends how you are using it. If you are use sub-ohming, using high voltage or chain vaping it can get hot because of the metal in the clearomiser. However, there could be an issue with it – if you are not sure and bought it from us, please feel free to return it. We’ll check it for you, and if there is an issue with it we will replace it.

  2. There is a fundamental design fault that resulted in twice breaking the Pyrex glass tank caused by the impossibility of unscrewing the ‘upper hardware’ from the ‘lower hardware’ in order to refill with e-liquid. Both the Aspire CF VV and the replacement head Aspire Nautilus Mini Adjustable Airflow, were faulty from the very start and feeling so aggrieved I want a full refund!

    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Hi Richard

      I agree that the glass tank can be difficult to open at times – I’ve never shattered one, but I have struggled to open it at times. The easiest thing to do is pop it in the fridge which loosens it up so it can be easily opened. In the meantime, it might be an idea to contact the company you bought it from and request a glass tank if the device is still under warranty.

    2. Sometimes it’s the lack of grip that I have with some tanks. Try putting a wrap of masking tape around the tank, this substantialy increases the amount of grip. Works for me.

  3. I keep a rubber ‘cloth’ (a clean piece of air chamber used in bicycles tyres) and it does the trick everytime. No more onscrewing problems.

  4. The mini nautilus is a nice piece. I agree that it gurgles after a prolonged use but i use a tissue through the drip tip to absorb the excess juice and it is back to normal.

  5. The mini nautilus is a nice piece. I agree that it gurgles after a prolonged use but i use a tissue through the drip tip to absorb the excess juice and it is back to normal.
    jayjaymartin recently posted..

  6. To easily open the glass,tank from the collar to refill, I use one of the old fashioned jar openers with the adjustable clamp type jaws. Works like a charm.

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