Smok XPro M45 Tutorial Instructions

Xpro M45 Box Mod Tutorial

Update: The Smok Xpro is no longer available. For a full list of available devices see our Smok brand page.

Over the last few months we’ve trialled dozens of box mods to find the right one.

We’ve been looking for a mod that:

  • is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold
  • meets our rigorous safety standards
  • is reliable
  • has good build quality
  • can be sold online*
  • is powerful and provides a great vape

Of all the mods we’ve tried, the Smok XPro M45 is the one that fits the bill. What’s more, you can currently get it at a special launch price of just £39.99!

*Some mods are restricted by suppliers to brick & mortar only sale.

Key points

  • Built-in temperature protection
  • Switch between wattage and mechanical mode
  • Pass-through capability
  • Power can be adjusted from 6W – 45W
  • Ohm resistance compatibility of 0.2 – 4 ohms
  • Input: 4.5V – 5.5V, 1A – 2A
  • Weight: 125g
  • 2200mAh battery capacity (built-in)
  • Spring loaded pin for a seamless clearomiser connection
  • Low voltage warning
  • OLED display screen

Is this for you?

The Smok M45 is not a beginner’s device!

However, intermediate users should have no problems using it, and it can provide a great and relatively simple introduction to mechanical mods and sub-ohming (with the fall back of regular variable wattage vaping if mech mode is not for you!)

Tutorial & Instructions: Menu

Button Layout
Clearomiser Compatibility
Getting Started
Screen Display
Switching Between Modes
Using Wattage Mode
Using Mechanical Mode
Status Messages
Download Manual

Smok M45 Button Layout and Functionality

Smok Xpro M45 Button Layout Diagram

Clearomiser Compatibility

Smok Clearomiser Tank 510 Thread

The Smok Xpro M45 is compatible with 510 threaded clearomisers, and eGo clearomisers (using the included adaptor). The supported resistance range for clearomisers is 0.2 – 4ohms. Yeah baby, this is a device that can sub ohm!

We’ve found that the M45 works well with a huge range of clearomisers / tanks. However, to fully unleash the full potential of this device, we’d recommend you try an Aspire Nautilus Mini or Aspire Atlantis sub ohm clearomiser.


Charing smok xpro m45

As usual, the battery needs a good initial charge (at least four hours) to condition the battery and ensure a long life. Always practice safe charging – see the 10 Rules of E-Cig Battery Safety for details.

Getting started with the XPro M45

Smok Xpro M45 Instructions

As with our other devices, to switch the device on just click the main button five times. However, turning it off is slightly different.

1. Click the power button three times to bring the menu up.
2. Press the button again to bring up the second option on the menu.
3. Wait for two seconds until the power option is brought up.
4. Click again to turn the device off.

When attaching the clearomiser, ensure that the air vent is not blocked. (The air vent is the small rectangular inlet between the clearomiser and the device.)

Check the voltage before using, and make sure you turn off or lock the device. I forgot once, my pockets squeezed the wattage up to 45 watts, and when I vaped I not only got an unpleasant dry burn, I also instantly burnt out the coil.

Screen Display Explained

Smok Xpro M45 Screen Display

After you have turned the device on, you will see the screen display the following:

Ohms (Ω): Indicates the resistance of the atomiser you are using.
V: This indicates the voltage. Initially, this will be at zero, but will display the voltage when you press the power button.
W: Indicates the power output to be generated.

If you switch to mech mode, you will see an M displayed next to the V – this indicates you are in mech mode.

For more information on all these terms, see The Vaper’s Guide to Voltage, Watts and Ohms.

How to Switch Between Modes

1. Press the power button three times within a space of 2 seconds.
2. Hold down the power button. This will bring up the mode you are in.
3. Click to cycle between mech mode and wattage mode.
4. Once you have selected the mode you want, cease clicking and the device will select that mode.

How to Use Wattage Mode

As Wattage mode automatically takes into account the resistance of the clearomiser, this is really a very easy mode to use. Simply press the plus or minus buttons to increase the output power to the level you need.

If you are unsure of what wattage to use, start at a low watt and watt your way up until you find the right power level for you.

How to Use Mechanical Mode

When using mechanical mode, the power output (wattage) will depend on the voltage of the battery and the resistance of your clearomisers coil. There is no way for the wattage to be adjusted in mechanical mode, as it outputs the maximum wattage amount the battery can give for the attached clearomiser. The wattage can be calculated using ohms law:

Power (W) = Voltage2/Resistance

Using this sum, you can work out the power when you know your battery voltage and clearomiser resistance. If the voltage available is is 4V, then;

Nautilus Mini 1.9ohm coil – Power = 4.02/1.9 = 8.42W
Atlantis Sub Ohm 0.5ohm coil – Power = 4.02/0.5 = 32W

The screen will display an M when in Mechanical mode. See Watts, Volts and Ohms for further explanation.

Smok M45 Status Messages

Smok Xpro M45 Screen Messages

Here is a list of all status message that can be displayed on the screen during use. Full details of the status codes are available in the manual in the box. Click here to download a digital copy of the manual.

WEAK BATTERY – will be displayed on the screen when the voltage reaches 3.4V and the device will not fire until you charge it again.

HIGH INPUT – when the input voltage is higher than 4.5V. This should not happen during normal operation. Please contact customer support ([email protected]).

CHECK ATOMISER – the clearomiser resistance is lower than 0.2ohms, or higher than 9.9ohms, you should change the clearomiser to one within the supported resistance range.

POWER REDUCED – The system is unable to maintain a high wattage due to battery charge and has reduced the power available.

LOCKED CLICK 5X – This message is displayed when the device is locked. To unlock, click the power button 5 times.

COOL DOWN – The mod is overheating. You should place it in a cool dry place to cool down.

WELCOME! – The message displayed when the device is turned on.

GOODBYE! – The message displayed when the device is powered off.

60% CHARGE – The device is charging and the battery is 60% full.

Finally, if you have any unanswered questions, please let us know in the comments!

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